Alessandra Ambrosio

2016 Coachella Music Festival

Celebrities Wonder 24554089_coachella_Alessandra Ambrosio 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33690469_coachella_Alessandra Ambrosio.jpg Celebrities Wonder 67233557_coachella_Ashley Greene.jpg Celebrities Wonder 87436175_coachella_Bella Thorne.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 96462621_coachella_Camilla Belle.jpg Celebrities Wonder 14906065_coachella_Cindy Crawford.jpg Celebrities Wonder 74155522_coachella_Ellie Goulding.jpg Celebrities Wonder 9060657_coachella_Emma Roberts 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 59827358_coachella_Emma Roberts.jpg Celebrities Wonder 93064838_coachella_Freida Pinto.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78969823_coachella_Hailey Baldwin.jpg Celebrities Wonder 32616341_coachella_Jamie Chung 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 37710497_coachella_Jamie Chung.jpg Celebrities Wonder 74668852_coachella_Katy Perry.jpg Celebrities Wonder 49565793_coachella_Kendall Jenner.jpg Celebrities Wonder 67135211_coachella_Kimberley Garner.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 54777367_coachella_Lea Michele.jpg Celebrities Wonder 57842698_coachella_Miranda Kerr.jpg Celebrities Wonder 64034448_coachella_Olivia Holt.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94048344_coachella_Paris Hilton.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 16725441_coachella_Peyton Roi List.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68895176_coachella_Rachel McCord.jpg Celebrities Wonder 19177254_coachella_Shay Mitchell.jpg Celebrities Wonder 61315808_coachella_Taylor Seift.jpg

dra Ambrosio, Ashley Greene, Bella Thorne, Camilla Belle, Cindy Crawford, Ellie Goulding, Emma Roberts, Freida Pinto, Hailey Baldwin, Jamie Chung, Katy Perry, Kendall Jenner, Kimberley Garner, Lea Michele, Miranda Kerr, Olivia Holt, Paris Hilton, Peyton Roi List, Rachel McCord, Shay Mitchell and Taylor Swift at the 2016 Coachella Music Festival in Palm Springs

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2016 Grammy Awards

Celebrities Wonder 38038095_grammy-2016_Taylor Swift 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 21187068_grammy-2016_Taylor Swift 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 11444366_grammy-2016_Selena Gomez 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 6538059_grammy-2016_Selena Gomez 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 59594540_grammy-2016_Adele.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 40764894_grammy-2016_Alessandra Ambrosio.JPG Celebrities Wonder 58789917_grammy-2016_Anna Kendrick.jpg Celebrities Wonder 37607364_grammy-2016_Ariana Grande - Romona Keveza.jpg Celebrities Wonder 2404116_grammy-2016_Bella Hadid.jpg Celebrities Wonder 56015725_grammy-2016_Carrie Underwood.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 5140949_grammy-2016_Ciara.jpg Celebrities Wonder 9383791_grammy-2016_Demi Lovato.jpg Celebrities Wonder 48765112_grammy-2016_Elle Evans.jpg Celebrities Wonder 10899043_grammy-2016_Ellie Goulding.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68114256_grammy-2016_Jane Seymour.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 18614582_grammy-2016_Kacey Musgraves.JPG Celebrities Wonder 42809221_grammy-2016_Kely Cuoco.jpg Celebrities Wonder 17182252_grammy-2016_Lady Gaga.jpg Celebrities Wonder 48316587_grammy-2016_Meghan Trainor.JPG Celebrities Wonder 82971929_grammy-2016_Tori Kelly.jpg
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2015 Coachella Music Festival Day 2

Celebrities Wonder 12925588_coachella-people-stylewatch-2015_Ashley Greene 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 86683362_coachella-people-stylewatch-2015_Hannah Simone 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 41572435_coachella-people-stylewatch-2015_Holland Roden.jpg Celebrities Wonder 71909006_coachella-people-stylewatch-2015_Michelle Trachtenberg 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 35993963_coachella-people-stylewatch-2015_Victoria Justice 1.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 86455617_coachella-festival-2015_Gigi Hadid POPSUGAR.JPG Celebrities Wonder 34747866_coachella-festival-2015_Jamie Chung pOPSUGAR.jpg Celebrities Wonder 49218134_coachella-festival-2015_Jennifer Morrison POPSUGAR.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28104767_coachella-festival-2015_Jessica Lowndes.jpg Celebrities Wonder 5085325_coachella-festival-2015_Zoe Kravitz.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 74276242_coachella-festival-2015_Ashley Greene Neon.JPG Celebrities Wonder 69030033_coachella-festival-2015_Hilary Duff nEON.jpg Celebrities Wonder 44192577_coachella-festival-2015_Alessandra Ambrosio.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69278963_coachella-festival-2015_Behati Prinsloo.JPG Celebrities Wonder 96023638_coachella-festival-2015_Bella Thorne 1.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 33258164_coachella-festival-2015_Gigi Hadid.jpg Celebrities Wonder 91913123_coachella-festival-2015_Kate Bosworth.jpg Celebrities Wonder 58259395_coachella-festival-2015_Kendall Jenner.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65034453_coachella-festival-2015_Lea Michele.jpg Celebrities Wonder 81890774_coachella-festival-2015_Sarah Hyland.jpg

Ashley Greene, Hannah Simone, Holland Roden, Michelle Trachtenberg, Victoria Justice, Gigi Hadid, Jamie Chung, Jennifer Morrison, Jessica Lowndes, Zoe Kravitz, Hilary Duff, Alessandra Ambrosio, Behati Prinsloo, Bella Thorne, Kate Bosworth, Kendall Jenner, Lea Michele and Sarah Hyland at the 2015 Coachella Music Festival Day 2 in Palm Springs

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Categories: Alessandra Ambrosio, Ashley Greene, Bella Thorne, Hilary Duff, Holland Roden, Jamie Chung, Jennifer Morrison, Jessica Lowndes, Kate Bosworth, Lea Michele, Michelle Trachtenberg, Sarah Hyland, Victoria Justice, Zoe Kravitz   Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

2015 Coachella Music Festival Day 1

Celebrities Wonder 75660051_coachella-2015_Alessandra Ambrosio.jpg Celebrities Wonder 16247046_coachella-2015_Ashley Greene 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 91004846_coachella-2015_Ashley Greene 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 95546051_coachella-2015_fERGİE.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 53682196_coachella-2015_Bella Thorne 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 63469485_coachella-2015_Bella Thorne 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 37281935_coachella-2015_Bella Thorne 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 24227627_coachella-2015_Bella Thorne 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 43652687_coachella-2015_Gigi Hadid 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 57985881_coachella-2015_Gigi Hadid 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 34874777_coachella-2015_Jamie Chung 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68546101_coachella-2015_Jamie Chung 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 20857002_coachella-2015_Julianne Hough 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13311278_coachella-2015_Julianne Hough 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 19988873_coachella-2015_Kendall Jenner.JPG Celebrities Wonder 56112209_coachella-2015_Paris Nicky Hilton.JPG
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2015 Elton John Oscar Party

Celebrities Wonder 47590137_elton-john-oscar-party_Alessandra Ambrosio.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94305096_elton-john-oscar-party_Ashley Tisdale.jpg Celebrities Wonder 7671563_elton-john-oscar-party_Bellamy Young.jpg Celebrities Wonder 6177981_elton-john-oscar-party_Brittany Snow.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 8655023_elton-john-oscar-party_Camilla Belle.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36543649_elton-john-oscar-party_Dita Von Teese.jpg Celebrities Wonder 83238300_elton-john-oscar-party_Emmanuelle Chriqui.jpg Celebrities Wonder 75260056_elton-john-oscar-party_Gigi Hadid.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 20157954_elton-john-oscar-party_Heidi Klum.jpg Celebrities Wonder 8535544_elton-john-oscar-party_Jessica Lowndes.jpg Celebrities Wonder 59448232_elton-john-oscar-party_Julianne Hough.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36067135_elton-john-oscar-party_Kat Graham.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 68504878_elton-john-oscar-party_Kelly Brook.jpg Celebrities Wonder 59471498_elton-john-oscar-party_Kylie Minogue.jpg Celebrities Wonder 14423294_elton-john-oscar-party_Michelle Trachtenberg.jpg Celebrities Wonder 97747432_elton-john-oscar-party_Miley Cyrus.jpg
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Categories: Alessandra Ambrosio, Ashley Tisdale, Brittany Snow, Camilla Belle, Dita Von Teese, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Heidi Klum, Jessica Lowndes, Julianne Hough, Kat Graham, Kelly Brook, Kylie Minogue, Michelle Trachtenberg, Miley Cyrus, Nicole Scherzinger, Nina Dobrev, Odette Annable, Sarah Hyland, Willa Holland   Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

The Weinstein Company & Netflix’s 2015 Golden Globes After Party

Celebrities Wonder 54065426_weinstein-golden-globe-party-2015_Alessandra Ambrosio.jpg Celebrities Wonder 83043001_weinstein-golden-globe-party-2015_Alyssa Milano.jpg Celebrities Wonder 98459905_weinstein-golden-globe-party-2015_Amy Adams.jpg Celebrities Wonder 98744503_weinstein-golden-globe-party-2015_AnnaLynne McCord.jpg Celebrities Wonder 3808934_weinstein-golden-globe-party-2015_Bar Rafaeli.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 67332909_weinstein-golden-globe-party-2015_Chanel Iman.jpg Celebrities Wonder 91170085_weinstein-golden-globe-party-2015_Elisha Cuthbert.jpg Celebrities Wonder 47981196_weinstein-golden-globe-party-2015_Hilary Duff.jpg Celebrities Wonder 57698931_weinstein-golden-globe-party-2015_Jennifer Lopez.jpg Celebrities Wonder 6060977_weinstein-golden-globe-party-2015_Juno Temple.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 90617895_weinstein-golden-globe-party-2015_Kate Beckinsale.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36779793_weinstein-golden-globe-party-2015_Kate Hudson.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78020628_weinstein-golden-globe-party-2015_Keira Knightley.jpg Celebrities Wonder 42807943_weinstein-golden-globe-party-2015_Kelly Brook.jpg Celebrities Wonder 48253912_weinstein-golden-globe-party-2015_Maggie Gyllenhaal.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 29504547_weinstein-golden-globe-party-2015_Malin Akerman.jpg Celebrities Wonder 39288594_weinstein-golden-globe-party-2015_Naomi Campbell.jpg Celebrities Wonder 58104427_weinstein-golden-globe-party-2015_Paz Vega.jpg Celebrities Wonder 15758969_weinstein-golden-globe-party-2015_Rita Ora.jpg Celebrities Wonder 79440741_weinstein-golden-globe-party-2015_Salma Hayek.jpg

Alessandra Ambrosio, Alyssa Milano, Amy Adams, AnnaLynne McCord, Bar Rafaeli, Chanel Iman, Elisha Cuthbert, Hilary Duff, Jennifer Lopez, Juno Temple, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Hudson, Keira Knightley, Kelly Brook, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Malin Akerman, Naomi Campbell, Paz Vega, Rita Ora and Salma Hayek at The Weinstein Company & Netflix’s 2015 Golden Globes After Party

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Categories: Alessandra Ambrosio, Alyssa Milano, Amy Adams, AnnaLynne McCord, Bar Rafaeli, Chanel Iman, Elisha Cuthbert, Golden Globe Awards, Hilary Duff, Jennifer Lopez, Juno Temple, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Hudson, Keira Knightley, Kelly Brook, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Malin Akerman, Naomi Campbell, Paz Vega, Rita Ora, Salma Hayek   Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

19th Annual ACRIA Holiday Dinner

Celebrities Wonder 36322287_ACRIA-Holiday-Dinner-kim-kardashian_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68948320_ACRIA-Holiday-Dinner-kim-kardashian_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26282483_ACRIA-Holiday-Dinner-kim-kardashian_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 27119249_ACRIA-Holiday-Dinner-kim-kardashian_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 77708969_ACRIA-Holiday-Dinner_Alessandra Ambrosio 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 62980891_ACRIA-Holiday-Dinner_Alessandra Ambrosio 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 22393196_ACRIA-Holiday-Dinner_Amanda Seyfried 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 49121415_ACRIA-Holiday-Dinner_Amanda Seyfried 2.jpg

Kim Kardashian, Alessandra Ambrosio and Amanda Seyfried at the 19th Annual ACRIA Holiday Dinner in NY

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2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show After Party

Celebrities Wonder 10354607_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-After-Party_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 70656029_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-After-Party_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 83984155_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-After-Party_Adriana Lima 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 16876875_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-After-Party_Adriana Lima 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 83395670_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-After-Party_Alessandra Ambrosio 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33359552_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-After-Party_Alessandra Ambrosio 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 88503614_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-After-Party_Behati Prinsloo 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 19583319_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-After-Party_Behati Prinsloo 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 20665271_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-After-Party_Candice Swanepoel 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69630535_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-After-Party_Candice Swanepoel 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 23718005_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-After-Party_Doutzen Kroes 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 6021807_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-After-Party_Doutzen Kroes 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 4288128_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-After-Party_Lily Donaldson 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 16004837_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-After-Party_Lily Donaldson 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 76341550_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-After-Party_Lindsay Ellingson 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 90929800_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-After-Party_Lindsay Ellingson 2.jpg
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2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Celebrities Wonder 87185006_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-runway_Adriana Lima 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52621272_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-runway_Adriana Lima 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78775928_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-runway_Alessandra Ambrosio 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 80406298_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-runway_1.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 86362100_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-runway_Karlie Kloss 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 79541799_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-runway_Karlie Kloss 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 1715657_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-runway_Taylor Swift 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 74787679_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-runway_Taylor Swift 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 42886565_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-runway_Doutzen Kroes 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 73356511_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-runway_Doutzen Kroes 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68940489_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-runway_Lily Aldridge 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82102411_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-runway_Lily Aldridge 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 68384845_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-runway_Lily Aldridge 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30717224_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-runway_Eniko Mihalik.jpg Celebrities Wonder 39566008_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-runway_Ariana Grande 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13123784_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-runway_Ariana Grande 2.jpg
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2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – Hair And Makeup

Celebrities Wonder 38371945_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-Hair-And-Makeup_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30309926_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-Hair-And-Makeup_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 46728614_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-Hair-And-Makeup_Alessandra Ambrosio 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 5253621_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-Hair-And-Makeup_Alessandra Ambrosio 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 44181554_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-Hair-And-Makeup_Karlie Kloss 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 71987938_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-Hair-And-Makeup_Karlie Kloss 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 27583369_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-Hair-And-Makeup_Shanina Shaik 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30053380_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-Hair-And-Makeup_Shanina Shaik 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 67769188_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-Hair-And-Makeup_Behati Prinsloo 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 53903190_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-Hair-And-Makeup_Behati Prinsloo 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 82075301_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-Hair-And-Makeup_Candice Swanepoel 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13520933_2014-Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-Hair-And-Makeup_Candice Swanepoel 2.jpg

Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Karlie Kloss, Shanina Shaik, Behati Prinsloo and Candice Swanepoel at the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – Hair And Makeup in London

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15th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards

Celebrities Wonder 49437328_latin-grammy-awards-alessandra-ambrosio_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 1218227_latin-grammy-awards-alessandra-ambrosio_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 34191907_latin-grammy-awards-alessandra-ambrosio_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 11777289_latin-grammy-awards-alessandra-ambrosio_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 69324568_latin-grammy-awards_Alexa Vega 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 29566775_latin-grammy-awards_Alexa Vega 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 90646507_latin-grammy-awards_Eiza Gonzalez 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 87955692_latin-grammy-awards_Jackie Guerrido.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 35167044_latin-grammy-awards_Roselyn Sanchez 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 66534806_latin-grammy-awards_Roselyn Sanchez 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 92760720_latin-grammy-awards_Roselyn Sanchez 3.JPG

Alessandra Ambrosio, Alexa Vega, Eiza Gonzalez, Jackie Guerrido and Roselyn Sanchez at the 15th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards in Las Vegas

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Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Fantasy Bra Debut

Celebrities Wonder 43628272_Adriana-Lima-Alessandra-Ambrosio-fantasy-bra_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 80705777_Adriana-Lima-Alessandra-Ambrosio-fantasy-bra_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 95614647_Adriana-Lima-Alessandra-Ambrosio-fantasy-bra_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 73641763_Adriana-Lima-Alessandra-Ambrosio-fantasy-bra_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 63438506_Adriana-Lima-Alessandra-Ambrosio-fantasy-bra_5.jpg

Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio at Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Fantasy Bra debut in Las Vegas

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11th Annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards

Celebrities Wonder 28687888_CFDA-Vogue-Fashion-Fund-Awards_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 32315823_CFDA-Vogue-Fashion-Fund-Awards_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33305474_CFDA-Vogue-Fashion-Fund-Awards_Alessandra Ambrosio 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 86025859_CFDA-Vogue-Fashion-Fund-Awards_Alessandra Ambrosio 2.JPG
Celebrities Wonder 41044477_CFDA-Vogue-Fashion-Fund-Awards_Gillian Jacobs 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 86979430_CFDA-Vogue-Fashion-Fund-Awards_Gillian Jacobs 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 74007434_CFDA-Vogue-Fashion-Fund-Awards_Jessica Hart 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 95064433_CFDA-Vogue-Fashion-Fund-Awards_Jessica Hart 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 67762309_CFDA-Vogue-Fashion-Fund-Awards_Joan Smalls 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30945717_CFDA-Vogue-Fashion-Fund-Awards_Joan Smalls 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 86040784_CFDA-Vogue-Fashion-Fund-Awards_Karlie Kloss 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 37692547_CFDA-Vogue-Fashion-Fund-Awards_Karlie Kloss 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 7465351_CFDA-Vogue-Fashion-Fund-Awards_Lily Aldridge 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 9243068_CFDA-Vogue-Fashion-Fund-Awards_Lily Aldridge 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 95830752_CFDA-Vogue-Fashion-Fund-Awards_Caroline Wozniacki 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 75152131_CFDA-Vogue-Fashion-Fund-Awards_Emily Ratajkowski 1.jpg

Ashley Greene, Alessandra Ambrosio, Gillian Jacobs, Jessica Hart, Joan Smalls, Karlie Kloss, Lily Aldridge, Caroline Wozniacki and Emily Ratajkowski at the 11th Annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards

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amfAR LA Inspiration Gala

Celebrities Wonder 96147344_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 10692442_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94959575_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Rihanna 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 86796713_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Rihanna 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 15552791_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Miley Cyrus 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26414807_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Miley Cyrus 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13836630_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Gwyneth Paltrow 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 18091050_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Gwyneth Paltrow 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 32749537_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Camilla Belle 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 96007573_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Camilla Belle 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 341932_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Dita Von Teese 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 46586260_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Dita Von Teese 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 38040089_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Ashley Madekwe 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33664320_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Ashley Madekwe 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 48299468_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Milla Jovovich 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 16694199_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Milla Jovovich 2.jpg
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Alessandra Ambrosio at Rimowa Grand Opening in NYC

Celebrities Wonder 94771277_alessandra-ambrosio-Rimowa-Grand-Opening_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36334831_alessandra-ambrosio-Rimowa-Grand-Opening_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 54147964_alessandra-ambrosio-Rimowa-Grand-Opening_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 9716226_alessandra-ambrosio-Rimowa-Grand-Opening_4.jpg

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Alessandra Ambrosio at Wildfox Flagship Store Launch Party

Celebrities Wonder 20780502_alessandra-ambrosio-Wildfox-Flagship-Store-Launch-Party_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 3471849_alessandra-ambrosio-Wildfox-Flagship-Store-Launch-Party_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 81805311_alessandra-ambrosio-Wildfox-Flagship-Store-Launch-Party_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 74325501_alessandra-ambrosio-Wildfox-Flagship-Store-Launch-Party_3.jpg

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Alessandra Ambrosio at Replay Store Preview in Milan

Celebrities Wonder 55176818_alessandra-ambrosio-replay_1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 21613722_alessandra-ambrosio-replay_2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 89785965_alessandra-ambrosio-replay_3.JPG Celebrities Wonder 39373684_alessandra-ambrosio-replay_4.JPG

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amfAR Milano 2014

Celebrities Wonder 66306341_amfAR-Milano-2014_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 21057988_amfAR-Milano-2014_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69398269_amfAR-Milano-2014_Alessandra Ambrosio 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 59710588_amfAR-Milano-2014_Alessandra Ambrosio 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 49837735_amfAR-Milano-2014_Ashley Madekwe 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 31471310_amfAR-Milano-2014_Ashley Madekwe 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 313293_amfAR-Milano-2014_Bar Refaeli 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 57295994_amfAR-Milano-2014_Bar Refaeli 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 8218703_amfAR-Milano-2014_Bella Thorne 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 5150087_amfAR-Milano-2014_Bella Thorne 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 21621956_amfAR-Milano-2014_Shanina Shaik 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 40765332_amfAR-Milano-2014_Shanina Shaik 2.jpg

Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio, Ashley Madekwe, Bar Rafaeli, Bela Thorne and Shanina Shaik at amfAR Milano 2014 during Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015

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Alessandra Ambrosio at Desigual Flagship Boutique in Madrid

Celebrities Wonder 10422305_alessandra-ambrosio-Desigual-flagship-boutiqu_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 58551021_alessandra-ambrosio-Desigual-flagship-boutiqu_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 41019968_alessandra-ambrosio-Desigual-flagship-boutiqu_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 57384356_alessandra-ambrosio-Desigual-flagship-boutiqu_4.jpg

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Instyle 20th Anniversary Party

Celebrities Wonder 7514213_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 20110299_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Diane Kruger  1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 50349761_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28629275_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Diane Kruger  2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 94843800_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Alessandra Ambrosio 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 23297134_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Alessandra Ambrosio 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 45924846_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Jennifer Morrison 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52586922_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Jennifer Morrison 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 20946789_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Bella Thorne 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94128246_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Bella Thorne 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33837243_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Abigail Breslin 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 51088512_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Abigail Breslin 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 13570155_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Ivanka Trump 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36298935_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Ivanka Trump 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 67921244_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Keke Palmer.jpg Celebrities Wonder 63317277_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Yvonne Strahovski.jpg

Jamie Chung, Diane Kruger, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jennifer Morrison, Bella Thorne, Abigail Breslin, Ivanka Trump, Keke Palmer and Yvonne Strahovski at Instyle 20th Anniversary Party in NY

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Alessandra Ambrosio at The Price of Fame screening

Celebrities Wonder 2711629_alessandra-ambrosio-venice-film-festival_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 6316980_alessandra-ambrosio-venice-film-festival_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68794254_alessandra-ambrosio-venice-film-festival_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 6829646_alessandra-ambrosio-venice-film-festival_4.jpg

Alessandra Ambrosio at The Price of Fame screening during the 71st edition of the Venice Film Festival

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Alessandra Ambrosio in Short Shorts Shopping in Brentwood

Celebrities Wonder 54821338_alessandra-ambrosio-short-shorts_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 87306592_alessandra-ambrosio-short-shorts_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28749257_alessandra-ambrosio-short-shorts_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 31097520_alessandra-ambrosio-short-shorts_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13546837_alessandra-ambrosio-short-shorts_5.jpg

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Alessandra Ambrosio in bikini at a beach in Maui

Celebrities Wonder 80090084_alessandra-ambrosio-bikini_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78468335_alessandra-ambrosio-bikini_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 93304002_alessandra-ambrosio-bikini_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 12935523_alessandra-ambrosio-bikini_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 58102303_alessandra-ambrosio-bikini_5.jpg

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