Natalia Vodianova

amfAR dinner

Celebrities Wonder 4330149_amfAR-dinner-during-Paris-Fashion-Week_Irina Shayk 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 38466138_amfAR-dinner-during-Paris-Fashion-Week_Irina Shayk 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 62972017_amfAR-dinner-during-Paris-Fashion-Week_Naomi Campbell.jpg Celebrities Wonder 9370829_amfAR-dinner-during-Paris-Fashion-Week_Ana Beatriz Barros.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 71027324_amfAR-dinner-during-Paris-Fashion-Week_Joan Smalls.jpg Celebrities Wonder 9315962_amfAR-dinner-during-Paris-Fashion-Week_Rosie Huntington Whiteley 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 73811458_amfAR-dinner-during-Paris-Fashion-Week_Rosie Huntington Whiteley 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 28182171_amfAR-dinner-during-Paris-Fashion-Week_Doutzen Kroes 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 71863720_amfAR-dinner-during-Paris-Fashion-Week_Doutzen Kroes 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82905475_amfAR-dinner-during-Paris-Fashion-Week_Anja Rubik.jpg Celebrities Wonder 73963104_amfAR-dinner-during-Paris-Fashion-Week_Holland Roden.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 10630848_amfAR-dinner-during-Paris-Fashion-Week_Lily Donaldson.jpg Celebrities Wonder 89161057_amfAR-dinner-during-Paris-Fashion-Week_Michelle Rodriguez.jpg Celebrities Wonder 50184559_amfAR-dinner-during-Paris-Fashion-Week_Natalia Vodianova.jpg Celebrities Wonder 63154452_amfAR-dinner-during-Paris-Fashion-Week_Olivia Palermo.jpg

Irina Shayk, Naomi Campbell, Ana Beatriz Barros, Joan Smalls, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Doutzen Kroes, Anja Rubik, Holland Roden, Lily Donaldson, Michelle Rodriguez, Natalia Vodianova and Olivia Palermo attended amfAR dinner during Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture

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Stella McCartney Spring 2015 Front Row

Celebrities Wonder 72431608_stella-mccartney-spring-2015-front-row_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 61454477_stella-mccartney-spring-2015-front-row_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 45026485_stella-mccartney-spring-2015-front-row_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 79191229_stella-mccartney-spring-2015-front-row_4.jpg

Bar Rafaeli, Coco Rocha and Natalia Vodianova at Stella McCartney fashion show during Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015

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Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards 2013

Celebrities Wonder 25915442_Harpers-Bazaar-Women-of-the-Year-Awards-2013_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 47922574_Harpers-Bazaar-Women-of-the-Year-Awards-2013_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33088062_Harpers-Bazaar-Women-of-the-Year-Awards-2013_Olivia Munn 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 21929443_Harpers-Bazaar-Women-of-the-Year-Awards-2013_Olivia Munn 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 63559336_Harpers-Bazaar-Women-of-the-Year-Awards-2013_Gillian Anderson 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 4962400_Harpers-Bazaar-Women-of-the-Year-Awards-2013_Gillian Anderson 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 33655391_Harpers-Bazaar-Women-of-the-Year-Awards-2013_Naomie Harris 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 85947097_Harpers-Bazaar-Women-of-the-Year-Awards-2013_Naomie Harris 2.JPG
Celebrities Wonder 71960823_Harpers-Bazaar-Women-of-the-Year-Awards-2013_Natalia Vodianova 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 71138720_Harpers-Bazaar-Women-of-the-Year-Awards-2013_Natalia Vodianova 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 10867429_Harpers-Bazaar-Women-of-the-Year-Awards-2013_Rita Ora 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 19450283_Harpers-Bazaar-Women-of-the-Year-Awards-2013_Rita Ora 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 1747522_Harpers-Bazaar-Women-of-the-Year-Awards-2013_Ruth Wilson 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 24280659_Harpers-Bazaar-Women-of-the-Year-Awards-2013_Ruth Wilson 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 80700953_Harpers-Bazaar-Women-of-the-Year-Awards-2013_Stella McCartney 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 66477986_Harpers-Bazaar-Women-of-the-Year-Awards-2013_Stella McCartney 2.jpg

Victoria Beckham, Olivia Munn, Gillian Anderson, Naomie Harris, Natalia Vodianova, Rita Ora, Ruth Wilson and Stella McCartney attended Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards 2013 in London.

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An Evening To Celebrate The Global Fund

Celebrities Wonder 37080100_An-Evening-To-Celebrate-The-Global-Fund_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 39537870_An-Evening-To-Celebrate-The-Global-Fund_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 87100016_An-Evening-To-Celebrate-The-Global-Fund_Stella McCartney 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 40844921_An-Evening-To-Celebrate-The-Global-Fund_Stella McCartney 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 63454493_An-Evening-To-Celebrate-The-Global-Fund_Victoria and David Beckham 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 93176517_An-Evening-To-Celebrate-The-Global-Fund_Victoria and David Beckham 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 41495359_An-Evening-To-Celebrate-The-Global-Fund_Victoria and David Beckham 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82300945_An-Evening-To-Celebrate-The-Global-Fund_Victoria and David Beckham 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 24110872_An-Evening-To-Celebrate-The-Global-Fund_Elizabeth McGovern 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 62488392_An-Evening-To-Celebrate-The-Global-Fund_Elizabeth McGovern 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 98523741_An-Evening-To-Celebrate-The-Global-Fund_Georgia May Jagger 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 93679861_An-Evening-To-Celebrate-The-Global-Fund_Georgia May Jagger 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 11435513_An-Evening-To-Celebrate-The-Global-Fund_Laura Carmichael 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 14722280_An-Evening-To-Celebrate-The-Global-Fund_Laura Carmichael 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52772299_An-Evening-To-Celebrate-The-Global-Fund_Natalia Vodianova 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 35967678_An-Evening-To-Celebrate-The-Global-Fund_Natalia Vodianova 2.jpg

Sienna Miller, Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckhami David Beckham, Elizabeth McGovern, Georgia May Jagger, Laura Carmichael and Natalia Vodianova at An Evening To Celebrate The Global Fund during London Fashion Week Spring 2014

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Fendi Boutique Opening Party

Celebrities Wonder 59933144_fendi-boutique-opening-party_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 63934077_fendi-boutique-opening-party_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 84671998_fendi-boutique-opening-party_Christa B. Allen 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 22324529_fendi-boutique-opening-party_Christa B. Allen 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 63693165_fendi-boutique-opening-party_Kelsey Chow 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 2004679_fendi-boutique-opening-party_Kelsey Chow 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65178737_fendi-boutique-opening-party_Melissa George 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 93836379_fendi-boutique-opening-party_Natalia Vodianova 1.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 44181786_fendi-boutique-opening-party_Naomie Harris 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 72334082_fendi-boutique-opening-party_Naomie Harris 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 16862651_fendi-boutique-opening-party_Sharon Stone 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 25481208_fendi-boutique-opening-party_Sharon Stone 2.jpg

Rose McGowan, Christa B. Allen, Kelsey Chow, Melissa George, Natalia Vodianova, Naomie Harris and Sharon Stone at Fendi boutique opening party and Karl Lagerfeld’s exhibition preview in Paris

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Chanel Couture Show Front Row

Celebrities Wonder 23268212_chanel-couture-show-front-row-fall-2013_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 1478492_chanel-couture-show-front-row-fall-2013_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 23105332_chanel-couture-show-front-row-fall-2013_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 97147895_chanel-couture-show-front-row-fall-2013_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 84080690_chanel-couture-show-front-row-fall-2013_Kristen Stewart 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 11826791_chanel-couture-show-front-row-fall-2013_Kristen Stewart 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 605472_chanel-couture-show-front-row-fall-2013_Kristen Stewart 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 86168024_chanel-couture-show-front-row-fall-2013_Kristen Stewart 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 15605198_chanel-couture-show-front-row-fall-2013_Rihanna 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 5711071_chanel-couture-show-front-row-fall-2013_Rihanna 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 84015158_chanel-couture-show-front-row-fall-2013_Rihanna 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 62004433_chanel-couture-show-front-row-fall-2013_Rihanna 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 95816195_chanel-couture-show-front-row-fall-2013_Natalia Vodianova 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 31407401_chanel-couture-show-front-row-fall-2013_Natalia Vodianova 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 27581896_chanel-couture-show-front-row-fall-2013_Natalia Vodianova 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 83568060_chanel-couture-show-front-row-fall-2013_Natalia Vodianova 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 41224383_chanel-couture-show-front-row-fall-2013_Clemence Poesy 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 53207992_chanel-couture-show-front-row-fall-2013_Clemence Poesy 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 37899493_chanel-couture-show-front-row-fall-2013_Rose Byrne 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 6317308_chanel-couture-show-front-row-fall-2013_Rose Byrne 2.jpg

Milla Jovovich, Kristen Stewart, Rihanna, Natalia Vodianova, Clemence Poesy and Rose Byrne at Chanel Fashion Show during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013-2014

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Christian Dior Fashion Show Front Row

Celebrities Wonder 43774811_Christian-Dior-ParisHaute-Couture_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 63648140_Christian-Dior-ParisHaute-Couture_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 75876256_Christian-Dior-ParisHaute-Couture_Gemma Arterton 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 92860283_Christian-Dior-ParisHaute-Couture_Gemma Arterton 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 98767177_Christian-Dior-Paris-Haute-Couture_Lea Seydoux 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 84316715_Christian-Dior-Paris-Haute-Couture_Lea Seydoux 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28979245_Christian-Dior-Paris-Haute-Couture_Leelee Sobieski 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82026736_Christian-Dior-Paris-Haute-Couture_Leelee Sobieski 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 67883814_Christian-Dior-Paris-Haute-Couture_Natalia Vodianova 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 46918182_Christian-Dior-Paris-Haute-Couture_Natalia Vodianova 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 87192686_Christian-Dior-Paris-Haute-Couture_Olivia Palermo 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 53626801_Christian-Dior-Paris-Haute-Couture_Olivia Palermo 2.jpg

Jennifer Lawrence, Gemma Arterton, Lea Seydoux, Leelee Sobieski, Natalia Vodianova and Olivia Palermo at Christian Dior Fashion Show during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013-2014

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Natalia Vodianova at Belle du Seigneur Screening

Celebrities Wonder 53731720_natalia-vodianova-Champs-Elysees-Film-Festival_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 34642958_natalia-vodianova-Champs-Elysees-Film-Festival_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 81204166_natalia-vodianova-Champs-Elysees-Film-Festival_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 71392699_natalia-vodianova-Champs-Elysees-Film-Festival_4.jpg

Natalia Vodianova at Belle du Seigneur Screening at Champs-Elysees Film Festival in Paris

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Natalia Vodianova at Louis Vuitton Fashion Show in Paris

Celebrities Wonder 9526384_natalia-vodionova-Louis-Vuitto- fashion-show_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 71525402_natalia-vodionova-Louis-Vuitto- fashion-show_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 70836432_natalia-vodionova-Louis-Vuitto- fashion-show_3.jpg

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Louis Vuitton Boutique Opening

Celebrities Wonder 5170149_Louis-Vuitton-boutique-opening_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 57790846_Louis-Vuitton-boutique-opening_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 57764486_Louis-Vuitton-boutique-opening_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 98789478_Louis-Vuitton-boutique-opening_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 95256262_Louis-Vuitton-boutique-opening_5.jpg
Kirsten Dunst and Natalia Vodianova at Louis Vuitton new boutique during Paris Couture Fashion Week Fall 2012

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Dior Haute Couture Fashion Show – Front Row

Celebrities Wonder 24809284_dior-haute-couture-front-row_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 56713634_dior-haute-couture-front-row_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 53385113_dior-haute-couture-front-row_Marion Cotillard 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52780218_dior-haute-couture-front-row_Marion Cotillard  2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 17908330_dior-haute-couture-front-row_Natalia Vodianova 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 23937765_dior-haute-couture-front-row_Natalia Vodianova 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 87033942_dior-haute-couture-front-row_Sharon Stone 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 43238231_dior-haute-couture-front-row_Sharon Stone 2.jpg
Jennifer Lawrence, Marion Cotillard, Natalia Vodianova and Sharon Stone at Dior Fall 2012 Haute Couture Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week

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2012 Glamour Women of the Year Awards

Celebrities Wonder 43800292_glamour-women-of-the-year_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 24617765_glamour-women-of-the-year_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 76228041_glamour-women-of-the-year_Lea Michele 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 81258526_glamour-women-of-the-year_Lea Michele.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 79135165_glamour-women-of-the-year_Eva Longoria.jpg Celebrities Wonder 7068344_glamour-women-of-the-year_Eva Longoria 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13750775_glamour-women-of-the-year_Cat Deeley.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26147467_glamour-women-of-the-year_Kelly Brook 1.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 23881584_glamour-women-of-the-year_Sofia Vergara 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 96221299_glamour-women-of-the-year_Sofia Vergara 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 87731063_glamour-women-of-the-year_Naomi Watts 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 43673282_glamour-women-of-the-year_Naomi Watts 2.jpg
Read more…

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 31 May 2012 at 14:31

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Pop Art Ball

Celebrities Wonder 23211136_pop-art-ball_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36020703_pop-art-ball_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 17968588_pop-art-ball_3.jpg
Naomi Watts, Stella McCartney, Rashida Jones and Natalia Vodianova at Pop Art Ball at Banqueting House

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Louis Vuitton Fashion Show

Celebrities Wonder 52144223_louis-vuitton-front-row_0.jpg Celebrities Wonder 42925268_louis-vuitton-front-row_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 19526308_louis-vuitton-front-row_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 44880744_louis-vuitton-front-row_3.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 74573928_louis-vuitton-front-row_Dianna Agron 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 42869388_louis-vuitton-front-row_Dianna Agron 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 75549716_louis-vuitton-front-row_Dianna Agron 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 79302756_louis-vuitton-front-row_Dianna Agron 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 34223643_louis-vuitton-front-row_Natalia Vodianova.jpg
Sarah Jessica Parker, Dianna Argon and Natalia Vodionova at Louis Vuitton Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week

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Paco Rabanne Fashion House Presentation

Celebrities Wonder 63259799_paco-rabanne-front-row_Nicky Hilton 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65739938_paco-rabanne-front-row_Nicky Hilton 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52111276_paco-rabanne-front-row_hofit golan.jpg Celebrities Wonder 95513236_paco-rabanne-front-row_2.jpg
Nicky Hilton, Hofit Golan and Natalia Vodianova at Paco Rabanne Fashion House Presentation during Paris Fashion Week

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Givenchy Fashion Show

Celebrities Wonder 19009465_givenchy-front-row_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 42192204_givenchy-front-row_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33137951_givenchy-front-row_Alicia Keys 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 95035191_givenchy-front-row_Alicia Keys 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 88028180_givenchy-front-row_cassie 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78306624_givenchy-front-row_cassie 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 99595505_givenchy-front-row_Laetitia Casta.jpg
Natalia Vodianova, Alicia Keys, Cassie and Laetitia Casta at Givenchy Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week

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Christian Dior Fashion Show

Celebrities Wonder 36754319_christian-dior-front-row_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 70953733_christian-dior-front-row_2.5.jpg Celebrities Wonder 46848200_christian-dior-front-row_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 14399246_christian-dior-front-row_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 12765541_christian-dior-front-row_Leigh Lezark 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 96489418_christian-dior-front-row_Leigh Lezark 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 45713681_christian-dior-front-row_Leigh Lezark 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13754131_christian-dior-front-row_Leigh Lezark 4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82342462_christian-dior-front-row_Natalia Vodianova 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69827942_christian-dior-front-row_Natalia Vodianova 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 20502678_christian-dior-front-row_Natalia Vodianova 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 24910141_christian-dior-front-row_Natalia Vodianova 4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 83647724_christian-dior-front-row_Tali Lennox 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 93340104_christian-dior-front-row_Tali Lennox 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 96831097_christian-dior-front-row_Tali Lennox 3.jpg
Mila Kunis, Leigh Lezark, Natalia Vodianova and Tali Lennox at Christian Dior Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week

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Maison Louis Vuitton Roma Etoile Cocktail in Rome

rs930288532536594.jpg rs895265532536594.jpg rs712355532536594.jpg rs143598532536594.jpg rs526948532536594.jpg rs286635532536594.jpg rs278179532536594.jpg rs937017532536594.jpg rs945801532536594.jpg rs287900532536594.jpg
Cate Blanchett and Natalia Vodianova at Maison Louis Vuitton Roma Etoile Cocktail in Rome

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Dior Haute Couture Fashion Show

rs278826704770707.jpg rs751207704770707.jpg rs921122704770707.jpg rs577531704770707.jpg rs452653704770707.jpg rs395921704770707.jpg rs856747704770707.jpg rs944680704770707.jpg rs964011704770707.jpg rs191303704770707.jpg rs442117704770707.jpg rs731288704770707.jpg rs769474704770707.jpg rs201677704770707.jpg rs947637704770707.jpg rs369642704770707.jpg
Cameron Diaz, Bar Rafaeli, Olivia Palermo and Natalia Vodianova at Dior Spring/Summer 2012 Haute Couture Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week

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Natalia Vodianova at A Russian Fairy Tale Jewelry Launch in Paris

rs352132351211537.jpg rs127760351211537.jpg rs182868351211537.jpg rs123658351211537.jpg rs426368351211537.jpg rs471754351211537.jpg rs959661351211537.jpg

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Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards

rs3853251041210845.jpg rs8466641041210845.jpg rs6668851041210845.jpg rs2023891041210845.jpg

rs8363371041210845.jpg rs6568881041210845.jpg rs9130381041210845.jpg

Eva Herzigova, Natalia Vodianova and Jessie J at Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards in London

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Design Museum & Calvin Klein Gala

rs953936364098387.jpg rs138499364098387.jpg rs644926364098387.jpg rs131761364098387.jpg rs824431364098387.jpg

rs925902364098387.jpg rs904263364098387.jpg rs999612364098387.jpg rs572898364098387.jpg

rs539350364098387.jpg rs742483364098387.jpg rs751228364098387.jpg

Rosario Dawson, Freida Pinto, Elle McPherson and Natalia Vodianova at Design Museum & Calvin Klein Gala in London

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Raisa Gorbachev Foundation Gala

rs107467560446239.jpg rs966676560446239.jpg rs858802560446239.jpg rs744001560446239.jpg rs142262560446239.jpg

rs465437560446239.jpg rs497247560446239.jpg rs378802560446239.jpg rs769636560446239.jpg rs573600560446239.jpg

rs148755560446239.jpg rs998778560446239.jpg rs644367560446239.jpg rs547554560446239.jpg

rs841697560446239.jpg rs913077560446239.jpg rs807839560446239.jpg rs615859560446239.jpg

rs258236560446239.jpg rs904739560446239.jpg rs396790560446239.jpg

rs308558560446239.jpg rs931148560446239.jpg rs908641560446239.jpg

Eva Herzigova (in Roberto Cavalli), Rosario Dawson (in Alessandra Rich), Anna Friel, Geri Halliwell, Claire Forlani, Natalia Vodianova (in Givenchy) at Raisa Gorbachev Foundation Gala in London

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