Kate Bosworth

2016 Oscar Parties

Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Celebrities Wonder 98710685_vanity-fair-oscar-party_Alicia Vikander.jpg Celebrities Wonder 1551979_vanity-fair-oscar-party_Amanda Peet.jpg Celebrities Wonder 42258227_vanity-fair-oscar-party_Amy Adams.jpg Celebrities Wonder 79355877_vanity-fair-oscar-party_Brie Larson.jpg Celebrities Wonder 64097695_vanity-fair-oscar-party_Diane Kruger.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 92962920_vanity-fair-oscar-party_Elizabeth Banks.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30500165_vanity-fair-oscar-party_Emilia Clarke.jpg Celebrities Wonder 85452343_vanity-fair-oscar-party_Emma Roberts.jpg Celebrities Wonder 22564400_vanity-fair-oscar-party_Jennifer Garner.jpg Celebrities Wonder 47372357_vanity-fair-oscar-party_Jennifer Lawrence.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 54568083_vanity-fair-oscar-party_Jessica Alba.jpg Celebrities Wonder 6746178_vanity-fair-oscar-party_Jessica Biel.jpg Celebrities Wonder 49670642_vanity-fair-oscar-party_Kate Beckinsale.jpg Celebrities Wonder 41901384_vanity-fair-oscar-party_Kate Bosworth.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13318599_vanity-fair-oscar-party_Kate Hudson.jpg
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2016 Golden Globe Awards

Celebrities Wonder 83211098_golden-globe-red-carpet_Alicia Vikander.jpg Celebrities Wonder 960122_golden-globe-red-carpet_Amanda Peet.jpg Celebrities Wonder 46030761_golden-globe-red-carpet_Amber Heard.jpg Celebrities Wonder 72374607_golden-globe-red-carpet_America Ferrera - Jenny Packham.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 2959894_golden-globe-red-carpet_Amy Adams.jpg Celebrities Wonder 40859780_golden-globe-red-carpet_Amy Schumer.jpg Celebrities Wonder 54680246_golden-globe-red-carpet_Brie Larson - Calvin Klein.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65918419_golden-globe-red-carpet_Bryce Dallas Howard.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 84109214_golden-globe-red-carpet_Carly Chaikin.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36093462_golden-globe-red-carpet_Cate Blanchett.jpg Celebrities Wonder 29710245_golden-globe-red-carpet_Emilia Clarke.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28384996_golden-globe-red-carpet_Emmy Rossum - Giorgio Armani.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 16427274_golden-globe-red-carpet_Eva Green.jpg Celebrities Wonder 3602344_golden-globe-red-carpet_Eva Longoria.jpg Celebrities Wonder 56848520_golden-globe-red-carpet_Felicity Huffman.jpg Celebrities Wonder 5471867_golden-globe-red-carpet_Gina Rodriguez - Zac Posen.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 2716000_golden-globe-red-carpet_Helen Mirren.jpg Celebrities Wonder 21039271_golden-globe-red-carpet_Jaimie Alexander.jpg Celebrities Wonder 73456556_golden-globe-red-carpet_Jamie Lee Curtis.jpg Celebrities Wonder 67532223_golden-globe-red-carpet_Jane Fonda.jpg
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Lilly Pulitzer for Target Launch

Celebrities Wonder 40209490_Lilly-Pulitzer-for-Target-Launch_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 72327931_Lilly-Pulitzer-for-Target-Launch_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 32028250_Lilly-Pulitzer-for-Target-Launch_Kate Bosworth 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 17476405_Lilly-Pulitzer-for-Target-Launch_Kate Bosworth 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 2577056_Lilly-Pulitzer-for-Target-Launch_Bella Thorne 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 84549006_Lilly-Pulitzer-for-Target-Launch_Bella Thorne 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69255366_Lilly-Pulitzer-for-Target-Launch_Kate Bock.JPG

Emmy Rossum, Kate Bosworth, Bella Thorne and Kate Bock at Lilly Pulitzer for Target Launch at Bryant Park Grill in New York City

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2015 Coachella Music Festival Day 2

Celebrities Wonder 12925588_coachella-people-stylewatch-2015_Ashley Greene 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 86683362_coachella-people-stylewatch-2015_Hannah Simone 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 41572435_coachella-people-stylewatch-2015_Holland Roden.jpg Celebrities Wonder 71909006_coachella-people-stylewatch-2015_Michelle Trachtenberg 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 35993963_coachella-people-stylewatch-2015_Victoria Justice 1.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 86455617_coachella-festival-2015_Gigi Hadid POPSUGAR.JPG Celebrities Wonder 34747866_coachella-festival-2015_Jamie Chung pOPSUGAR.jpg Celebrities Wonder 49218134_coachella-festival-2015_Jennifer Morrison POPSUGAR.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28104767_coachella-festival-2015_Jessica Lowndes.jpg Celebrities Wonder 5085325_coachella-festival-2015_Zoe Kravitz.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 74276242_coachella-festival-2015_Ashley Greene Neon.JPG Celebrities Wonder 69030033_coachella-festival-2015_Hilary Duff nEON.jpg Celebrities Wonder 44192577_coachella-festival-2015_Alessandra Ambrosio.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69278963_coachella-festival-2015_Behati Prinsloo.JPG Celebrities Wonder 96023638_coachella-festival-2015_Bella Thorne 1.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 33258164_coachella-festival-2015_Gigi Hadid.jpg Celebrities Wonder 91913123_coachella-festival-2015_Kate Bosworth.jpg Celebrities Wonder 58259395_coachella-festival-2015_Kendall Jenner.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65034453_coachella-festival-2015_Lea Michele.jpg Celebrities Wonder 81890774_coachella-festival-2015_Sarah Hyland.jpg

Ashley Greene, Hannah Simone, Holland Roden, Michelle Trachtenberg, Victoria Justice, Gigi Hadid, Jamie Chung, Jennifer Morrison, Jessica Lowndes, Zoe Kravitz, Hilary Duff, Alessandra Ambrosio, Behati Prinsloo, Bella Thorne, Kate Bosworth, Kendall Jenner, Lea Michele and Sarah Hyland at the 2015 Coachella Music Festival Day 2 in Palm Springs

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Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Launch

Celebrities Wonder 54063066_Samsung-Galaxy-S6-launch_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 45314718_Samsung-Galaxy-S6-launch_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 25647474_Samsung-Galaxy-S6-launch_Kate Bosworth 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 62547793_Samsung-Galaxy-S6-launch_Kate Bosworth 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 39975741_Samsung-Galaxy-S6-launch_Taraji P Henson 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 85969870_Samsung-Galaxy-S6-launch_Taraji P Henson 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 20084311_Samsung-Galaxy-S6-launch_Emily Osment.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13138246_Samsung-Galaxy-S6-launch_Emmanuelle Chriqui.jpg

Olivia Munn, Kate Bosworth, Taraji P Henson, Emily Osment and Emmanuelle Chriqui at Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge launch in LA

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Fine Arts Museums Of San Francisco 2015 Mid-Winter Gala

Celebrities Wonder 39856965_mid-winter-gala_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 8109958_mid-winter-gala_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 12913743_mid-winter-gala_Jordana Brewster 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 54365783_mid-winter-gala_Jordana Brewster 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 2007722_mid-winter-gala_Kate Mara 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 22434122_mid-winter-gala_Kate Mara 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 75899646_mid-winter-gala_Suki Waterhouse 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 76187310_mid-winter-gala_Suki Waterhouse 2.jpg

Kate Bosworth, Jordana Brewster, Kate Mara and Suki Waterhouse at Fine Arts Museums Of San Francisco 2015 Mid-Winter Gala

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Coach Rodeo Drive Store Cocktail

Celebrities Wonder 63440507_Coach-Rodeo-Drive-Store-Cocktail_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52131000_Coach-Rodeo-Drive-Store-Cocktail_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 72562275_Coach-Rodeo-Drive-Store-Cocktail_Kirsten Dunst 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 79965080_Coach-Rodeo-Drive-Store-Cocktail_Kirsten Dunst 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 40018323_Coach-Rodeo-Drive-Store-Cocktail_Emily Ratajkowski 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 27418192_Coach-Rodeo-Drive-Store-Cocktail_Emily Ratajkowski 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 56672237_Coach-Rodeo-Drive-Store-Cocktail_Juno Temple 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 27618378_Coach-Rodeo-Drive-Store-Cocktail_Juno Temple 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 9020093_Coach-Rodeo-Drive-Store-Cocktail_Alexandra Daddario.jpg Celebrities Wonder 84234364_Coach-Rodeo-Drive-Store-Cocktail_Kate Bosworth 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 724120_Coach-Rodeo-Drive-Store-Cocktail_Kate Bosworth 2.jpg

Chloe Sevigny, Kirsten Dunst, Emily Ratajkowski, Juno Temple, Alexandra Daddario and Kate Bosworth at Coach Rodeo Drive Store Cocktail in Beverly Hills

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Hugo Boss Prize 2014

Celebrities Wonder 77874738_Hugo-Boss-Prize-2014_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 3218240_Hugo-Boss-Prize-2014_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 25843447_Hugo-Boss-Prize-2014_Natasha Poly 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 31342319_Hugo-Boss-Prize-2014_Natasha Poly 2.jpg

Kate Bosworth and Natasha Poly at Hugo Boss Prize 2014 in NY

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Hammer Museum’s 12th Annual Gala

Celebrities Wonder 28388247_Hammer-Museums-12th-annual-Gala_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 97409935_Hammer-Museums-12th-annual-Gala_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 38142690_Hammer-Museums-12th-annual-Gala_Demi Moore 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 20774134_Hammer-Museums-12th-annual-Gala_Demi Moore 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 7213906_Hammer-Museums-12th-annual-Gala_Dianna Agron 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 20589854_Hammer-Museums-12th-annual-Gala_Dianna Agron 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 67542588_Hammer-Museums-12th-annual-Gala_Elizabeth Banks 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 17858392_Hammer-Museums-12th-annual-Gala_Elizabeth Banks 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 4758206_Hammer-Museums-12th-annual-Gala_Emmy Rossum 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 79466289_Hammer-Museums-12th-annual-Gala_Emmy Rossum 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 83534868_Hammer-Museums-12th-annual-Gala_Evan Rachel Wood 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 59920087_Hammer-Museums-12th-annual-Gala_Evan Rachel Wood 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 18400613_Hammer-Museums-12th-annual-Gala_January Jones 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 70778621_Hammer-Museums-12th-annual-Gala_January Jones 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30443239_Hammer-Museums-12th-annual-Gala_Jordana Brewster 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 38774137_Hammer-Museums-12th-annual-Gala_Jordana Brewster 2.jpg
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Still Alice Premiere in Toronto

Celebrities Wonder 13067782_julianne-moore-still-alice-toronto_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82649797_julianne-moore-still-alice-toronto_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 72415204_julianne-moore-still-alice-toronto_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 32540840_julianne-moore-still-alice-toronto_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 88693054_still-alice-toronto_Kate Bosworth 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 63715131_still-alice-toronto_Kate Bosworth 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 89311699_still-alice-toronto_Kate Bosworth 3.JPG Celebrities Wonder 97843307_still-alice-toronto_Kate Bosworth 4.JPG

Julianne Moore and Kate Bosworth at Still Alice premiere during the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

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Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish at LAX Airport

Celebrities Wonder 53055713_kate-bosworth-lax_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 24154602_kate-bosworth-lax_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 79051687_kate-bosworth-lax_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 87235773_kate-bosworth-lax_4.jpg

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Kate Bosworth at Met Gala 2014

Celebrities Wonder 49245642_kate-bosworth-met-ball-2014_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 10813516_kate-bosworth-met-ball-2014_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 88198573_kate-bosworth-met-ball-2014_3.JPG Celebrities Wonder 4119641_kate-bosworth-met-ball-2014_4.JPG

Kate Bosworth arrives at the 2014 Met Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City

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Kate Bosworth in a red dress in New York City

Celebrities Wonder 54292825_kate-bosworth-red-dress_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 75703177_kate-bosworth-red-dress_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30858884_kate-bosworth-red-dress_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 34584058_kate-bosworth-red-dress_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 66530509_kate-bosworth-red-dress_5.jpg

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Jimmy Choo’s Sandra Choi Choo.08 Launch

Celebrities Wonder 4647118_choo-08-launch_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 59499247_choo-08-launch_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 39344733_choo-08-launch_Camilla Belle 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 19177911_choo-08-launch_Camilla Belle 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 56996962_choo-08-launch_Emmy Rossum 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 44449243_choo-08-launch_Emmy Rossum 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 61857425_choo-08-launch_Emmy Rossum 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94750349_choo-08-launch_Emmy Rossum 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 13001420_choo-08-launch_Jaime King 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 81070932_choo-08-launch_Jaime King 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 16133593_choo-08-launch_Kate Bosworth 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 38742306_choo-08-launch_Kate Bosworth 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 82320406_choo-08-launch_Mandy Moore 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 40279370_choo-08-launch_Mandy Moore 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 23309840_choo-08-launch_Nikki Reed 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 25739979_choo-08-launch_Nikki Reed 2.jpg
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Emmy Rossum and Kate Bosworth at Alexander Wang X H&M Coachella Party

Celebrities Wonder 72525143_alexander-wang-hm-coachella-party_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 22740520_alexander-wang-hm-coachella-party_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 31483542_alexander-wang-hm-coachella-party_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 11775921_alexander-wang-hm-coachella-party_4.jpg

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Kate Bosworth at the 2014 Coachella Müzik Festival

Celebrities Wonder 32791872_kate-bosworth-coachella-2014_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 48895676_kate-bosworth-coachella-2014_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78693566_kate-bosworth-coachella-2014_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65020864_kate-bosworth-coachella-2014_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52849133_kate-bosworth-coachella-2014_5.jpg

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2014 Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Celebration

Celebrities Wonder 847896_2014-Tiffany-Co-Blue-Book-Celebration_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 93442748_2014-Tiffany-Co-Blue-Book-Celebration_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 51333219_2014-Tiffany-Co-Blue-Book-Celebration_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 32964880_2014-Tiffany-Co-Blue-Book-Celebration_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 30000533_2014-Tiffany-Co-Blue-Book-Celebration_Jessica Biel 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 99428318_2014-Tiffany-Co-Blue-Book-Celebration_Jessica Biel 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 39248046_2014-Tiffany-Co-Blue-Book-Celebration_Jessica Biel 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 79147139_2014-Tiffany-Co-Blue-Book-Celebration_Jessica Biel 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 4579388_2014-Tiffany-Co-Blue-Book-Celebration_Katie Holmes 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 1115138_2014-Tiffany-Co-Blue-Book-Celebration_Katie Holmes 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 96720072_2014-Tiffany-Co-Blue-Book-Celebration_Katie Holmes 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 39866958_2014-Tiffany-Co-Blue-Book-Celebration_Nora Zehetner.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 1169445_2014-Tiffany-Co-Blue-Book-Celebration_Constance Jablonski 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 27787609_2014-Tiffany-Co-Blue-Book-Celebration_Constance Jablonski 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 87460400_2014-Tiffany-Co-Blue-Book-Celebration_Hilary Rhoda 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 54486297_2014-Tiffany-Co-Blue-Book-Celebration_Hilary Rhoda 2.jpg

Kate Bosworth, Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes, Nora Zehetner, Constance Jablonski and Hilary Rhoda at the 2014 Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Celebration at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City

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Kate Bosworth at Museum of Moving Image’s Salute to Kevin Spacey

Celebrities Wonder 95647372_kate-bosworth-Museum-of-Moving-Image_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 6687908_kate-bosworth-Museum-of-Moving-Image_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 4795948_kate-bosworth-Museum-of-Moving-Image_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 27282648_kate-bosworth-Museum-of-Moving-Image_4.jpg

Kate Bosworth (in Giambattista Valli) attended the Museum of Moving Image’s Salute to Kevin Spacey held at 583 Park Ave on Wednesday (April 9) in New York City.

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Guess Road to Nashville Collection Celebration

Celebrities Wonder 70776790_GUESS-celebrates-NY-Fashion-Week_Kate Bosworth 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 50420910_GUESS-celebrates-NY-Fashion-Week_Kate Bosworth 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94739378_GUESS-celebrates-NY-Fashion-Week_Kate Bosworth 4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 7568862_GUESS-celebrates-NY-Fashion-Week_Kate Bosworth 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 98263022_GUESS-celebrates-NY-Fashion-Week_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94888439_GUESS-celebrates-NY-Fashion-Week_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 31914058_GUESS-celebrates-NY-Fashion-Week_Adrienne Bailon 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 41040077_GUESS-celebrates-NY-Fashion-Week_Adrienne Bailon 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 82165635_GUESS-celebrates-NY-Fashion-Week_Jamie Chung 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 43501271_GUESS-celebrates-NY-Fashion-Week_Jamie Chung 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30455342_GUESS-celebrates-NY-Fashion-Week_Vanessa Marano 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 12806533_GUESS-celebrates-NY-Fashion-Week_Vanessa Marano 2.jpg

Kate Bosworth, Anna Kendrick, Adrienne Bailon, Jamie Chung and Vanessa Marano at Guess Road to Nashville Collection Celebration during New York Fashion Week Fall 2014

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Christian Dior Front Row during Paris Couture Week

Celebrities Wonder 13716407_christina-dior-front-row-paris_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 8248626_christina-dior-front-row-paris_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 87249337_christina-dior-front-row-paris_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 81414492_christina-dior-front-row-paris_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 82522483_christian-dior-front-row_Kate Bosworth 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 17389667_christian-dior-front-row_Kate Bosworth 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 54661106_christian-dior-front-row_Kate Bosworth 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 88228697_christian-dior-front-row_Kate Bosworth 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 82875961_christian-dior-front-row_Olga Kurylenko 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 64436110_christian-dior-front-row_Olga Kurylenko 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 71003421_christian-dior-front-row_Olga Kurylenko 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 9217619_christian-dior-front-row_Olga Kurylenko 4.jpg

Leelee Sobieski, Kate Bosworth and Olga Kurylenko at Christian Dior Fashion Show during Paris Couture Week Spring 2014

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Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish at LAX Airport

Celebrities Wonder 81582811_kate-bosworth-lax-airport_1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 35753279_kate-bosworth-lax-airport_2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 28110489_kate-bosworth-lax-airport_3.JPG Celebrities Wonder 14154097_kate-bosworth-lax-airport_4.JPG Celebrities Wonder 66133449_kate-bosworth-lax-airport_5.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 34670055_kate-bosworth-lax-airport_6.jpg Celebrities Wonder 67243119_kate-bosworth-lax-airport_7.JPG Celebrities Wonder 75743114_kate-bosworth-lax-airport_8.JPG

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2014 The Art of Elysium Heaven Gala

Celebrities Wonder 65601067_2014-art-of-elysium-heaven-gala_Nina Dobrev 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 67127385_2014-art-of-elysium-heaven-gala_Nina Dobrev 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 9303883_2014-art-of-elysium-heaven-gala_Kate Bosworth 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65529061_2014-art-of-elysium-heaven-gala_Kate Bosworth 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 40201961_2014-art-of-elysium-heaven-gala_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 81031098_2014-art-of-elysium-heaven-gala_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82556680_2014-art-of-elysium-heaven-gala_Ali Larter 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 71968843_2014-art-of-elysium-heaven-gala_Ali Larter 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 27763592_2014-art-of-elysium-heaven-gala_Amy Smart 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 97771160_2014-art-of-elysium-heaven-gala_Amy Smart 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 1326675_2014-art-of-elysium-heaven-gala_Camilla Belle 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26509817_2014-art-of-elysium-heaven-gala_Camilla Belle 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 79012058_2014-art-of-elysium-heaven-gala_Ashley Madekwe 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 70419318_2014-art-of-elysium-heaven-gala_Ashley Madekwe 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 7814573_2014-art-of-elysium-heaven-gala_Odette Annable 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 90381069_2014-art-of-elysium-heaven-gala_Odette Annable 2.jpg
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Kate Bosworth shopping at Samy’s Camera in Los Angeles

Celebrities Wonder 78560195_kate-bosworth-shopping-Samys-camera_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 74895707_kate-bosworth-shopping-Samys-camera_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 20789352_kate-bosworth-shopping-Samys-camera_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 24075225_kate-bosworth-shopping-Samys-camera_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 84917051_kate-bosworth-shopping-Samys-camera_5.jpg

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