Ashley Tisdale

The Art of Elysium 2016 HEAVEN Gala

Celebrities Wonder 16739061_art of elysium_Amber Heard 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 8514698_art of elysium_Amber Heard 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 60527031_art of elysium_Amy Smart.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33156225_art of elysium_Ashley Tisdale.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 37518809_art of elysium_Bella Thorne.jpg Celebrities Wonder 98589077_art of elysium_Camilla Belle.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78144367_art of elysium_Christina Hendricks.jpg Celebrities Wonder 58589896_art of elysium_Jaime King 1.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 71803729_art of elysium_Jamie Chung.jpg Celebrities Wonder 53593473_art of elysium_Jennifer Morrison.jpg Celebrities Wonder 85937433_art of elysium_Juliette Lewis.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78024249_art of elysium_Kaley Cuoco.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 38734878_art of elysium_Kat Graham.jpg Celebrities Wonder 62535830_art of elysium_Michelle Trachtenberg.jpg Celebrities Wonder 2034783_art of elysium_Minka Kelly.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36399230_art of elysium_Nikki Reed.jpg
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2015 Tony Awards

Celebrities Wonder 18302907_2015-Tony-Awards_Amanda Seyfried.jpg Celebrities Wonder 34466097_2015-Tony-Awards_Anna Chlumsky.JPG Celebrities Wonder 95217744_2015-Tony-Awards_Ashley Greene.jpg Celebrities Wonder 32794466_2015-Tony-Awards_Ashley Tisdale.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 45603999_2015-Tony-Awards_Bella Hadid.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13868114_2015-Tony-Awards_Beth Behrs.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28003067_2015-Tony-Awards_Carey Mulligan.jpg Celebrities Wonder 66706009_2015-Tony-Awards_Constance Jablonski.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 81604097_2015-Tony-Awards_Ivanka Trump.jpg Celebrities Wonder 91350685_2015-Tony-Awards_Jennifer Lopez.JPG Celebrities Wonder 11392710_2015-Tony-Awards_Kat Dennings.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36910549_2015-Tony-Awards_Kendall Jenner.jpg
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6th Annual ELLE Women In Music Celebration

Celebrities Wonder 53783661_elle-women-in-music_Anna Camp.jpg Celebrities Wonder 47763125_elle-women-in-music_Ashley Tisdale.jpg Celebrities Wonder 8832113_elle-women-in-music_Bella Thorne.JPG Celebrities Wonder 36323645_elle-women-in-music_Brittany Snow.jpg Celebrities Wonder 67194954_elle-women-in-music_Chloe Bridges.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 62766276_elle-women-in-music_Christa B Allen.JPG Celebrities Wonder 8723289_elle-women-in-music_Debby Ryan.JPG Celebrities Wonder 14260100_elle-women-in-music_Maria Menounos.jpg Celebrities Wonder 18044042_elle-women-in-music_Victoria Justice.jpg

Anna Camp, Ashley Tisdale, Bella Thorne, Brittany Snow, Chloe Bridges, Christa B Allen, Debby Ryan, Maria Menounos and Victoria Justice attended the 6th Annual ELLE Women In Music Celebration Red Carpet

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 27 June 2015 at 14:30

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2015 Elton John Oscar Party

Celebrities Wonder 47590137_elton-john-oscar-party_Alessandra Ambrosio.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94305096_elton-john-oscar-party_Ashley Tisdale.jpg Celebrities Wonder 7671563_elton-john-oscar-party_Bellamy Young.jpg Celebrities Wonder 6177981_elton-john-oscar-party_Brittany Snow.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 8655023_elton-john-oscar-party_Camilla Belle.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36543649_elton-john-oscar-party_Dita Von Teese.jpg Celebrities Wonder 83238300_elton-john-oscar-party_Emmanuelle Chriqui.jpg Celebrities Wonder 75260056_elton-john-oscar-party_Gigi Hadid.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 20157954_elton-john-oscar-party_Heidi Klum.jpg Celebrities Wonder 8535544_elton-john-oscar-party_Jessica Lowndes.jpg Celebrities Wonder 59448232_elton-john-oscar-party_Julianne Hough.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36067135_elton-john-oscar-party_Kat Graham.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 68504878_elton-john-oscar-party_Kelly Brook.jpg Celebrities Wonder 59471498_elton-john-oscar-party_Kylie Minogue.jpg Celebrities Wonder 14423294_elton-john-oscar-party_Michelle Trachtenberg.jpg Celebrities Wonder 97747432_elton-john-oscar-party_Miley Cyrus.jpg
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Categories: Alessandra Ambrosio, Ashley Tisdale, Brittany Snow, Camilla Belle, Dita Von Teese, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Heidi Klum, Jessica Lowndes, Julianne Hough, Kat Graham, Kelly Brook, Kylie Minogue, Michelle Trachtenberg, Miley Cyrus, Nicole Scherzinger, Nina Dobrev, Odette Annable, Sarah Hyland, Willa Holland   Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

VANITY FAIR and L’Oreal Paris D.J. Night Benefit

Celebrities Wonder 60963607_VANITY-FAIR- LOreal-Paris-DJNight-Benefit_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 48814570_VANITY-FAIR- LOreal-Paris-DJNight-Benefit_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 22009170_VANITY-FAIR- LOreal-Paris-DJNight-Benefit_Ashley Tisdale 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69553756_VANITY-FAIR- LOreal-Paris-DJNight-Benefit_Ashley Tisdale 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 87032879_VANITY-FAIR- LOreal-Paris-DJNight-Benefit_Freida Pinto 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 1394545_VANITY-FAIR- LOreal-Paris-DJNight-Benefit_Freida Pinto 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 32674470_VANITY-FAIR- LOreal-Paris-DJNight-Benefit_Jessica Lowndes 1.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 47644748_VANITY-FAIR- LOreal-Paris-DJNight-Benefit_Briana Evigan.jpg Celebrities Wonder 97341896_VANITY-FAIR- LOreal-Paris-DJNight-Benefit_Candice Accola.jpg Celebrities Wonder 17504304_VANITY-FAIR- LOreal-Paris-DJNight-Benefit_Emily Osment.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69207693_VANITY-FAIR- LOreal-Paris-DJNight-Benefit_Greer Grammer.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 28298995_VANITY-FAIR- LOreal-Paris-DJNight-Benefit_Haley Ramm.jpg Celebrities Wonder 1231173_VANITY-FAIR- LOreal-Paris-DJNight-Benefit_Jamie Chung 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 54571625_VANITY-FAIR- LOreal-Paris-DJNight-Benefit_Lyndie Greenwood.jpg Celebrities Wonder 27659237_VANITY-FAIR- LOreal-Paris-DJNight-Benefit_Rita Ora.jpg

Holland Roden, Ashley Tisdale, Freida Pinto, Jessica Lowndes, Briana Evigan, Candice Accola, Emily Osment, Greer Grammer, Haley Ramm, Jamie Chung, Lyndie Greenwood and Rita Ora VANITY FAIR and L’Oreal Paris D.J. Night Benefit in LA

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 21 February 2015 at 16:54

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Nine Zero One Salon Melrose Place Launch Party

Celebrities Wonder 15658994_Nine-Zero-One-Salon-Melrose-Place-Launch-Party_Nina Dobrev 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 80123341_Nine-Zero-One-Salon-Melrose-Place-Launch-Party_Ashley Tisdale.jpg Celebrities Wonder 8921953_Nine-Zero-One-Salon-Melrose-Place-Launch-Party_Julianne Hough.jpg Celebrities Wonder 24461079_Nine-Zero-One-Salon-Melrose-Place-Launch-Party_Emma Roberts 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 22527592_Nine-Zero-One-Salon-Melrose-Place-Launch-Party_Emma Roberts 2.jpg

Nina Dobrev, Ashley Tisdale, Julianne Hough and Emma Roberts at Nine Zero One Salon Melrose Place Launch Party in LA

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REVOLVE Pop-Up Launch Party

Celebrities Wonder 9934501_REVOLVE-Pop-Up-Launch-Party_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 23307709_REVOLVE-Pop-Up-Launch-Party_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 53220865_REVOLVE-Pop-Up-Launch-Party_Ashley Benson 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 77338678_REVOLVE-Pop-Up-Launch-Party_Ashley Benson 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 89855027_REVOLVE-Pop-Up-Launch-Party_Janel Parrish 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 22900406_REVOLVE-Pop-Up-Launch-Party_Janel Parrish 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 42186521_REVOLVE-Pop-Up-Launch-Party_Rumer Willis 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82184425_REVOLVE-Pop-Up-Launch-Party_Rumer Willis 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 2010591_REVOLVE-Pop-Up-Launch-Party_Shenae Grimes 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 54790807_REVOLVE-Pop-Up-Launch-Party_Shenae Grimes 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94780710_REVOLVE-Pop-Up-Launch-Party_Shenae Grimes 3.jpg

Ashley Tisdale, Ashley Benson, Janel Parrish, Rumer Willis and Shenae Grimes at REVOLVE Pop-Up Launch Party in LA

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Ashley Tisdale at Virgin America Dallas Love Field Launch Celebration

Celebrities Wonder 6724178_ashley-tidale-Virgin-America-Dallas-Love-Field-Launch_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 40451550_ashley-tidale-Virgin-America-Dallas-Love-Field-Launch_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 58536528_ashley-tidale-Virgin-America-Dallas-Love-Field-Launch_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 18350992_ashley-tidale-Virgin-America-Dallas-Love-Field-Launch_4.jpg

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The Walking Dead Season Five Premiere

Celebrities Wonder 93971171_The-Walking-Dead-season-five-premiere_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 63570172_The-Walking-Dead-season-five-premiere_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 89836606_The-Walking-Dead-season-five-premiere_Alanna Masterson 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68774248_The-Walking-Dead-season-five-premiere_Alanna Masterson 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 92707029_The-Walking-Dead-season-five-premiere_Christian Serratos 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 38050144_The-Walking-Dead-season-five-premiere_Christian Serratos 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 31750165_The-Walking-Dead-season-five-premiere_Lauren Cohan 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94183327_The-Walking-Dead-season-five-premiere_Lauren Cohan 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 48384507_The-Walking-Dead-season-five-premiere_Emily Kinney 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 24541234_The-Walking-Dead-season-five-premiere_Emily Kinney 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 95114285_The-Walking-Dead-season-five-premiere_twd.jpg

Ashley Tisdale, Alanna Masterson, Christian Serratos, Lauren Cohan and Emily Kinney at The Walking Dead season five premiere in Universal City

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Velvet x and St. Jude Join The Fight Charity Tee Launch

Celebrities Wonder 38870916_Velvet-and-St.-Jude_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 53278187_Velvet-and-St.-Jude_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 54815552_Velvet-and-St.-Jude_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 24339279_Velvet-and-St.-Jude_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 29913315_Velvet-and-St.-Jude_5.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 89935019_Velvet-and-St.-Jude_6.jpg Celebrities Wonder 9830327_Velvet-and-St.-Jude_7.jpg Celebrities Wonder 970785_Velvet-and-St.-Jude_8.jpg

Ashley Tisdale and Lily Aldridge at Velvet x and St. Jude Join The Fight Charity Tee Launch in Malibu

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Ashley Tisdale with her dog in Studio City

Celebrities Wonder 71940777_ashley-tisdale-with-her-dog_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 77096033_ashley-tisdale-with-her-dog_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 29453631_ashley-tisdale-with-her-dog_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 90404365_ashley-tisdale-with-her-dog_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 85960241_ashley-tisdale-with-her-dog_5.jpg

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Ashley Tisdale wearing red shorts in East Village

Celebrities Wonder 11129925_ashley-tisdale-red-shorts_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 3015903_ashley-tisdale-red-shorts_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30701733_ashley-tisdale-red-shorts_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 21830399_ashley-tisdale-red-shorts_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 84782315_ashley-tisdale-red-shorts_5.jpg

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2014 Young Hollywood Awards

Celebrities Wonder 93772527_2014-Young-Hollywood-Awards_Ashley Tisdale 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 99711343_2014-Young-Hollywood-Awards_Ashley Tisdale 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 47147356_2014-Young-Hollywood-Awards_Ashley Tisdale 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 75081018_2014-Young-Hollywood-Awards_Ashley Tisdale 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 7160126_2014-Young-Hollywood-Awards_Vanessa Hudgens 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 47563824_2014-Young-Hollywood-Awards_Vanessa Hudgens 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 62744547_2014-Young-Hollywood-Awards_Vanessa Hudgens 3.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 28436085_2014-Young-Hollywood-Awards_Bella Thorne 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 32846586_2014-Young-Hollywood-Awards_Bella Thorne 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 24799550_2014-Young-Hollywood-Awards_Jessica Lowndes 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28967550_2014-Young-Hollywood-Awards_Jessica Lowndes 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 6164614_2014-Young-Hollywood-Awards_Chloe Moretz 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 6508233_2014-Young-Hollywood-Awards_Chloe Moretz 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78749866_2014-Young-Hollywood-Awards_Audrina Patridge 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 34725313_2014-Young-Hollywood-Awards_Audrina Patridge 2.JPG
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Disney ABC TCA Summer Press Tour

Celebrities Wonder 25865326_Disney-ABC-TCA-Summer-Press-Tour_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 60156410_Disney-ABC-TCA-Summer-Press-Tour_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94190927_Disney-ABC-TCA-Summer-Press-Tour_Emily Osment 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 15456123_Disney-ABC-TCA-Summer-Press-Tour_Emily Osment 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 78825570_Disney-ABC-TCA-Summer-Press-Tour_Analeigh Tipton 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 55251451_Disney-ABC-TCA-Summer-Press-Tour_Analeigh Tipton 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 10320622_Disney-ABC-TCA-Summer-Press-Tour_Karen Gillian 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 20290921_Disney-ABC-TCA-Summer-Press-Tour_Karen Gillian 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 69941_Disney-ABC-TCA-Summer-Press-Tour_Alana De La Garza 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69259302_Disney-ABC-TCA-Summer-Press-Tour_Alana De La Garza 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26978528_Disney-ABC-TCA-Summer-Press-Tour_Haley Ramm 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 86835779_Disney-ABC-TCA-Summer-Press-Tour_Haley Ramm 2.JPG
Celebrities Wonder 80253135_Disney-ABC-TCA-Summer-Press-Tour_Italia Ricci 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 55052657_Disney-ABC-TCA-Summer-Press-Tour_Italia Ricci 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 22981948_Disney-ABC-TCA-Summer-Press-Tour_Kirsten Storms 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 27228048_Disney-ABC-TCA-Summer-Press-Tour_Kirsten Storms 2.jpg
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Ashley Tisdale shopping in Beverly Hills

Celebrities Wonder 93516856_ashley-tisdale-Shopping-Beverly-Hills_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 32319065_ashley-tisdale-Shopping-Beverly-Hills_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 8256541_ashley-tisdale-Shopping-Beverly-Hills_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 19326902_ashley-tisdale-Shopping-Beverly-Hills_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 99965783_ashley-tisdale-Shopping-Beverly-Hills_5.jpg

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Ashley Tisdale in Toluca Lake

Celebrities Wonder 21871867_ashley-tisdale-in-Toluca-Lake_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 72299725_ashley-tisdale-in-Toluca-Lake_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 64803476_ashley-tisdale-in-Toluca-Lake_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 9822058_ashley-tisdale-in-Toluca-Lake_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 99089854_ashley-tisdale-in-Toluca-Lake_5.jpg

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Ashley Tisdale at a nail salon in Studio City

Celebrities Wonder 39003833_ashley-tisdale-nail-salon_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 38679878_ashley-tisdale-nail-salon_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 80930630_ashley-tisdale-nail-salon_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65932593_ashley-tisdale-nail-salon_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 61135056_ashley-tisdale-nail-salon_5.jpg

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Ashley Tisdale at Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards Gala

Celebrities Wonder 60712289_ashley-tisdale-Daytime-Creative-Arts-Emmy-Awards_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 76330961_ashley-tisdale-Daytime-Creative-Arts-Emmy-Awards_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 96963187_ashley-tisdale-Daytime-Creative-Arts-Emmy-Awards_3.jpg

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Ashley Tisdale wearing short shorts in West Hollywood

Celebrities Wonder 74475875_ashley-tisdale-short-shorts_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 35321094_ashley-tisdale-short-shorts_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30434037_ashley-tisdale-short-shorts_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 48687878_ashley-tisdale-short-shorts_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 96017928_ashley-tisdale-short-shorts_5.jpg

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Ashley Tisdale wearing a jumpsuit in Beverly Hills

Celebrities Wonder 90378429_ashley-tisdale-jumpsuit_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 23256670_ashley-tisdale-jumpsuit_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 98916848_ashley-tisdale-jumpsuit_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 37216373_ashley-tisdale-jumpsuit_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 2222125_ashley-tisdale-jumpsuit_5.jpg

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TBS/TNT Upfront 2014

Celebrities Wonder 51616228_TBS-TNT-Upfront-2014-Upfront_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 45158270_TBS-TNT-Upfront-2014-Upfront_Rashida Jones 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 42055938_TBS-TNT-Upfront-2014-Upfront_Ali Larter 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 34488567_TBS-TNT-Upfront-2014-Upfront_Ali Larter 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 20882865_TBS-TNT-Upfront-2014-Upfront_Ashley Tisdale 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 67654043_TBS-TNT-Upfront-2014-Upfront_Ashley Tisdale 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 95423470_TBS-TNT-Upfront-2014-Upfront_Kathleen Robertson 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 64291688_TBS-TNT-Upfront-2014-Upfront_Kathleen Robertson.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 90140599_TBS-TNT-Upfront-2014-Upfront_Moon Bloodgood 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28559472_TBS-TNT-Upfront-2014-Upfront_Moon Bloodgood 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 24998263_TBS-TNT-Upfront-2014-Upfront_Sasha Alexander 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 44138096_TBS-TNT-Upfront-2014-Upfront_Sasha Alexander 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 34943903_TBS-TNT-Upfront-2014-Upfront_Angie Harmon 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26113816_TBS-TNT-Upfront-2014-Upfront_Angie Harmon 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 18115502_TBS-TNT-Upfront-2014-Upfront_Rebecca Romijn 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 38765476_TBS-TNT-Upfront-2014-Upfront_Rebecca Romijn 2.jpg

Rashida Jones, Ali Larter, Ashley Tisdale, Kathleen Robertson, Moon Bloodgood, Sasha Alexander, Angie Harmon and Rebecca Romijn at TBS/TNT Upfront 2014 in New York

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Ashley Tisdale in Beverly Hills

Celebrities Wonder 13243995_ashley-tisdale-beverly-hills_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 42881880_ashley-tisdale-beverly-hills_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36580763_ashley-tisdale-beverly-hills_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 37441317_ashley-tisdale-beverly-hills_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 12633906_ashley-tisdale-beverly-hills_5.jpg

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Ashley Tisdale posing for a photoshoot in LA

Celebrities Wonder 19801529_ashley-tisdale-photoshoot_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26420953_ashley-tisdale-photoshoot_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 63720884_ashley-tisdale-photoshoot_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 89199475_ashley-tisdale-photoshoot_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 79608985_ashley-tisdale-photoshoot_5.jpg

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