Krysten Ritter

2016 Critics Choice Awards

Celebrities Wonder 55169871_critics-choice-awards_Bryce Dallas Howard 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 42133829_critics-choice-awards_Bryce Dallas Howard 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 15428764_critics-choice-awards_Emmy Rossum 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 91009492_critics-choice-awards_Emmy Rossum 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 54520905_critics-choice-awards_Jennifer Aniston 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 25438304_critics-choice-awards_Jennifer Aniston 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 21790470_critics-choice-awards_Kate Beckinsale 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 58105112_critics-choice-awards_Kate Beckinsale 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 27762890_critics-choice-awards_Kirsten Dunst 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 8729412_critics-choice-awards_Kirsten Dunst 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 60572187_critics-choice-awards_Abigail Spencer.jpg Celebrities Wonder 23004144_critics-choice-awards_Alicia Vikander.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 97635685_critics-choice-awards_Carly Chaikin.jpg Celebrities Wonder 11781600_critics-choice-awards_Carrie Keagan.jpg Celebrities Wonder 67670994_critics-choice-awards_Hayden Panettiere.jpg Celebrities Wonder 24026717_critics-choice-awards_January Jones.jpg
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Big Eyes Premiere in NYC

Celebrities Wonder 71682046_amy-adams-big-eyes-ny_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 55097735_amy-adams-big-eyes-ny_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13484646_amy-adams-big-eyes-ny_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 91489922_amy-adams-big-eyes-ny_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 43101348_-big-eyes-ny-premiere_5.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65858761_-big-eyes-ny-premiere_Krysten Ritter 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 45447449_-big-eyes-ny-premiere_Krysten Ritter 4.jpg

Amy Adams and Krysten Ritter at Big Eyes Premiere in NYC

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Krysten Ritter at Ocean Drive Magazine December Issue Launch in Miami Beach

Celebrities Wonder 98286387_krysten-ritter-Ocean-Drive-Magazine-December-Issue-Launch_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 23469870_krysten-ritter-Ocean-Drive-Magazine-December-Issue-Launch_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 55879837_krysten-ritter-Ocean-Drive-Magazine-December-Issue-Launch_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36566768_krysten-ritter-Ocean-Drive-Magazine-December-Issue-Launch_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28841284_krysten-ritter-Ocean-Drive-Magazine-December-Issue-Launch_5.jpg

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Krysten Ritter wearing a floral dress in NYC

Celebrities Wonder 71781948_krysten-ritter-nyc_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 16966872_krysten-ritter-nyc_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 86029444_krysten-ritter-nyc_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 25301081_krysten-ritter-nyc_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 79668899_krysten-ritter-nyc_5.jpg

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Krysten Ritter in LA

Celebrities Wonder 30365206_krysten-ritter_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 47291120_krysten-ritter_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 75592932_krysten-ritter_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65614285_krysten-ritter_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 38005763_krysten-ritter_5.jpg

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The Road Within Premiere

Celebrities Wonder 86104079_The-Road-Within-premiere_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 7583724_The-Road-Within-premiere_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65121063_The-Road-Within-premiere_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 74123960_The-Road-Within-premiere_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 21988365_The-Road-Within-premiere_Sarah Shahi 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 73054023_The-Road-Within-premiere_Sarah Shahi 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13060483_The-Road-Within-premiere_Sarah Shahi 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 19433792_The-Road-Within-premiere_Sarah Shahi 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 60714812_The-Road-Within-premiere_Zoe Kravitz 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 34026399_The-Road-Within-premiere_Zoe Kravitz 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94325148_The-Road-Within-premiere_Zoe Kravitz 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 6878728_The-Road-Within-premiere_Zoe Kravitz 4.jpg

Krysten Ritter, Sarah Shahi and Zoe Kravitz at The Road Within premiere during Los Angeles Film Festival

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MaxMara & W Magazine Women In Film Cocktail Party

Celebrities Wonder 91508902_MaxMara-W-Magazine-Women-In-Film-Cocktail-Party_Sophia Bush 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36062692_MaxMara-W-Magazine-Women-In-Film-Cocktail-Party_Sophia Bush 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 58041215_MaxMara-W-Magazine-Women-In-Film-Cocktail-Party_Victoria Justice 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 75101840_MaxMara-W-Magazine-Women-In-Film-Cocktail-Party_Victoria Justice 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 45728513_MaxMara-W-Magazine-Women-In-Film-Cocktail-Party_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 66208665_MaxMara-W-Magazine-Women-In-Film-Cocktail-Party_Ahna O'Reilly.jpg Celebrities Wonder 17871528_MaxMara-W-Magazine-Women-In-Film-Cocktail-Party_Christina Hendricks 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 23786808_MaxMara-W-Magazine-Women-In-Film-Cocktail-Party_Christina Hendricks 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 667169_MaxMara-W-Magazine-Women-In-Film-Cocktail-Party_Jordana Brewster 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 56633562_MaxMara-W-Magazine-Women-In-Film-Cocktail-Party_Jordana Brewster 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 40548057_MaxMara-W-Magazine-Women-In-Film-Cocktail-Party_Krysten Ritter.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68147277_MaxMara-W-Magazine-Women-In-Film-Cocktail-Party_Zendaya Coleman.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 22254407_MaxMara-W-Magazine-Women-In-Film-Cocktail-Party_Rose Byrne 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 45380538_MaxMara-W-Magazine-Women-In-Film-Cocktail-Party_Rose Byrne 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 5469991_MaxMara-W-Magazine-Women-In-Film-Cocktail-Party_Bella Heathcote 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 88453425_MaxMara-W-Magazine-Women-In-Film-Cocktail-Party_Bella Heathcote 2.jpg
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2014 NBC Upfront Presentation

Celebrities Wonder 69312663_2014-nbc-upfront_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 86572074_2014-nbc-upfront_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 88360159_2014-nbc-upfront_Katherine Heigl 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82717843_2014-nbc-upfront_Katherine Heigl 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 81121545_2014-nbc-upfront_Kate Walsh 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26403117_2014-nbc-upfront_Kate Walsh 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 19323745_2014-nbc-upfront_Kelly Brook 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 96817517_2014-nbc-upfront_Kelly Brook 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 21753015_2014-nbc-upfront_Krysten Ritter 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26786819_2014-nbc-upfront_Krysten Ritter 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 3125717_2014-nbc-upfront_Sophia Bush 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30602902_2014-nbc-upfront_Sophia Bush 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 63734771_2014-nbc-upfront_Anne Heche 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 4196007_2014-nbc-upfront_Anne Heche 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 47190835_2014-nbc-upfront_Cristin Milloti 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 70560954_2014-nbc-upfront_Cristin Milloti 2.JPG
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Krysten Ritter in a black bikini

Celebrities Wonder 18659657_krysten-ritter-black-bikini_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 53448101_krysten-ritter-black-bikini_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 66599551_krysten-ritter-black-bikini_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 1162127_krysten-ritter-black-bikini_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65593659_krysten-ritter-black-bikini_5.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 94913315_krysten-ritter-black-bikini_6.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68290654_krysten-ritter-black-bikini_7.jpg Celebrities Wonder 3868757_krysten-ritter-black-bikini_8.jpg

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2014 SXSW Festival – Veronica Mars

Celebrities Wonder 11055746_veronica-mars-sxsw_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 47620413_veronica-mars-sxsw_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36143638_veronica-mars-sxsw_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 93443770_veronica-mars-sxsw_5.jpg Celebrities Wonder 54202758_veronica-mars-sxsw_7.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 42667182_veronica-mars-sxsw_8.jpg Celebrities Wonder 7013001_veronica-mars-sxsw_9.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68713332_veronica-mars-sxsw_10.jpg

Kristen Bell and Krysten Ritter attended Veronica Mars premiere during the 2014 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival in Austin, Tex.

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Krysten Ritter at the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards

Celebrities Wonder 54426086_krysten-ritter-spirit-awards-2014_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 64595538_krysten-ritter-spirit-awards-2014_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 76389427_krysten-ritter-spirit-awards-2014_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 66384179_krysten-ritter-spirit-awards-2014_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28219741_krysten-ritter-spirit-awards-2014_5.jpg

Krysten Ritter arrives at the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards at the beach in Santa Monica.

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QVC 5th Annual Red Carpet Style Event

Celebrities Wonder 59927459_QVC-Red-Carpet-Style-Event-2014_Bella Thorne 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28888894_QVC-Red-Carpet-Style-Event-2014_Bella Thorne 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 77273488_QVC-Red-Carpet-Style-Event-2014_Beth Behrs 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 67556260_QVC-Red-Carpet-Style-Event-2014_Beth Behrs  2.JPG
Celebrities Wonder 60666983_QVC-Red-Carpet-Style-Event-2014_Carmen Electra 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 44523709_QVC-Red-Carpet-Style-Event-2014_Carmen Electra 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 43874824_QVC-Red-Carpet-Style-Event-2014_Ellen Pompeo 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 18756016_QVC-Red-Carpet-Style-Event-2014_Ellen Pompeo 2.JPG
Celebrities Wonder 76171721_QVC-Red-Carpet-Style-Event-2014_Francesca Eastwood 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 80069696_QVC-Red-Carpet-Style-Event-2014_Francesca Eastwood 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 74852199_QVC-Red-Carpet-Style-Event-2014_Jaime King 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 31527983_QVC-Red-Carpet-Style-Event-2014_Jaime King 2.JPG
Celebrities Wonder 69276257_QVC-Red-Carpet-Style-Event-2014_Jamie-Lynn Sigler 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 36383043_QVC-Red-Carpet-Style-Event-2014_Jamie-Lynn Sigler 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 28110932_QVC-Red-Carpet-Style-Event-2014_Jenna Dewan-Tatum  1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 18898387_QVC-Red-Carpet-Style-Event-2014_Jenna Dewan-Tatum  2.jpg
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A Quest for Beauty Exhibit

Celebrities Wonder 47708637_A-Quest-for-Beauty-Exhibit_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 35110621_A-Quest-for-Beauty-Exhibit_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 31864207_A-Quest-for-Beauty-Exhibit_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65606617_A-Quest-for-Beauty-Exhibit_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 17940397_A-Quest-for-Beauty-Exhibit_AnnaLynne McCord 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 96736713_A-Quest-for-Beauty-Exhibit_AnnaLynne McCord 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 31120385_A-Quest-for-Beauty-Exhibit_AnnaLynne McCord 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36212028_A-Quest-for-Beauty-Exhibit_AnnaLynne McCord 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 46874141_A-Quest-for-Beauty-Exhibit_Eva Amurri 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 45679747_A-Quest-for-Beauty-Exhibit_Eva Amurri 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 797365_A-Quest-for-Beauty-Exhibit_Eva Amurri 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 71021827_A-Quest-for-Beauty-Exhibit_Eva Amurri 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 56101599_A-Quest-for-Beauty-Exhibit_Krysten Ritter 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 2160969_A-Quest-for-Beauty-Exhibit_Krysten Ritter 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 59367884_A-Quest-for-Beauty-Exhibit_Krysten Ritter 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 7223854_A-Quest-for-Beauty-Exhibit_Krysten Ritter 4.jpg

Camilla Belle, AnnaLynne McCord, Eva Amurri and Krysten Ritter at A Quest for Beauty Exhibit at the Van Cleef & Arpels Bowers Museum in Santa Ana

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50 Most Fashionable Women Of 2013 Event

Celebrities Wonder 37812690_jessica-alba-50-Most-Fashionable-Women-Of-2013-Event_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 12834237_jessica-alba-50-Most-Fashionable-Women-Of-2013-Event_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 97148038_jessica-alba-50-Most-Fashionable-Women-Of-2013-Event_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 53991573_jessica-alba-50-Most-Fashionable-Women-Of-2013-Event_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 60651181_50-Most-Fashionable-Women-Of-2013-Event_Ahna O'Reilly 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 59269672_50-Most-Fashionable-Women-Of-2013-Event_Ahna O'Reilly 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26848292_50-Most-Fashionable-Women-Of-2013-Event_Ahna O'Reilly 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94641863_50-Most-Fashionable-Women-Of-2013-Event_Ahna O'Reilly 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 44172321_50-Most-Fashionable-Women-Of-2013-Event_Ashley Madekwe 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 22275525_50-Most-Fashionable-Women-Of-2013-Event_Ashley Madekwe 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 70450522_50-Most-Fashionable-Women-Of-2013-Event_Ashley Madekwe 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 41020055_50-Most-Fashionable-Women-Of-2013-Event_Ashley Madekwe 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 36679708_50-Most-Fashionable-Women-Of-2013-Event_Debby Ryan 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 35014689_50-Most-Fashionable-Women-Of-2013-Event_Debby Ryan 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 93710998_50-Most-Fashionable-Women-Of-2013-Event_Krysten Ritter 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 39391219_50-Most-Fashionable-Women-Of-2013-Event_Krysten Ritter 2.jpg
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5th Annual Los Angeles Haunted Hayride Opening Night

Celebrities Wonder 77623310_Los-Angeles-Haunted-Hayride-opening_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 27678233_Los-Angeles-Haunted-Hayride-opening_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68195212_Los-Angeles-Haunted-Hayride-opening_Ali Landry 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 74517341_Los-Angeles-Haunted-Hayride-opening_Ali Landry 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 39028101_Los-Angeles-Haunted-Hayride-opening_Bella Thorne 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 32763508_Los-Angeles-Haunted-Hayride-opening_Bella Thorne 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 64873246_Los-Angeles-Haunted-Hayride-opening_Laura Vandervoort 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30079012_Los-Angeles-Haunted-Hayride-opening_Laura Vandervoort 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 99732441_Los-Angeles-Haunted-Hayride-opening_Olivia Holt 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 31291738_Los-Angeles-Haunted-Hayride-opening_Olivia Holt 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 49521540_Los-Angeles-Haunted-Hayride-opening_Stefanie Scott 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82078901_Los-Angeles-Haunted-Hayride-opening_Stefanie Scott 2.jpg

Krysten Ritter, Ali Landry, Bella Thorne, Laura Vandervoort, Olivia Holt and Stephanie Scott at the 5th Annual Los Angeles Haunted Hayride Opening Night at Griffith Park in Los Angeles

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The Way, Way Back Premiere

Celebrities Wonder 4301544_los-angeles-film-festival-the-way-way-back_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 25707645_los-angeles-film-festival-the-way-way-back_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 95403960_los-angeles-film-festival-the-way-way-back_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 11994142_los-angeles-film-festival-the-way-way-back_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 57048011_los-angeles-film-festival-the-way-way-back_AnnaSophia Robb 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 11458005_los-angeles-film-festival-the-way-way-back_AnnaSophia Robb 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 53493729_los-angeles-film-festival-the-way-way-back_Debby Ryan 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78826124_los-angeles-film-festival-the-way-way-back_Debby Ryan 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 57329745_los-angeles-film-festival-the-way-way-back_Stefanie Scott 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 77903982_los-angeles-film-festival-the-way-way-back_Stefanie Scott 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 90460926_los-angeles-film-festival-the-way-way-back_Toni Collette 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 48291842_los-angeles-film-festival-the-way-way-back_Toni Collette 2.jpg

Krysten Ritter, AnnaSophia Robb, Debby Ryan, Stefanie Scott, and Toni Collette at The Way, Way Back premiere during the 2013 Los Angeles Film Festival

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The Lone Ranger Premiere in Anaheim

Celebrities Wonder 26755397_The-Lone-Ranger-premiere-in-Anaheim_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 10954013_The-Lone-Ranger-premiere-in-Anaheim_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 701027_The-Lone-Ranger-premiere-in-Anaheim_Krysten Ritter 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 43463962_The-Lone-Ranger-premiere-in-Anaheim_Krysten Ritter 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 36537066_The-Lone-Ranger-premiere-in-Anaheim_Audrina Patridge 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 93402644_The-Lone-Ranger-premiere-in-Anaheim_Audrina Patridge 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 34452751_The-Lone-Ranger-premiere-in-Anaheim_Stana Katic 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 5177363_The-Lone-Ranger-premiere-in-Anaheim_Stana Katic 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 36018351_The-Lone-Ranger-premiere-in-Anaheim_Bellamy Young.jpg Celebrities Wonder 59406126_The-Lone-Ranger-premiere-in-Anaheim_Charisma Carpenter 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 12295247_The-Lone-Ranger-premiere-in-Anaheim_Christian Serratos.jpg Celebrities Wonder 53293595_The-Lone-Ranger-premiere-in-Anaheim_Crystal Reed.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 32790447_The-Lone-Ranger-premiere-in-Anaheim_Emma Roberts 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 5919523_The-Lone-Ranger-premiere-in-Anaheim_Emma Roberts 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 15246032_The-Lone-Ranger-premiere-in-Anaheim_Diana DeGarmo.jpg Celebrities Wonder 48487118_The-Lone-Ranger-premiere-in-Anaheim_Karina Smirnoff.jpg
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Black Rock Screening in LA

Celebrities Wonder 74286791_Black-Rock-screening-in-LA_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33884152_Black-Rock-screening-in-LA_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 66680992_Black-Rock-screening-in-LA_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 96337621_Black-Rock-screening-in-LA_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 45652514_Black-Rock-screening-in-LA_Lake Bell 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 60601421_Black-Rock-screening-in-LA_Lake Bell 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82733888_Black-Rock-screening-in-LA_Lake Bell 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 37595912_Black-Rock-screening-in-LA_Lake Bell 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 75576123_Black-Rock-screening-in-LA_Katie Aselton 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 87421307_Black-Rock-screening-in-LA_Katie Aselton 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78119743_Black-Rock-screening-in-LA_Katie Aselton 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 2606969_Black-Rock-screening-in-LA_Katie Aselton 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 38332621_Black-Rock-screening-in-LA_Krysten Ritter 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78025896_Black-Rock-screening-in-LA_Krysten Ritter 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 91185647_Black-Rock-screening-in-LA_Krysten Ritter 3.jpg

Kate Bosworth, Lake Bell, Katie Aselton, and Krysten Ritter at Black Rock Screening in LA

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Krysten Ritter at the Kentucky Derby

Celebrities Wonder 18181173_krysten-ritter-kentucky-derby_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 90467320_krysten-ritter-kentucky-derby_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82718236_krysten-ritter-kentucky-derby_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 42423222_krysten-ritter-kentucky-derby_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 19854173_krysten-ritter-kentucky-derby_5.jpg

Krysten Ritter at GREY GOOSE Red Carpet Lounge during the 139th Kentucky Derby in Louisville

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Krysten Ritter at Hilarity For Charity Event in Hollywood

Celebrities Wonder 85839183_krysten ritter-hilarity-for-charity_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 56374041_krysten ritter-hilarity-for-charity_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 37969989_krysten ritter-hilarity-for-charity_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 18401417_krysten ritter-hilarity-for-charity_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 66671884_krysten ritter-hilarity-for-charity_5.jpg

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Krysten Ritter at Virgin America Celebrates New Los Angeles to Las Vegas Route

Celebrities Wonder 42543023_krysten-ritter-las-vegas_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 41925253_krysten-ritter-las-vegas_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 11626174_krysten-ritter-las-vegas_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 14580130_krysten-ritter-las-vegas_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 43861643_krysten-ritter-las-vegas_5.jpg

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Kristen Ritter in NYC

Celebrities Wonder 49888497_krysten-ritter-nyc_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 22159965_krysten-ritter-nyc_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 55561630_krysten-ritter-nyc_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 35500284_krysten-ritter-nyc_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 3837186_krysten-ritter-nyc_5.jpg

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Beck’s Sapphire Launch Event

Celebrities Wonder 32372422_Becks-Sapphire-Launch_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 8112709_Becks-Sapphire-Launch_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 38819668_Becks-Sapphire-Launch_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 5997885_Becks-Sapphire-Launch_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 47169074_Becks-Sapphire-Launch_Jessica Lowndes 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 11484459_Becks-Sapphire-Launch_Jessica Lowndes 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 93692647_Becks-Sapphire-Launch_Jessica Lowndes 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65971419_Becks-Sapphire-Launch_Jessica Lowndes 4.jpg

Krysten Ritter and Jessica Lowndes attended Beck’s Sapphire Launch Event in Beverly Hills.

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 19 January 2013 at 16:51

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