Jennifer Morrison

2016 Tribeca Film Festival

Celebrities Wonder 57748607_tribeca_Abbie Cornish.jpg Celebrities Wonder 44406592_tribeca_Ahna O'Reilly.jpg Celebrities Wonder 80464660_tribeca_Alicia Silverstone.jpg Celebrities Wonder 89059659_tribeca_America Ferrera.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 17725678_tribeca_Britt Robertson.jpg Celebrities Wonder 38439312_tribeca_Chloe Moretz.jpg Celebrities Wonder 62652910_tribeca_Chloe Sevigny.jpg Celebrities Wonder 93969139_tribeca_Christina Applegate.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 3065842_tribeca_Emily Mortimer.jpg Celebrities Wonder 40031999_tribeca_Gillian Jacobs.jpg Celebrities Wonder 32888829_tribeca_Idina Menzel.jpg Celebrities Wonder 49439033_tribeca_Jennifer Morrison 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 38592710_tribeca_Jennifer Morrison.jpg Celebrities Wonder 77019720_tribeca_Jessica Biel.jpg Celebrities Wonder 45212333_tribeca_Jodie Foster 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 54613643_tribeca_Jodie Foster.jpg
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EW Celebration Honoring The Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominees

Celebrities Wonder 98011385_ew-sag_Bellamy Young.jpg Celebrities Wonder 15566107_ew-sag_Briana Evigan.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65197087_ew-sag_Camilla Luddington.jpg Celebrities Wonder 22263544_ew-sag_Christina Ricci.jpg Celebrities Wonder 10825350_ew-sag_Jennifer Morrison.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 3557454_ew-sag_Julie Bowen.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94994996_ew-sag_Kathleen Robertson.jpg Celebrities Wonder 90856825_ew-sag_Laura Prepon.jpg Celebrities Wonder 21417096_ew-sag_Maisie Williams.jpg Celebrities Wonder 64106569_ew-sag_Maria Menounos.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 88670929_ew-sag_Mary Elizabeth Winstead.jpg Celebrities Wonder 38870028_ew-sag_Sarah Hyland.jpg Celebrities Wonder 27122804_ew-sag_Sophie Turner.jpg

Bellamy Young, Briana Evigan, Camilla Luddington, Christina Ricci, Jennifer Morrison, Julie Bowen, Kathleen Robertson, Laura Prepon, Maisie Williams, Maria Menounos, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Sarah Hyland and Sophie Turner at EW Celebration Honoring The Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominees in LA

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The Art of Elysium 2016 HEAVEN Gala

Celebrities Wonder 16739061_art of elysium_Amber Heard 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 8514698_art of elysium_Amber Heard 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 60527031_art of elysium_Amy Smart.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33156225_art of elysium_Ashley Tisdale.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 37518809_art of elysium_Bella Thorne.jpg Celebrities Wonder 98589077_art of elysium_Camilla Belle.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78144367_art of elysium_Christina Hendricks.jpg Celebrities Wonder 58589896_art of elysium_Jaime King 1.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 71803729_art of elysium_Jamie Chung.jpg Celebrities Wonder 53593473_art of elysium_Jennifer Morrison.jpg Celebrities Wonder 85937433_art of elysium_Juliette Lewis.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78024249_art of elysium_Kaley Cuoco.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 38734878_art of elysium_Kat Graham.jpg Celebrities Wonder 62535830_art of elysium_Michelle Trachtenberg.jpg Celebrities Wonder 2034783_art of elysium_Minka Kelly.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36399230_art of elysium_Nikki Reed.jpg
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Celebrities at Comic-Con 2015

Celebrities Wonder 59814448_comic-con-2015_Abigail Breslin 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 31965284_comic-con-2015_Abigail Breslin.jpg Celebrities Wonder 31442514_comic-con-2015_Ashley Benson Vanessa Hudgens.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68861133_comic-con-2015_Ashley Madekwe.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 36488721_comic-con-2015_Camilla Luddington.jpg Celebrities Wonder 48394032_comic-con-2015_Cara Delevingne.jpg Celebrities Wonder 92211320_comic-con-2015_Cassie Scerbo.jpg Celebrities Wonder 11500624_comic-con-2015_Danielle Panabaker.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 31853345_comic-con-2015_Elisabeth Harnois.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68863208_comic-con-2015_Elizabeth Gillies.jpg Celebrities Wonder 95872584_comic-con-2015_Elizabeth Henstridge.jpg Celebrities Wonder 37095497_comic-con-2015_Emilie de Ravin.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 49124359_comic-con-2015_Emma Roberts 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28065489_comic-con-2015_Emma Roberts 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 93774490_comic-con-2015_Emma Roberts 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33801587_comic-con-2015_Hayley Atwell.jpg
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Categories: Abigail Breslin, Ashley Madekwe, Cara Delevingne, Emilie De Ravin, Emma Roberts, Heather Graham, Holland Roden, January Jones, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Morrison, Jessica Chastain, Kat Graham, Kate Mara, Katie Cassidy, Lea Michele, Mia Maestro, Morena Baccarin, Paula Patton, Vanessa Hudgens, Willa Holland   Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Variety’s Power of Women

Celebrities Wonder 16061696_Varietys-Power-of-Women_Kim Kardashian 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 66925712_Varietys-Power-of-Women_Kim Kardashian 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 47915607_Varietys-Power-of-Women_Emmy Rossum 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 73071472_Varietys-Power-of-Women_Emmy Rossum 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 37415204_Varietys-Power-of-Women_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 87556311_Varietys-Power-of-Women_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 48060735_Varietys-Power-of-Women_Cobie Smulders 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 695193_Varietys-Power-of-Women_Cobie Smulders 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 51405854_Varietys-Power-of-Women_Dascha Polanco.jpg Celebrities Wonder 95750683_Varietys-Power-of-Women_Jennifer Morrison 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 66472642_Varietys-Power-of-Women_Lena Dunham.JPG Celebrities Wonder 11693861_Varietys-Power-of-Women_Shiri Appleby.jpg

Kim Kardashian, Emmy Rossum, Rachel Wiesz, Cobie Smulders, Dascha Polanco, Jennifer Morrison, Lena Dunham and Shiri Appleby at Variety’s Power of Women in New York

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2015 Tribeca Film Festival

Celebrities Wonder 43291856_2015-tribeca-film-festival_Olivia Wilde 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 76767046_2015-tribeca-film-festival_Olivia Wilde 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 92144392_2015-tribeca-film-festival_Olivia Wilde 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 4315549_2015-tribeca-film-festival_Alison Brie.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 16935103_2015-tribeca-film-festival_Jennifer Morrison.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13778534_2015-tribeca-film-festival_Jennifer Morrison 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 32095731_2015-tribeca-film-festival_Jennifer Morrison 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30934022_2015-tribeca-film-festival_Jennifer Morrison 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 63559925_2015-tribeca-film-festival_Anja Rubik.jpg Celebrities Wonder 64850929_2015-tribeca-film-festival_Cobie Smulders.jpg Celebrities Wonder 24365058_2015-tribeca-film-festival_Joan Smalls.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30117071_2015-tribeca-film-festival_Karlie Kloss.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 34958963_2015-tribeca-film-festival_Amber Heard 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 50526459_2015-tribeca-film-festival_Amber Heard.jpg Celebrities Wonder 3132618_2015-tribeca-film-festival_Dakota Fanning 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 89997890_2015-tribeca-film-festival_Dakota Fanning 2.jpg
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2015 Coachella Music Festival Day 2

Celebrities Wonder 12925588_coachella-people-stylewatch-2015_Ashley Greene 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 86683362_coachella-people-stylewatch-2015_Hannah Simone 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 41572435_coachella-people-stylewatch-2015_Holland Roden.jpg Celebrities Wonder 71909006_coachella-people-stylewatch-2015_Michelle Trachtenberg 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 35993963_coachella-people-stylewatch-2015_Victoria Justice 1.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 86455617_coachella-festival-2015_Gigi Hadid POPSUGAR.JPG Celebrities Wonder 34747866_coachella-festival-2015_Jamie Chung pOPSUGAR.jpg Celebrities Wonder 49218134_coachella-festival-2015_Jennifer Morrison POPSUGAR.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28104767_coachella-festival-2015_Jessica Lowndes.jpg Celebrities Wonder 5085325_coachella-festival-2015_Zoe Kravitz.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 74276242_coachella-festival-2015_Ashley Greene Neon.JPG Celebrities Wonder 69030033_coachella-festival-2015_Hilary Duff nEON.jpg Celebrities Wonder 44192577_coachella-festival-2015_Alessandra Ambrosio.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69278963_coachella-festival-2015_Behati Prinsloo.JPG Celebrities Wonder 96023638_coachella-festival-2015_Bella Thorne 1.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 33258164_coachella-festival-2015_Gigi Hadid.jpg Celebrities Wonder 91913123_coachella-festival-2015_Kate Bosworth.jpg Celebrities Wonder 58259395_coachella-festival-2015_Kendall Jenner.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65034453_coachella-festival-2015_Lea Michele.jpg Celebrities Wonder 81890774_coachella-festival-2015_Sarah Hyland.jpg

Ashley Greene, Hannah Simone, Holland Roden, Michelle Trachtenberg, Victoria Justice, Gigi Hadid, Jamie Chung, Jennifer Morrison, Jessica Lowndes, Zoe Kravitz, Hilary Duff, Alessandra Ambrosio, Behati Prinsloo, Bella Thorne, Kate Bosworth, Kendall Jenner, Lea Michele and Sarah Hyland at the 2015 Coachella Music Festival Day 2 in Palm Springs

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Categories: Alessandra Ambrosio, Ashley Greene, Bella Thorne, Hilary Duff, Holland Roden, Jamie Chung, Jennifer Morrison, Jessica Lowndes, Kate Bosworth, Lea Michele, Michelle Trachtenberg, Sarah Hyland, Victoria Justice, Zoe Kravitz   Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Exodus Gods And Kings Premiere in NY

Celebrities Wonder 8396863_Exodus-Gods-And-Kings-premiere-NY-jennifer-morrison_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 2240134_Exodus-Gods-And-Kings-premiere-NY-jennifer-morrison_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 47838900_Exodus-Gods-And-Kings-premiere-NY-jennifer-morrison_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 7888207_Exodus-Gods-And-Kings-premiere-NY-jennifer-morrison_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 93171232_Exodus-Gods-And-Kings-premiere-NY_Julianna Margulies 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 12335436_Exodus-Gods-And-Kings-premiere-NY_Julianna Margulies 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 2014191_Exodus-Gods-And-Kings-premiere-NY_Julianna Margulies 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 51620164_Exodus-Gods-And-Kings-premiere-NY_Julianna Margulies 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 32031237_Exodus-Gods-And-Kings-premiere_Kylie Minogue 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 3974707_Exodus-Gods-And-Kings-premiere_Kylie Minogue 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 47338850_Exodus-Gods-And-Kings-premiere_Sami Gayle 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 67115802_Exodus-Gods-And-Kings-premiere_Sami Gayle 2.jpg

Jennifer Morrsion, Julianne Margulies, Kylie Minogue and Sami Gayle at Exodus Gods And Kings Premiere in NY

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Once Upon A Time Season 4 Screening

Celebrities Wonder 31392291_Once-Upon-A-Time-season-4-screening_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 15974466_Once-Upon-A-Time-season-4-screening_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 62218803_Once-Upon-A-Time-season-4-screening_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 49760752_Once-Upon-A-Time-season-4-screening_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 8549531_Once-Upon-A-Time-season-4-screening_Emilie De Ravin 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 40042525_Once-Upon-A-Time-season-4-screening_Emilie De Ravin 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 18454363_Once-Upon-A-Time-season-4-screening_Georgina Haig 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30905508_Once-Upon-A-Time-season-4-screening_Georgina Haig 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 43761159_Once-Upon-A-Time-season-4-screening_Jessy Schram 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 5803139_Once-Upon-A-Time-season-4-screening_Jessy Schram 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 86418336_Once-Upon-A-Time-season-4-screening_Lana Parrilla 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 18714575_Once-Upon-A-Time-season-4-screening_Lana Parrilla 2.jpg

Jennifer Morrison, Emilie De Ravin, Georgina Haig, Jessy Schram and Lana Parrilla at Once Upon A Time season 4 screening in Hollywood

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Instyle 20th Anniversary Party

Celebrities Wonder 7514213_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 20110299_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Diane Kruger  1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 50349761_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28629275_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Diane Kruger  2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 94843800_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Alessandra Ambrosio 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 23297134_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Alessandra Ambrosio 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 45924846_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Jennifer Morrison 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52586922_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Jennifer Morrison 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 20946789_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Bella Thorne 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94128246_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Bella Thorne 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33837243_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Abigail Breslin 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 51088512_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Abigail Breslin 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 13570155_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Ivanka Trump 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36298935_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Ivanka Trump 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 67921244_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Keke Palmer.jpg Celebrities Wonder 63317277_Instyle-20th-Anniversary-Party_Yvonne Strahovski.jpg

Jamie Chung, Diane Kruger, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jennifer Morrison, Bella Thorne, Abigail Breslin, Ivanka Trump, Keke Palmer and Yvonne Strahovski at Instyle 20th Anniversary Party in NY

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Alice + Olivia By Stacey Bendet Front Row

Celebrities Wonder 89970621_Alice-Olivia-front-row_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 34836014_Alice-Olivia-front-row_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52253788_Alice-Olivia-front-row_Bella Thorne 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36077689_Alice-Olivia-front-row_Bella Thorne 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 77859496_Alice-Olivia-front-row_Jennifer Morrison 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36476097_Alice-Olivia-front-row_Jennifer Morrison 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 29567454_Alice-Olivia-front-row_Jessica Lowndes 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68547821_Alice-Olivia-front-row_Chloe Bridges.jpg

Jessica Stroup, Bella Thorne, Jennifer Morrison, Jessica Lowndes and Chloe Bridges at Alice + Olivia By Stacey Bendet presentation during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015

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Entertainment Weekly’s Pre-Emmy Party 2014

Celebrities Wonder 52580953_Entertainment-Weekly-Pre-Emmy-Party_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 72079694_Entertainment-Weekly-Pre-Emmy-Party_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 217558_Entertainment-Weekly-Pre-Emmy-Party_Bella Thorne 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 16040299_Entertainment-Weekly-Pre-Emmy-Party_Bella Thorne 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 79875483_Entertainment-Weekly-Pre-Emmy-Party_Jamie Chung 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 92954562_Entertainment-Weekly-Pre-Emmy-Party_Jamie Chung 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 47160215_Entertainment-Weekly-Pre-Emmy-Party_Jennifer Morrison 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 53031494_Entertainment-Weekly-Pre-Emmy-Party_Jennifer Morrison 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 14485042_Entertainment-Weekly-Pre-Emmy-Party_Jessica Szohr 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 50329145_Entertainment-Weekly-Pre-Emmy-Party_Jessica Szohr 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 3914185_Entertainment-Weekly-Pre-Emmy-Party_Kaley Cuoco 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 76323923_Entertainment-Weekly-Pre-Emmy-Party_Kaley Cuoco 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 85107339_Entertainment-Weekly-Pre-Emmy-Party_Katharine McPhee 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 35144590_Entertainment-Weekly-Pre-Emmy-Party_Katharine McPhee 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 31066189_Entertainment-Weekly-Pre-Emmy-Party_Mira Sorvino 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52725247_Entertainment-Weekly-Pre-Emmy-Party_Mira Sorvino 2.jpg
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2014 Comic-Con – Once Upon a Time Panel

Celebrities Wonder 78644521_jennifer-morrison-once-upon-a-time-panel-comic-con-2014_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33504934_jennifer-morrison-once-upon-a-time-panel-comic-con-2014_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 89127631_jennifer-morrison-once-upon-a-time-panel-comic-con-2014_3.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 52950917_once-upon-a-time-panel-comic-con-2014_Emilie de Ravin 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 37121341_once-upon-a-time-panel-comic-con-2014_Lana Parrilla 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 74474072_once-upon-a-time-panel-comic-con-2014_Emilie de Ravin 2.jpg

Jennifer Morrison, Emilie De Ravin and Lana Parilla at Once Upon a Time panel during 2014 Comic-Con in San Diego

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Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con Party

Celebrities Wonder 5182796_Entertainment-Weekly-Annual-Comic-Con-Celebration_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 21729775_Entertainment-Weekly-Annual-Comic-Con-Celebration_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 21252060_Entertainment-Weekly-Annual-Comic-Con-Celebration_Anna Camp 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 41697019_Entertainment-Weekly-Annual-Comic-Con-Celebration_Anna Camp 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 88972024_Entertainment-Weekly-Annual-Comic-Con-Celebration_Ashley Madekwe 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 58154206_Entertainment-Weekly-Annual-Comic-Con-Celebration_Ashley Madekwe 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 499769_Entertainment-Weekly-Annual-Comic-Con-Celebration_Carrie Keegan 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 75566615_Entertainment-Weekly-Annual-Comic-Con-Celebration_Carrie Keegan 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 27729470_Entertainment-Weekly-Annual-Comic-Con-Celebration_Deborah Ann Woll 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 56626666_Entertainment-Weekly-Annual-Comic-Con-Celebration_Deborah Ann Woll 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 61053014_Entertainment-Weekly-Annual-Comic-Con-Celebration_Elisabeth Harnois 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 51419640_Entertainment-Weekly-Annual-Comic-Con-Celebration_Elisabeth Harnois 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 19370909_Entertainment-Weekly-Annual-Comic-Con-Celebration_Emilie de Ravin 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82342237_Entertainment-Weekly-Annual-Comic-Con-Celebration_Emilie de Ravin 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 48970860_Entertainment-Weekly-Annual-Comic-Con-Celebration_Emma Roberts 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 37215562_Entertainment-Weekly-Annual-Comic-Con-Celebration_Emma Roberts 2.jpg
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Playboy and Bates Motel Comic-Con Party

Celebrities Wonder 94430339_Playboy-and-Bates-Motel-Comic-Con-Party_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 97310874_Playboy-and-Bates-Motel-Comic-Con-Party_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36019732_Playboy-and-Bates-Motel-Comic-Con-Party_Adelaide Kane 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 72289521_Playboy-and-Bates-Motel-Comic-Con-Party_Adelaide Kane 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 16637584_Playboy-and-Bates-Motel-Comic-Con-Party_Holland Roden 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 77272592_Playboy-and-Bates-Motel-Comic-Con-Party_Holland Roden 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 86676861_Playboy-and-Bates-Motel-Comic-Con-Party_Jaime Murray 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36158694_Playboy-and-Bates-Motel-Comic-Con-Party_Jaime Murray 3.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 8603445_Playboy-and-Bates-Motel-Comic-Con-Party_Lauren Cohan 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69220509_Playboy-and-Bates-Motel-Comic-Con-Party_Lauren Cohan 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 24267200_Playboy-and-Bates-Motel-Comic-Con-Party_Olivia Cooke 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13719474_Playboy-and-Bates-Motel-Comic-Con-Party_Olivia Cooke 2.jpg

Jennifer Morrison, Adelaide Kane, Holland Roden, Jaime Murray, Lauren Cohan and Olivia Cooke at Playboy and Bates Motel Comic-Con Party during the 2014 Comic-Con in San Diego

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Wish I Was Here LA Premiere

Celebrities Wonder 16444492_ashley-greene-wish-i-was-here-la-premiere_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28183057_ashley-greene-wish-i-was-here-la-premiere_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 4876554_ashley-greene-wish-i-was-here-la-premiere_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 11720127_ashley-greene-wish-i-was-here-la-premiere_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 45566039_wish-i-was-here-la-premiere_Jennifer Morrison 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 70939113_wish-i-was-here-la-premiere_Jennifer Morrison 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82556989_wish-i-was-here-la-premiere_Jennifer Morrison 4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 32921117_wish-i-was-here-la-premiere_Jennifer Morrison 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 79331447_wish-i-was-here-la-premiere_Hunter Haley King 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 4213553_wish-i-was-here-la-premiere_Hunter Haley King 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 98152094_wish-i-was-here-la-premiere_Rose McIver 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 19306672_wish-i-was-here-la-premiere_Rose McIver 2.jpg

Ashley Greene, Jennifer Morrison, Hunter Haley King and Rose McIver at Wish I Was Here premiere at DGA Theater in Los Angeles

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54th Monte-Carlo Television Festival Closing Ceremony

Celebrities Wonder 1170851_closing-ceremony-54th-Monte-Carlo-Television-Festival_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 4218861_closing-ceremony-54th-Monte-Carlo-Television-Festival_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 99307419_closing-ceremony-54th-Monte-Carlo-Television-Festival_A.J. Cook 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 9584709_closing-ceremony-54th-Monte-Carlo-Television-Festival_A.J. Cook 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 261852_closing-ceremony-54th-Monte-Carlo-Television-Festival_Bellamy Young 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28376768_closing-ceremony-54th-Monte-Carlo-Television-Festival_Bellamy Young 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 59837597_closing-ceremony-54th-Monte-Carlo-Television-Festival_Jaime Murray 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 32332006_closing-ceremony-54th-Monte-Carlo-Television-Festival_Jaime Murray 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 69525202_closing-ceremony-54th-Monte-Carlo-Television-Festival_Julie Benz 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 59054270_closing-ceremony-54th-Monte-Carlo-Television-Festival_Julie Benz 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 42849659_closing-ceremony-54th-Monte-Carlo-Television-Festival_Adelaide Kane 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69844196_closing-ceremony-54th-Monte-Carlo-Television-Festival_Adelaide Kane 2.jpg
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Minister of State Reception

Celebrities Wonder 39528576_Monte-Carlo-TV-Festival_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 31269218_Monte-Carlo-TV-Festival_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 71115411_Monte-Carlo-TV-Festival_Andrea Joy (A.J) Cook 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 66571220_Monte-Carlo-TV-Festival_Andrea Joy (A.J) Cook 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 70888981_Monte-Carlo-TV-Festival_Jaime Murray 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65029028_Monte-Carlo-TV-Festival_Jaime Murray 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 98616359_Monte-Carlo-TV-Festival_Julie Benz 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 17116991_Monte-Carlo-TV-Festival_Bellamy Young.jpg

Jennifer Morrison, A.J. Cook, Jaime Murray, Julie Benz and Bellamy Young at Minister of State Reception during the 54th Monte Carlo TV Festival

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54th Monte Carlo TV Festival Photocalls

Celebrities Wonder 4274049_54th-Monte-Carlo-TV-Festival_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 76048543_54th-Monte-Carlo-TV-Festival_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 67923646_54th-Monte-Carlo-TV-Festival_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94457677_54th-Monte-Carlo-TV-Festival_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 82665390_54th-Monte-Carlo-TV-Festival_A.J. Cook 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 698284_54th-Monte-Carlo-TV-Festival_Andrea Joy Cook 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 42387184_54th-Monte-Carlo-TV-Festival_Andrea Joy Cook 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 79108856_54th-Monte-Carlo-TV-Festival_Andrea Joy Cook 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 30402405_54th-Monte-Carlo-TV-Festival_Bellamy Young 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 67783539_54th-Monte-Carlo-TV-Festival_Bellamy Young 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 4558858_54th-Monte-Carlo-TV-Festival_Gillian Jacobs - Community photocall  1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 63307989_54th-Monte-Carlo-TV-Festival_Gillian Jacobs - Community photocall  3.jpg

Jennifer Morrison, A.J. Cook, Bellamy Young and Gillian Jacobs at the 54th Monte Carlo TV Festival

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Entertainment Weekly & ABC Upfront Party

Celebrities Wonder 97849320_entertainment-weekly-abc-upfront-party_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 84287248_entertainment-weekly-abc-upfront-party_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52076945_entertainment-weekly-abc-upfront-party_Bellamy Young 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 18112109_entertainment-weekly-abc-upfront-party_Bellamy Young 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 99567669_entertainment-weekly-abc-upfront-party_Chloe Bennet 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 57509647_entertainment-weekly-abc-upfront-party_Chloe Bennet 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 259162_entertainment-weekly-abc-upfront-party_Darby Stanchfield 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 3994789_entertainment-weekly-abc-upfront-party_Darby Stanchfield 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 90013401_entertainment-weekly-abc-upfront-party_Juliette Lewis.jpg Celebrities Wonder 60982158_entertainment-weekly-abc-upfront-party_Karen Gillan.jpg Celebrities Wonder 41735825_entertainment-weekly-abc-upfront-party_Lily Rabe 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 97849565_entertainment-weekly-abc-upfront-party_Lily Rabe 2.jpg

Jennifer Morrison, Bellamy Young, Chloe Bennet, Darby Stanchfield, Juliette Lewis, Karen Gillan and Lily Rabe attended Entertainment Weekly & ABC Upfronts Party held at Toro on Tuesday (May 13) in New York City.

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Lanvin And Living Beauty Host An Evening Of Fashion

Celebrities Wonder 57825112_Lanvin-And-Living-Beauty-Host-An-Evening-Of-Fashion_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 22042059_Lanvin-And-Living-Beauty-Host-An-Evening-Of-Fashion_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 42529727_Lanvin-And-Living-Beauty-Host-An-Evening-Of-Fashion_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 47071692_Lanvin-And-Living-Beauty-Host-An-Evening-Of-Fashion_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 62487308_Lanvin-And-Living-Beauty-Host-An-Evening-Of-Fashion_9.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 74013133_Lanvin-And-Living-Beauty-Host-An-Evening-Of-Fashion_6.jpg Celebrities Wonder 29825156_Lanvin-And-Living-Beauty-Host-An-Evening-Of-Fashion_7.jpg Celebrities Wonder 51231459_Lanvin-And-Living-Beauty-Host-An-Evening-Of-Fashion_8.jpg Celebrities Wonder 38596491_Lanvin-And-Living-Beauty-Host-An-Evening-Of-Fashion_5.jpg

Olivia Munn, Emmy Rossum, Ashley Madekwe, Jennifer Morrison and Emma Roberts at Lanvin And Living Beauty Host An Evening Of Fashion in Beverly Hills

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Zooey Deschanel for Tommy Hilfiger

Celebrities Wonder 90558286_Zooey-Deschanel-for-Tommy-Hilfiger-launch_Zooey Deschanel 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33040959_Zooey-Deschanel-for-Tommy-Hilfiger-launch_Zooey Deschanel 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 85774226_Zooey-Deschanel-for-Tommy-Hilfiger-launch_Zooey Deschanel 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 59812506_Zooey-Deschanel-for-Tommy-Hilfiger-launch_Zooey Deschanel 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 92161414_Zooey-Deschanel-for-Tommy-Hilfiger-launch_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 23964693_Zooey-Deschanel-for-Tommy-Hilfiger-launch_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 34074225_Zooey-Deschanel-for-Tommy-Hilfiger-launch_Malin Akerman 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 25526854_Zooey-Deschanel-for-Tommy-Hilfiger-launch_Malin Akerman 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 43421034_Zooey-Deschanel-for-Tommy-Hilfiger-launch_Angie Harmon 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 39247652_Zooey-Deschanel-for-Tommy-Hilfiger-launch_Angie Harmon 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 31251429_Zooey-Deschanel-for-Tommy-Hilfiger-launch_Ari Graynor 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 9768647_Zooey-Deschanel-for-Tommy-Hilfiger-launch_Ari Graynor 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 8571177_Zooey-Deschanel-for-Tommy-Hilfiger-launch_Eva Amurri 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 29078742_Zooey-Deschanel-for-Tommy-Hilfiger-launch_Eva Amurri 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13619748_Zooey-Deschanel-for-Tommy-Hilfiger-launch_Zoey Deutch 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36616378_Zooey-Deschanel-for-Tommy-Hilfiger-launch_Zoey Deutch 2.jpg
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Jennifer Morrison at All The Way Opening Night in NYC

Celebrities Wonder 54713261_jennifer-morrison-All-The-Way-opening-night_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 41306547_jennifer-morrison-All-The-Way-opening-night_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33289710_jennifer-morrison-All-The-Way-opening-night_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 45853199_jennifer-morrison-All-The-Way-opening-night_4.jpg

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