Debra Messing

2015 Tony Awards

Celebrities Wonder 18302907_2015-Tony-Awards_Amanda Seyfried.jpg Celebrities Wonder 34466097_2015-Tony-Awards_Anna Chlumsky.JPG Celebrities Wonder 95217744_2015-Tony-Awards_Ashley Greene.jpg Celebrities Wonder 32794466_2015-Tony-Awards_Ashley Tisdale.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 45603999_2015-Tony-Awards_Bella Hadid.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13868114_2015-Tony-Awards_Beth Behrs.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28003067_2015-Tony-Awards_Carey Mulligan.jpg Celebrities Wonder 66706009_2015-Tony-Awards_Constance Jablonski.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 81604097_2015-Tony-Awards_Ivanka Trump.jpg Celebrities Wonder 91350685_2015-Tony-Awards_Jennifer Lopez.JPG Celebrities Wonder 11392710_2015-Tony-Awards_Kat Dennings.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36910549_2015-Tony-Awards_Kendall Jenner.jpg
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Debra Messing at the 2014 Emmy Awards

Celebrities Wonder 85239423_debra-messing-2014-emmy-awards_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 88906594_debra-messing-2014-emmy-awards_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68068232_debra-messing-2014-emmy-awards_3.JPG Celebrities Wonder 26388902_debra-messing-2014-emmy-awards_4.JPG Celebrities Wonder 53810912_debra-messing-2014-emmy-awards_5.JPG

Debra Messing arrives at the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Monday (August 25) in Los Angeles.

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NBCUniversal’s 2014 Summer TCA Tour

Celebrities Wonder 13062321_katherine-heigl-NBCUniversal- 2014-Summer-TCA-Tour_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 20161725_katherine-heigl-NBCUniversal- 2014-Summer-TCA-Tour_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 61225332_katherine-heigl-NBCUniversal- 2014-Summer-TCA-Tour_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 45915373_katherine-heigl-NBCUniversal- 2014-Summer-TCA-Tour_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 76066459_NBCUniversal- 2014-Summer-TCA-Tour_Debra Messing 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 5942776_NBCUniversal- 2014-Summer-TCA-Tour_Debra Messing 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 55364033_NBCUniversal- 2014-Summer-TCA-Tour_Kate Walsh 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 51528249_NBCUniversal- 2014-Summer-TCA-Tour_Kate Walsh 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 10225282_NBCUniversal-2014-Summer-TCA-Tour_Rashida Jones 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 79862977_NBCUniversal-2014-Summer-TCA-Tour_Rashida Jones 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 45257981_NBCUniversal-2014-Summer-TCA-Tour_Cristin Milioti 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 89952813_NBCUniversal-2014-Summer-TCA-Tour_Cristin Milioti 2.jpg

Katherine Heigl, Debra Messing, Kate Walsh, Rashida Jones and Cristin Milioti at NBCUniversal’s 2014 Summer TCA Tour at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills

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Debra Messing at Joyful Revolution Gala 10th Anniversary Celebration

Celebrities Wonder 42162986_debra-messing-Joyful-Revolution-Gala_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 96454418_debra-messing-Joyful-Revolution-Gala_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 17022584_debra-messing-Joyful-Revolution-Gala_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 44458431_debra-messing-Joyful-Revolution-Gala_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 89289253_debra-messing-Joyful-Revolution-Gala_5.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 15679500_debra-messing-Joyful-Revolution-Gala_6.jpg Celebrities Wonder 93112080_debra-messing-Joyful-Revolution-Gala_7.jpg Celebrities Wonder 47810910_debra-messing-Joyful-Revolution-Gala_8.jpg

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2014 NBC Upfront Presentation

Celebrities Wonder 69312663_2014-nbc-upfront_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 86572074_2014-nbc-upfront_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 88360159_2014-nbc-upfront_Katherine Heigl 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82717843_2014-nbc-upfront_Katherine Heigl 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 81121545_2014-nbc-upfront_Kate Walsh 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26403117_2014-nbc-upfront_Kate Walsh 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 19323745_2014-nbc-upfront_Kelly Brook 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 96817517_2014-nbc-upfront_Kelly Brook 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 21753015_2014-nbc-upfront_Krysten Ritter 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26786819_2014-nbc-upfront_Krysten Ritter 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 3125717_2014-nbc-upfront_Sophia Bush 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30602902_2014-nbc-upfront_Sophia Bush 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 63734771_2014-nbc-upfront_Anne Heche 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 4196007_2014-nbc-upfront_Anne Heche 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 47190835_2014-nbc-upfront_Cristin Milloti 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 70560954_2014-nbc-upfront_Cristin Milloti 2.JPG
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Spirit Of Life Awards Luncheon

Celebrities Wonder 69730542_Spirit-Of-Life-Awards-Luncheon_0.jpg Celebrities Wonder 74263330_Spirit-Of-Life-Awards-Luncheon_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 90250785_Spirit-Of-Life-Awards-Luncheon_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 77693406_Spirit-Of-Life-Awards-Luncheon_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 92614428_Spirit-Of-Life-Awards-Luncheon_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 78797268_Spirit-Of-Life-Awards-Luncheon_5.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69181720_Spirit-Of-Life-Awards-Luncheon_6.jpg Celebrities Wonder 9942891_Spirit-Of-Life-Awards-Luncheon_7.jpg

Debra Messing and Jane Krakowski at the 2014 Spirit Of Life Awards Luncheon at The Plaza Hotel in New York City

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God’s Pocket New York Screening

Celebrities Wonder 91253345_Gods-Pocket-New-York-Screening_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 8219762_Gods-Pocket-New-York-Screening_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52843677_Gods-Pocket-New-York-Screening_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 40592287_Gods-Pocket-New-York-Screening_Jennifer Westfeldt 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 2699496_Gods-Pocket-New-York-Screening_Jennifer Westfeldt 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 80967136_Gods-Pocket-New-York-Screening_Debra Messing 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 35806967_Gods-Pocket-New-York-Screening_Debra Messing 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28906869_Gods-Pocket-New-York-Screening_Debra Messing 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 41162236_Gods-Pocket-New-York-Screening_Megan Boone 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26081227_Gods-Pocket-New-York-Screening_Megan Boone 2.jpg

Julia Stiles, Jennifer Westfeldt, Debra Messing and Megan Boone at God’s Pocket New York Screening

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The New York Pops 31st Birthday Gala

Celebrities Wonder 65296764_The-New-York-Pops-31st-Birthday-Gala_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78297167_The-New-York-Pops-31st-Birthday-Gala_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69795949_The-New-York-Pops-31st-Birthday-Gala_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 1253398_The-New-York-Pops-31st-Birthday-Gala_5.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 99536656_The-New-York-Pops-31st-Birthday-Gala_Debra Messing 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 81773341_The-New-York-Pops-31st-Birthday-Gala_Debra Messing 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 10717642_The-New-York-Pops-31st-Birthday-Gala_Debra Messing 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 3802805_The-New-York-Pops-31st-Birthday-Gala_Debra Messing 4.jpg

Katharine McPhee and Debra Messing at The New York Pops 31st Birthday Gala in NY

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2013 Angel Ball

Celebrities Wonder 71618784_2013-Angel-Ball_Rita Ora 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 86935393_2013-Angel-Ball_Rita Ora 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 84553579_2013-Angel-Ball_Rita Ora 3.JPG Celebrities Wonder 86548957_2013-Angel-Ball_Rita Ora 4.JPG
Celebrities Wonder 75025223_2013-Angel-Ball_Debra Messing 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 76154150_2013-Angel-Ball_Debra Messing 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 37364867_2013-Angel-Ball_Debra Messing 3.JPG Celebrities Wonder 1209017_2013-Angel-Ball_Debra Messing 4.JPG
Celebrities Wonder 73603621_2013-Angel-Ball_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 2957348_2013-Angel-Ball_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 38810698_2013-Angel-Ball_Alyssa Miller 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 74303366_2013-Angel-Ball_Alyssa Miller 2.jpg

Rita Ora, Debra Messing, Irina Shayk and Aylssa Miller at Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation Angel Ball in New York City

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Debra Messing leaving Today Show

Celebrities Wonder 11718861_debra-messing-today-show_1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 48134850_debra-messing-today-show_2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 99190809_debra-messing-today-show_3.JPG Celebrities Wonder 6513102_debra-messing-today-show_4.JPG Celebrities Wonder 31548077_debra-messing-today-show_5.JPG

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2013 Joyful Heart Foundation Gala

Celebrities Wonder 67000883_2013-Joyful-Heart-Foundation-Gala_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26440413_2013-Joyful-Heart-Foundation-Gala_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 73595551_2013-Joyful-Heart-Foundation-Gala_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13687933_2013-Joyful-Heart-Foundation-Gala_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 76510052_2013-Joyful-Heart-Foundation-Gala_Julianne Hough 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 2878627_2013-Joyful-Heart-Foundation-Gala_Julianne Hough 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 53388283_2013-Joyful-Heart-Foundation-Gala_Uma Thurman 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 90465500_2013-Joyful-Heart-Foundation-Gala_Uma Thurman 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 82364702_2013-Joyful-Heart-Foundation-Gala_Mariska Hargitay 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94493838_2013-Joyful-Heart-Foundation-Gala_Mariska Hargitay 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30528044_2013-Joyful-Heart-Foundation-Gala_Mary-Louise Parker 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 76888165_2013-Joyful-Heart-Foundation-Gala_Mary-Louise Parker 2.jpg

Debra Messing, Julianne Hough, Uma Thurman, Mariska Hargitay and Mary-Louise Parker at the 2013 Joyful Heart Foundation Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City

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Debra Messing at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards

Celebrities Wonder 76057555_debra-messing-2013-golden-globe_0.jpg Celebrities Wonder 24665313_debra-messing-2013-golden-globe_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 40915695_debra-messing-2013-golden-globe_2.jpg

Debra Messing at the 70th Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.

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Michael Kors Event at the 2012 Fashion’s Night Out

Celebrities Wonder 99207476_michael-kors-fno_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 5859841_michael-kors-fno_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 60500603_michael-kors-fno_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 67276535_michael-kors-fno_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 91636126_michael-kors-fno_5.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 73658346_michael-kors-fno_Kate Upton 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 87708456_michael-kors-fno_Kate Upton 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 84895289_michael-kors-fno_Kate Upton 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 17702893_michael-kors-fno_Kate Upton 4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 50357702_michael-kors-fno_Kate Upton 5.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 77642735_michael-kors-fno_6.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36282917_michael-kors-fno_7.jpg

Nikki Reed, Kate Upton and Debra Messing at Michael Kors event at the 2012 Fashion’s Night Out in New York

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Launch in NYC

Celebrities Wonder 20634399_Samsung-Galaxy-Note-Launch-Party-nyc_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 81799554_Samsung-Galaxy-Note-Launch-Party-nyc_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 5990206_Samsung-Galaxy-Note-Launch-Party-nyc_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94988379_Samsung-Galaxy-Note-Launch-Party-nyc_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 54886931_Samsung-Galaxy-Note-Launch-Party-nyc_Kate Upton 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 59079668_Samsung-Galaxy-Note-Launch-Party-nyc_Kate Upton 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 71768594_Samsung-Galaxy-Note-Launch-Party-nyc_Kate Upton 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 5530539_Samsung-Galaxy-Note-Launch-Party-nyc_Kate Upton 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 50911389_Samsung-Galaxy-Note-Launch-Party-nyc_Anna Kendrick 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69579171_Samsung-Galaxy-Note-Launch-Party-nyc_Anna Kendrick 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 72447743_Samsung-Galaxy-Note-Launch-Party-nyc_Anna Kendrick 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 45874984_Samsung-Galaxy-Note-Launch-Party-nyc_Anna Kendrick 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 34031109_Samsung-Galaxy-Note-Launch-Party-nyc_Debra Messing 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30232148_Samsung-Galaxy-Note-Launch-Party-nyc_Debra Messing 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 97568663_Samsung-Galaxy-Note-Launch-Party-nyc_Debra Messing 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 60433950_Samsung-Galaxy-Note-Launch-Party-nyc_Debra Messing 4.jpg

Camilla Belle (in Jason Wu), Kate Upton (in Antonio Berardi), Anna Kendrick, Debra Messing and Kelly Osbourne (in Vivienne Westwood) at Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 launch party at Jazz at Lincoln Center in NYC

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NBC’s Upfront Presentation

Celebrities Wonder 43404797_NBC-Upfront-Presentation_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 17657879_NBC-Upfront-Presentation_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 73747253_NBC-Upfront-Presentation_Eva Longoria 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78946970_NBC-Upfront-Presentation_Eva Longoria 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 83933950_NBC-Upfront-Presentation_Christina Applegate 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 21889467_NBC-Upfront-Presentation_Christina Applegate 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 42473728_NBC-Upfront-Presentation_Christina Applegate 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 92130781_NBC-Upfront-Presentation_Amy Poehler.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 8769705_NBC-Upfront-Presentation_Debra Messing 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 12404066_NBC-Upfront-Presentation_Debra Messing 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 40551073_NBC-Upfront-Presentation_Elle Macpherson 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 77785115_NBC-Upfront-Presentation_Elle Macpherson 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 82910080_NBC-Upfront-Presentation_Jamie-Lynn Sigler 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 48753459_NBC-Upfront-Presentation_Jamie-Lynn Sigler 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 15599949_NBC-Upfront-Presentation_Anne Heche.jpg Celebrities Wonder 53605286_NBC-Upfront-Presentation_Jenny McCarthy.jpg
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Joyful Revolution Gala

Celebrities Wonder 13384225_Joyful-Revolution-Gala_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 57261747_Joyful-Revolution-Gala_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 80781118_Joyful-Revolution-Gala_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26010718_Joyful-Revolution-Gala_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 25107823_Joyful-Revolution-Gala_5.jpg Celebrities Wonder 31006331_Joyful-Revolution-Gala_6.jpg Celebrities Wonder 46634243_Joyful-Revolution-Gala_7.jpg Celebrities Wonder 18444892_Joyful-Revolution-Gala_8.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 86286514_Joyful-Revolution-Gala_9.jpg Celebrities Wonder 71109694_Joyful-Revolution-Gala_10.jpg Celebrities Wonder 18760162_Joyful-Revolution-Gala_11.jpg Celebrities Wonder 11264830_Joyful-Revolution-Gala_12.jpg
Hilary Swank (in Michael Kors), Debra Messing (in Kaufman Franco) and Mariska Hargitay at the 5th Annual Joyful Revolution Gala

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138th Kentucky Derby

Celebrities Wonder 40784998_138th-Kentucky-Derby_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 12737753_138th-Kentucky-Derby_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26247950_138th-Kentucky-Derby_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 24516489_138th-Kentucky-Derby_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13535702_138th-Kentucky-Derby_5.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 3687059_138th-Kentucky-Derby_Miranda Lambert  1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65735328_138th-Kentucky-Derby_Miranda Lambert  3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 3969334_138th-Kentucky-Derby_Miranda Lambert  4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 77555739_138th-Kentucky-Derby_Miranda Lambert 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 85735732_138th-Kentucky-Derby_Erin Andrews 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26999858_138th-Kentucky-Derby_Erin Andrews 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82181225_138th-Kentucky-Derby_Ginnifer Goodwin.jpg
Debra Messing, Miranda Lambert (in Lela Rose), Erin Andrews and Ginnifer Goodwin (in Preen) at the 138th Kentucky Derby

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Debra Messing at the opening night of Peter And The Starcatcher – wearing Michael Kors

Celebrities Wonder 15308069_debra-messing-michael-kors_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 16507237_debra-messing-michael-kors_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 16231938_debra-messing-michael-kors_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 38835490_debra-messing-michael-kors_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 91698806_debra-messing-michael-kors_6.jpg Celebrities Wonder 53968275_debra-messing-michael-kors_7.jpg Celebrities Wonder 35667127_debra-messing-michael-kors_8.jpg

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Debra Messing at BAM 150th Anniversary Gala

Celebrities Wonder 60903983_debra-messing-bam_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52971354_debra-messing-bam_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65176801_debra-messing-bam_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 24201816_debra-messing-bam_4.jpg

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Evita Opening Night

Celebrities Wonder 89058795_evita-opening_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 43575167_evita-opening_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 21812291_evita-opening_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 776290_evita-opening_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 12092914_evita-opening_Vanessa Williams 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 2270690_evita-opening_Vanessa Williams 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 62981784_evita-opening_Vanessa Williams 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 60451937_evita-opening_Vanessa Williams 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 5765967_evita-opening_maggie 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 85651308_evita-opening_maggie 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 99692813_evita-opening_maggie 3.jpg
Debra Messing, Vanessa Williams and Maggie Grace at Evita opening night new star cast at the Marquis Theatre in New York

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Women in the World Summit

Celebrities Wonder 57178031_woman-in-the-world-summit_1 - gucci.jpg Celebrities Wonder 34825507_woman-in-the-world-summit_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69791363_woman-in-the-world-summit_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 31173858_woman-in-the-world-summit_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 4937422_woman-in-the-world-summit_debra 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 67811600_woman-in-the-world-summit_debra 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 74143823_woman-in-the-world-summit_debra 3.jpg
Angelina Jolie (in Gucci) and Debra Messing at the 3rd Annual Women in the World Summit in New York City

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Ali Wentworth’s Book Launch Party

Celebrities Wonder 44085693_ali wentworth book launch party_0.jpg Celebrities Wonder 46139526_ali wentworth book launch party_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 80944824_ali wentworth book launch party_debra 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 66909790_ali wentworth book launch party_debra 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 85528564_ali wentworth book launch party_Jessica Seinfeld 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94662475_ali wentworth book launch party_Jessica Seinfeld 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 81323242_ali wentworth book launch party_Parker Posey 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 64407348_ali wentworth book launch party_Parker Posey 2.jpg
Sarah Jessica Parker, Debra Messing, Jessica Seinfeld and Parker Poesy at Ali Wentworth’s Book Launch Party

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Debra Messing at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards

rs473422277971223.jpg rs218274277971223.jpg rs933619277971223.jpg rs104542277971223.jpg rs598854277971223.jpg
Debra Messing at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles

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