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2015 amfAR New York Gala

Celebrities Wonder 95245728_2015-amfAR-New-York-Gala_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 95533839_2015-amfAR-New-York-Gala_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 57209080_2015-amfAR-New-York-Gala_Brooke Shields.jpg Celebrities Wonder 87247420_2015-amfAR-New-York-Gala_Camila Alves.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 78373377_2015-amfAR-New-York-Gala_Coco Rocha 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 72542152_2015-amfAR-New-York-Gala_Coco Rocha 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 35143142_2015-amfAR-New-York-Gala_Hailey Baldwin.jpg Celebrities Wonder 27121302_2015-amfAR-New-York-Gala_Ivanka Trump 1.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 81416223_2015-amfAR-New-York-Gala_Karlie Kloss 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 50387969_2015-amfAR-New-York-Gala_Karlie Kloss 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 18138162_2015-amfAR-New-York-Gala_Kendall Jenner 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 32438305_2015-amfAR-New-York-Gala_Kendall Jenner 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 35662339_2015-amfAR-New-York-Gala_Michelle Rodriguez 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 29215522_2015-amfAR-New-York-Gala_Michelle Rodriguez 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 43597394_2015-amfAR-New-York-Gala_Paris Hilton 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82579880_2015-amfAR-New-York-Gala_Paris Hilton 2.jpg
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Posted by celebritieswonder - 15 February 2015 at 18:32

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Interstellar Premiere in Hollywood

Celebrities Wonder 68063233_Interstellar-premiere-Hollywood_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33839696_Interstellar-premiere-Hollywood_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 63064908_Interstellar-premiere-Hollywood_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 10206205_Interstellar-premiere-Hollywood_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 44853456_Interstellar-premiere-Hollywood_5.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 73349286_Interstellar-premiere-Hollywood_6.jpg Celebrities Wonder 10428385_Interstellar-premiere-Hollywood_7.jpg Celebrities Wonder 99256818_Interstellar-premiere-Hollywood_8.jpg Celebrities Wonder 61688202_Interstellar-premiere-Hollywood_9.jpg

Anne Hathaway, Camila Alves and Jessica Chastain at Interstellar premiere in Hollywood

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 28 November 2014 at 17:44

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Camila Alves at the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards

Celebrities Wonder 60802928_camila-alves-independent-spirit-awards_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13357894_camila-alves-independent-spirit-awards_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 83530636_camila-alves-independent-spirit-awards_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52559856_camila-alves-independent-spirit-awards_4.jpg

Camila Alves arrives at the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards at the beach in Santa Monica.

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 02 March 2014 at 21:56

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2014 Oscars Nominees Luncheon

Celebrities Wonder 78306751_86th-Oscars-Nominees-Luncheon_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 8990408_86th-Oscars-Nominees-Luncheon_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 73039950_86th-Oscars-Nominees-Luncheon_Amy Adams 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 83555769_86th-Oscars-Nominees-Luncheon_Amy Adams 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 20275962_86th-Oscars-Nominees-Luncheon_Julie Delpy 1.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 57199769_86th-Oscars-Nominees-Luncheon_Cate Blanchett 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 61491895_86th-Oscars-Nominees-Luncheon_Cate Blanchett 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 5555417_86th-Oscars-Nominees-Luncheon_Kristen Bell 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 49235175_86th-Oscars-Nominees-Luncheon_Kristen Bell 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 4166977_86th-Oscars-Nominees-Luncheon_Camila Alves.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 81238864_86th-Oscars-Nominees-Luncheon_Lupita Nyong'o 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94541190_86th-Oscars-Nominees-Luncheon_Lupita Nyong'o 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26539606_86th-Oscars-Nominees-Luncheon_Meryl Streep 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52487340_86th-Oscars-Nominees-Luncheon_Meryl Streep 2.jpg

Sandra Bullock, Amy Adams, Julie Delpy, Cate Blanchett, Kristen Bell, Matthew McConaughey, Camila Alves, Lupita Nyong’o and Meryl Streep at the 86th Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon in Beverly Hills

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 11 February 2014 at 15:13

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Camila Alves at Dallas Buyers Club UK Premiere

Celebrities Wonder 8574476_camila-alves-Dallas-Buyers-Club-UK-Premiere_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 17331298_camila-alves-Dallas-Buyers-Club-UK-Premiere_2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 25982194_camila-alves-Dallas-Buyers-Club-UK-Premiere_3.JPG Celebrities Wonder 26554264_camila-alves-Dallas-Buyers-Club-UK-Premiere_4.jpg

Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey attended Dallas Buyers Club premiere held at the Curzon Mayfair on Wednesday (January 29) in London.

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 30 January 2014 at 10:27

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Camila Alves at Dallas Buyers Club Rome Premiere

Celebrities Wonder 73435221_camila-alves-dallas-buyers-club-rome-premiere_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 48628678_camila-alves-dallas-buyers-club-rome-premiere_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 89437991_camila-alves-dallas-buyers-club-rome-premiere_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 47727859_camila-alves-dallas-buyers-club-rome-premiere_4.jpg

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 28 January 2014 at 15:59

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Camila Alves at the 2014 SAG Awards

Celebrities Wonder 27874481_camila-alves-20th-sag-awards_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 18409009_camila-alves-20th-sag-awards_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 56214087_camila-alves-20th-sag-awards_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 98908988_camila-alves-20th-sag-awards_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 55648521_camila-alves-20th-sag-awards_5.jpg

Camila Alves arrives at the 2014 SAG Awards arrives at the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at the Shrine Auditorium & Exposition Center in Los Angeles.

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 20 January 2014 at 08:03

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Camila Alves at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards

Celebrities Wonder 91450328_camila-alves-golden-globe-2014_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 58197859_camila-alves-golden-globe-2014_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 72202889_camila-alves-golden-globe-2014_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 37377029_camila-alves-golden-globe-2014_4.jpg

Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey arrive at the 71st Golden Globe Awards at Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 13 January 2014 at 04:42

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2014 Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala

Celebrities Wonder 697930_2013-palm-springs-film-festival-awards-gala_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 10815451_2013-palm-springs-film-festival-awards-gala_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 49479899_2013-palm-springs-film-festival-awards-gala_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 85168470_2013-palm-springs-film-festival-awards-gala_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 64392080_2014-palm-springs-film-festival-awards-gala_Amy Adams 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 7779361_2014-palm-springs-film-festival-awards-gala_Amy Adams 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 58657962_2014-palm-springs-film-festival-awards-gala_Amy Adams 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 47099505_2014-palm-springs-film-festival-awards-gala_Amy Adams 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 66317210_2014-palm-springs-film-festival-awards-gala_Sandra Bullock 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 70298279_2014-palm-springs-film-festival-awards-gala_Sandra Bullock 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 55704460_2014-palm-springs-film-festival-awards-gala_Sandra Bullock 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 56509072_2014-palm-springs-film-festival-awards-gala_Sandra Bullock 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 26755329_2014-palm-springs-film-festival-awards-gala_Meryl Streep 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 81985767_2014-palm-springs-film-festival-awards-gala_Meryl Streep 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 29535624_2014-palm-springs-film-festival-awards-gala_Meryl Streep 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 16627147_2014-palm-springs-film-festival-awards-gala_Meryl Streep 4.jpg
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Posted by celebritieswonder - 05 January 2014 at 16:21

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2013 GQ Men Of The Year Party in LA

Celebrities Wonder 80223471_GQ-Men-Of-The-Year-Party-2013_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94025449_GQ-Men-Of-The-Year-Party-2013_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 46856256_GQ-Men-Of-The-Year-Party-2013_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 83087685_GQ-Men-Of-The-Year-Party-2013_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 80592897_GQ-Men-Of-The-Year-Party-2013_Camila Alves 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 41583765_GQ-Men-Of-The-Year-Party-2013_Camila Alves 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69914518_GQ-Men-Of-The-Year-Party-2013_Camila Alves 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 76804528_GQ-Men-Of-The-Year-Party-2013_Camila Alves 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 64635560_GQ-Men-Of-The-Year-Party-2013_Erin Andrews 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 3917439_GQ-Men-Of-The-Year-Party-2013_Erin Andrews 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 74885520_GQ-Men-Of-The-Year-Party-2013_Erin Andrews 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 6121999_GQ-Men-Of-The-Year-Party-2013_Erin Andrews 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 81437800_GQ-Men-Of-The-Year-Party-2013_Jaimie Alexander 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 53752764_GQ-Men-Of-The-Year-Party-2013_Jaimie Alexander 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65548758_GQ-Men-Of-The-Year-Party-2013_Jaimie Alexander 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 18637491_GQ-Men-Of-The-Year-Party-2013_Jaimie Alexander 4.jpg

Willa Holland, Camila Alves, Erin Andrews and Jaimie Alexander at the 2013 GQ Men Of The Year Party in LA

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 14 November 2013 at 11:19

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Camila Alves at Free Birds Premiere in Los Angeles

Celebrities Wonder 46358385_camila-alves-Free-Birds-premiere_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69342366_camila-alves-Free-Birds-premiere_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 59252860_camila-alves-Free-Birds-premiere_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 98017081_camila-alves-Free-Birds-premiere_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 41728495_camila-alves-Free-Birds-premiere_5.jpg

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 13 November 2013 at 12:08

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The Novak Djokovic Foundation Dinner

Celebrities Wonder 10773184_The-Novak-Djokovic-Foundation-Dinner_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52227953_The-Novak-Djokovic-Foundation-Dinner_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52296980_The-Novak-Djokovic-Foundation-Dinner_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69750425_The-Novak-Djokovic-Foundation-Dinner_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 5353512_The-Novak-Djokovic-Foundation-Dinner_Adriana Lima 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 85737769_The-Novak-Djokovic-Foundation-Dinner_Adriana Lima 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 75245622_The-Novak-Djokovic-Foundation-Dinner_Camila Alves 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 44121619_The-Novak-Djokovic-Foundation-Dinner_Camila Alves 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 57868427_The-Novak-Djokovic-Foundation-Dinner_Anne Vyalitsyna 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 2724009_The-Novak-Djokovic-Foundation-Dinner_Anne Vyalitsyna 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 47293836_The-Novak-Djokovic-Foundation-Dinner_Jessica Hart 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 57090169_The-Novak-Djokovic-Foundation-Dinner_Jessica Hart 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 79569261_The-Novak-Djokovic-Foundation-Dinner_Karlie Kloss 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 34622006_The-Novak-Djokovic-Foundation-Dinner_Karlie Kloss 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 54164262_The-Novak-Djokovic-Foundation-Dinner_Karolina Kurkova 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 93504574_The-Novak-Djokovic-Foundation-Dinner_Karolina Kurkova 2.jpg
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Posted by celebritieswonder - 11 September 2013 at 16:12

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Camila Alves at the 2013 Film Independent Spirit Awards

Celebrities Wonder 32548772_camila-alves-spirit-awards_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 4521520_camila-alves-spirit-awards_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82596414_camila-alves-spirit-awards_3.jpg

Camila Alves arrives at the 2013 Film Independent Spirit Awards at Santa Monica Beach tonight in Santa Monica.

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 24 February 2013 at 00:53

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Magic Mike London Premiere

Celebrities Wonder 90083103_Magic-Mike-London-premiere_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 63312823_Magic-Mike-London-premiere_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 45908682_Magic-Mike-London-premiere_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 74788090_Magic-Mike-London-premiere_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 29770716_Magic-Mike-London-premiere_5.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 72741405_Magic-Mike-premiere_6.jpg Celebrities Wonder 5027582_Magic-Mike-premiere_7.jpg Celebrities Wonder 64855681_Magic-Mike-premiere_8.jpg Celebrities Wonder 21129907_Magic-Mike-premiere_9.jpg Celebrities Wonder 76928832_Magic-Mike-premiere_10.jpg
Camila Alves, Matthew McConaughey (in Dolce & Gabbana), Jenna Dewan (in J Mendel) and Channing Tatum (in Giorgio Armani) at Magic Mike Premiere at Mayfair Hotel in London

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 11 July 2012 at 15:59

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2012 Cannes Film Festival – Mud Premiere

Celebrities Wonder 80310223_cannes-mud-premiere_1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 30646171_cannes-mud-premiere_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94179486_cannes-mud-premiere_3.JPG Celebrities Wonder 46474235_cannes-mud-premiere_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 79621215_cannes-mud-premiere_5.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 89225433_cannes-mud-premiere_Andie MacDowell 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 27277833_cannes-mud-premiere_Andie MacDowell 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 79949452_cannes-mud-premiere_Bonnie Wright 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 75313438_cannes-mud-premiere_Bonnie Wright 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 75002113_cannes-mud-premiere_Emily Hampshire 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 41539963_cannes-mud-premiere_Megan Gale 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 8342886_cannes-mud-premiere_Ximena Navarrete.jpg Celebrities Wonder 20853055_cannes-mud-premiere_Camila Alves.jpg
Reese Witherspoon (in Versace), Andie MacDowell, Bonnie Wright, Emily Hampshire, Leïla Bekhti, Megan Gale, Ximena Navarrete and Camila Alves at Mud Premiere during the 2012 Cannes Film Festival

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 27 May 2012 at 13:25

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18th Annual ELLE Women in Hollywood Tribute

rs820672578372469.jpg rs272972578372469.jpg rs717546578372469.jpg rs538749578372469.jpg rs331419578372469.jpg

rs151970578372469.jpg rs867349578372469.jpg rs346255578372469.jpg rs923307578372469.jpg rs316217578372469.jpg

rs524624578372469.jpg rs596871578372469.jpg rs918119578372469.jpg rs660960578372469.jpg rs861394578372469.jpg

rs985165578372469.jpg rs947505578372469.jpg rs158699578372469.jpg rs490766578372469.jpg rs526234578372469.jpg

rs945760578372469.jpg rs763281578372469.jpg rs469165578372469.jpg rs610718578372469.jpg rs906266578372469.jpg

rs439013578372469.jpg rs281645578372469.jpg rs261109578372469.jpg rs580622578372469.jpg rs717061578372469.jpg

rs313818578372469.jpg rs953960578372469.jpg rs151969578372469.jpg rs937168578372469.jpg rs448918578372469.jpg

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 18 October 2011 at 17:19

Categories: Alice Eve, Amber Heard, Busy Phillips, Camila Alves, Cobie Smulders, Elizabeth Olsen, Erika Christensen, Evan Rachel Wood, Freido Pinto, Jayma Mays, Jenna Dewan, Jennifer Aniston, Katherine Heigl, Michelle Pfeiffer, Naomi Watts, Nicole Richie, Octavia Spenser, Reese Witherspoon   Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Missoni For Target Collection Launch

rs13599041088717.jpg rs13810141088717.jpg rs22820141088717.jpg rs79996341088717.jpg rs73152741088717.jpg rs35531341088717.jpg rs58473941088717.jpg rs82179841088717.jpg rs17637441088717.jpg rs59763241088717.jpg rs42434741088717.jpg rs84186641088717.jpg rs45809441088717.jpg rs82564541088717.jpg rs72241741088717.jpg rs18945241088717.jpg rs77172441088717.jpg rs16207741088717.jpg rs10586041088717.jpg rs99614741088717.jpg rs50776241088717.jpg rs51812141088717.jpg rs92938241088717.jpg rs44430341088717.jpg rs33621341088717.jpg rs78250141088717.jpg rs19048641088717.jpg rs91523541088717.jpg rs67425341088717.jpg rs42422141088717.jpg rs21995341088717.jpg rs43322141088717.jpg rs25080541088717.jpg rs47550941088717.jpg rs91975141088717.jpg rs11366941088717.jpg rs68224341088717.jpg rs84243941088717.jpg rs33805241088717.jpg rs31326541088717.jpg rs60747541088717.jpg rs68848341088717.jpg rs94573641088717.jpg rs55531341088717.jpg rs14493441088717.jpg rs30870941088717.jpg rs46902341088717.jpg rs62789741088717.jpg rs82587741088717.jpg rs44501841088717.jpg
Alessandra Ambrosio, Camila Alves, Camilla Belle, Doutzen Kroes, Emma Roberts, Joy Bryant, Kelly Bensimon, Malin Akerman, Michelle Trachtenberg, Selita Ebanks, Georgina Chapman at Missoni For Target Collection Launch in NYC

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 08 September 2011 at 18:30

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39th AFI Life Achievement Award Honoring Morgan Freeman

rs695963384737507.jpg rs585258384737507.jpg rs844754384737507.jpg rs109884384737507.jpg rs805191384737507.jpg

rs901389384737507.jpg rs377125384737507.jpg rs801570384737507.jpg rs537838384737507.jpg

rs820201384737507.jpg rs844038384737507.jpg rs250527384737507.jpg rs335390384737507.jpg

rs561903384737507.jpg rs810945384737507.jpg rs965040384737507.jpg rs292024384737507.jpg

rs649006384737507.jpg rs184352384737507.jpg rs771740384737507.jpg rs632696384737507.jpg

rs579627384737507.jpg rs656107384737507.jpg rs552447384737507.jpg rs344762384737507.jpg

Gisele Bundchen (in Oscar de la Renta), Ana de la Reguera, Camila Alves (in Zuhair Murad), Fran Drescher, Paz Vega, and Stana Katic at the 39th AFI Life Achievement Award Honoring Morgan Freeman in Los Angeles

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 11 June 2011 at 15:00

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Natural Resources Defense Council’s Ocean Initiative Benefit

rs881426451491638.jpg rs910261451491638.jpg rs108271451491638.jpg rs135359451491638.jpg rs718495451491638.jpg

rs705516451491638.jpg rs149749451491638.jpg rs870303451491638.jpg rs112708451491638.jpg rs405619451491638.jpg

rs475488451491638.jpg rs810198451491638.jpg rs933829451491638.jpg rs484190451491638.jpg rs495769451491638.jpg

rs522297451491638.jpg rs265927451491638.jpg rs356027451491638.jpg rs222768451491638.jpg rs888714451491638.jpg

rs200480503915416.jpg rs499689503915416.jpg rs480255503915416.jpg rs763680503915416.jpg rs112942503915416.jpg

rs683755503919194.jpg rs782284503919194.jpg rs610635503919194.jpg rs230019503919194.jpg

Kate Hudson, Ali Larter, Courteney Cox, Drew Barrymore, Camila Alves, Diane Lane and Bryce Dallas Howard at Natural Resources Defense Council's Ocean Initiative Benefit Hosted By Chanel in Malibu

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 05 June 2011 at 18:48

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Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Party

rs185799132330336.jpg rs316396132330336.jpg rs587934132330336.jpg rs345142132330336.jpg rs644722132330336.jpg

rs847816132330336.jpg rs393316132330336.jpg rs982885132330336.jpg rs425544132330336.jpg rs665006132330336.jpg

rs408911132330336.jpg rs358440132330336.jpg rs906665132330336.jpg rs582875132330336.jpg rs490194132330336.jpg

rs444939132330336.jpg rs100487132330336.jpg rs818070132330336.jpg rs190592132330336.jpg rs831956132330336.jpg

rs907060132330336.jpg rs281668132330336.jpg rs810372132330336.jpg rs226664132330336.jpg rs962983132330336.jpg

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 28 April 2011 at 13:52

Categories: Andrea Bowen, Brooke Burke, Camila Alves, Carmen Electra, Dania Ramirez, Hayden Panettiere, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Szohr, Kat Graham, Lauren Conrad, Odette Annable, Paris Hilton, Petra Nemkova, Whitney Port   Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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