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Sofia Vergara at the launch of Joffrey West – wearing David Meister

Celebrities Wonder 47405357_sofia-vergara-Joffrey-West_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 27525234_sofia-vergara-Joffrey-West_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 35839330_sofia-vergara-Joffrey-West_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 64420391_sofia-vergara-Joffrey-West_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 37233521_sofia-vergara-Joffrey-West_5.jpg

Sofia Vergara at the launch of Joffrey West at the Valley Performing Arts Center at Cal State Northridge in LA

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 29 July 2012 at 11:43

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Savages Los Angeles Premiere

Celebrities Wonder 42117356_Savages-Los-Angeles-premiere_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 34102701_Savages-Los-Angeles-premiere_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52683252_Savages-Los-Angeles-premiere_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 66254184_Savages-Los-Angeles-premiere_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 90264020_Savages-Los-Angeles-premiere_5.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 88418804_Savages-Los-Angeles-premiere_Salma Hayek 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 31813518_Savages-Los-Angeles-premiere_Salma Hayek 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 85208054_Savages-Los-Angeles-premiere_Salma Hayek 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26155401_Savages-Los-Angeles-premiere_Salma Hayek 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 59965418_Savages-Los-Angeles-premiere_Connie Britton 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 89827556_Savages-Los-Angeles-premiere_Connie Britton 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 87816557_Savages-Los-Angeles-premiere_elen Hunt 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 41645265_Savages-Los-Angeles-premiere_elen Hunt 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 67545276_Savages-Los-Angeles-premiere_Kelly Preston 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69179969_Savages-Los-Angeles-premiere_Kelly Preston 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 98514800_Savages-Los-Angeles-premiere_Mary-Louise Parker 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 16744947_Savages-Los-Angeles-premiere_Mary-Louise Parker 2.jpg
Blake Lively (in Zuhair Murad), Salma Hayek (in Gucci), Connie Britton (in Dolce & Gabbana), Helen Hunt, Kelly Preston (in David Meister) and Mary-Louise Parker (in Temperley London) at Savages premiere at the Mann Village Theatre in Westwood

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 26 June 2012 at 13:19

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2012 Women In Film Crystal + Lucy Awards

Celebrities Wonder 59705338_2012-Women-In-Film-Crystal-Lucy-Awards_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 63115600_2012-Women-In-Film-Crystal-Lucy-Awards_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 70462393_2012-Women-In-Film-Crystal-Lucy-Awards_Christina Applegate 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 56281729_2012-Women-In-Film-Crystal-Lucy-Awards_Christina Applegate 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 65347201_2012-Women-In-Film-Crystal-Lucy-Awards_Cote de Pablo 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 40186170_2012-Women-In-Film-Crystal-Lucy-Awards_Cote de Pablo 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13767278_2012-Women-In-Film-Crystal-Lucy-Awards_Jamie Chung 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 20732455_2012-Women-In-Film-Crystal-Lucy-Awards_Jamie Chung 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 31548410_2012-Women-In-Film-Crystal-Lucy-Awards_Jenna Dewan 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 40214770_2012-Women-In-Film-Crystal-Lucy-Awards_Jenna Dewan 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 61849952_2012-Women-In-Film-Crystal-Lucy-Awards_Jenna Elfman 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 62500251_2012-Women-In-Film-Crystal-Lucy-Awards_Jenna Elfman 2.jpg
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Posted by celebritieswonder - 13 June 2012 at 15:51

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2012 CFDA Fashion Awards

Celebrities Wonder 77871666_cfda-fashion-awards-2012_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 21776210_cfda-fashion-awards-2012_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 72391842_cfda-fashion-awards-2012_Zoe Saldana 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 76739426_cfda-fashion-awards-2012_Zoe Saldana 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 3621804_cfda-fashion-awards-2012_Sophia Bush 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 81282302_cfda-fashion-awards-2012_Sophia Bush 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 70572142_cfda-fashion-awards-2012_Kate Bosworth 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 14160942_cfda-fashion-awards-2012_Kate Bosworth 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 12729964_cfda-fashion-awards-2012_Dakota Fanning 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 91079062_cfda-fashion-awards-2012_Dakota Fanning 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 72643779_cfda-fashion-awards-2012_Mandy Moore 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 71968726_cfda-fashion-awards-2012_Mandy Moore 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 22858218_cfda-fashion-awards-2012_Lily Collins 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52703810_cfda-fashion-awards-2012_Lily Collins 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 50859206_cfda-fashion-awards-2012_Jessica Chastain 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 941719_cfda-fashion-awards-2012_Jessica Chastain 2.jpg
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Posted by celebritieswonder - 05 June 2012 at 15:21

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Sofia Vergara at the 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner – wearing David Meister

Celebrities Wonder 14743080_sofia-vergara-2012-White-House-Correspondents-Dinner_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 57294988_sofia-vergara-2012-White-House-Correspondents-Dinner_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26471020_sofia-vergara-2012-White-House-Correspondents-Dinner_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78618503_sofia-vergara-2012-White-House-Correspondents-Dinner_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 46841287_sofia-vergara-2012-White-House-Correspondents-Dinner_5.jpg Celebrities Wonder 56762253_sofia-vergara-2012-White-House-Correspondents-Dinner_7.jpg Celebrities Wonder 92308687_sofia-vergara-2012-White-House-Correspondents-Dinner_6.jpg
Sofia Vergara at the 2012 White House Correspondents’ Dinner at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 29 April 2012 at 17:21

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House Series Finale Party

Celebrities Wonder 94907229_house-finale-party_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 49009495_house-finale-party_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 34732069_house-finale-party_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 77714919_house-finale-party_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 44607382_house-finale-party_Amber Tamblyn 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 96784363_house-finale-party_Amber Tamblyn 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 50490878_house-finale-party_Amber Tamblyn 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 23544405_house-finale-party_Amber Tamblyn 4.jpg
Odette Annable (in David Meister) and Amber Tamblyn at Fox’s House Series Finale Wrap Party

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 22 April 2012 at 13:52

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2012 Writers Guild Awards

Celebrities Wonder 61541748_2012 writers guild awards_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 11349487_2012 writers guild awards_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 1330566_2012 writers guild awards_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 51455688_2012 writers guild awards_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 34143066_2012 writers guild awards_Reilly 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28018188_2012 writers guild awards_Reilly 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 58843994_2012 writers guild awards_Amanda Peet 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 48544311_2012 writers guild awards_Amanda Peet 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 17358398_2012 writers guild awards_Amy Poehler 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 42239379_2012 writers guild awards_Amy Poehler 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 77703857_2012 writers guild awards_Brenda Strong 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 98019409_2012 writers guild awards_Brenda Strong 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 54257202_2012 writers guild awards_Kristen Wiig 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 59521484_2012 writers guild awards_Kristen Wiig 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 50515747_2012 writers guild awards_Leslie Mann 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 42327880_2012 writers guild awards_Leslie Mann 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 62298583_2012 writers guild awards_Octavia Spencer 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 6344604_2012 writers guild awards_Octavia Spencer 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 18298339_2012 writers guild awards_Lisa Kudrow.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13442993_2012 writers guild awards_Kat Dennings.jpg
Zooey Deschanel (in Shareen), Ahna O’Reilly, Amanda Peet (in Alberta Ferretti), Amy Poehler (in David Mesiter), Brenda Strong, Kristen Wiig (in Valentino), Leslie Mann (in Maria Lucia Hohan ), Octavia Spencer (in Tadashi Shoji), Lisa Kudrow and Kat Dennings at the 2012 Writers Guild Awards at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 22 February 2012 at 13:33

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Academy Awards Nominations Luncheon

Celebrities Wonder 67321777_academy awards nominations luncheon_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 56997680_academy awards nominations luncheon_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 80108642_academy awards nominations luncheon_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78890991_academy awards nominations luncheon_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 58770751_academy awards nominations luncheon_Berenice Bejo 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78060913_academy awards nominations luncheon_Berenice Bejo 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 66625976_academy awards nominations luncheon_Berenice Bejo 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 87405395_academy awards nominations luncheon_Glenn Close 1.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 51229858_academy awards nominations luncheon_Meryl Streep 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 79541015_academy awards nominations luncheon_Meryl Streep 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82644653_academy awards nominations luncheon_Meryl Streep 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94378662_academy awards nominations luncheon_Meryl Streep 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 94277954_academy awards nominations luncheon_Rooney Mara 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 56158447_academy awards nominations luncheon_Rooney Mara 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30819702_academy awards nominations luncheon_Rooney Mara 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 4833984_academy awards nominations luncheon_Rooney Mara 4.jpg
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Posted by celebritieswonder - 07 February 2012 at 16:57

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Pomellato Rodeo Drive Boutique Opening

rs51793059909256.jpg rs86232059909256.jpg rs90688159909256.jpg rs38630059909256.jpg

rs29592059909256.jpg rs21331559909256.jpg rs81388659909256.jpg rs33833159909256.jpg

rs11700759909256.jpg rs13212859909256.jpg rs50879059909256.jpg rs95303459909256.jpg
Pomellato, Kathleen Robertson, Tilda Swinton, Jessica Lowndes (in David Meister), Bai Ling (in Nicole Miller) and Olivia D’Abo at Pomellato Rodeo Drive Boutique Opening

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 01 February 2012 at 14:30

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Diane Lane at the 2012 SAG Awards – wearing David Meister

rs460389727311404.jpg rs776887727311404.jpg rs462992727311404.jpg rs554652727311404.jpg
Diane Lane at the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at the Shrine Exposition Center in Los Angeles

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 30 January 2012 at 02:10

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Andie MacDowell at 2012 HBO Golden Globe Awards After Party – wearing David Meister

rs328649706828747.jpg rs956102706828747.jpg rs891130706828747.jpg rs554130706828747.jpg rs551970706828747.jpg rs191576706828747.jpg rs444595706828747.jpg rs713967706828747.jpg

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 17 January 2012 at 13:46

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2012 AFI Awards

rs369463277960311.jpg rs206024277960311.jpg rs442503277960311.jpg rs210546277960311.jpg

rs859106277960311.jpg rs515288277960311.jpg rs433718277960311.jpg rs760604277960311.jpg

rs378220277960311.jpg rs319513277960311.jpg rs452170277960311.jpg rs582424277960311.jpg
Rooney Mara (in Lanvin), Claire Danes (in Donna Karan), Shailene Woodley (in Honor) and Viola Davis (in David Meister) at the 12th Annual AFI Awards at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 15 January 2012 at 03:55

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Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala

rs29030799490133.jpg rs96544099490133.jpg rs60685899490133.jpg rs95164399490133.jpg

rs11946599490133.jpg rs14639499490133.jpg rs76050799490133.jpg rs42335299490133.jpg

rs14116399490133.jpg rs81876099490133.jpg rs97407599490133.jpg rs71857299490133.jpg

rs64644299490133.jpg rs49779499490133.jpg rs30746799490133.jpg rs51335799490133.jpg
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Posted by celebritieswonder - 08 January 2012 at 21:09

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2012 Golden Globes Nominees Announcement

rs132722351211537.jpg rs194049351211537.jpg rs411645351211537.jpg rs160943351211537.jpg rs650366351211537.jpg rs458228351211537.jpg rs478489351211537.jpg
Rashida Jones (in Moschino) and Sofia Vergara (in David Meister) announce 2012 Golden Globes nominees

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 16 December 2011 at 14:01

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L’Oreal Paris Sixth Annual Women of Worth Awards

rs701539290747745.jpg rs303143290747745.jpg rs126000290747745.jpg rs727123290747745.jpg rs300726290747745.jpg rs164178290747745.jpg rs607041290747745.jpg rs919316290747745.jpg rs981054290747745.jpg
Andie MacDowell (in David Meister), Julianna Margulies and Katie Cassidy (in Christian Cota) at L’Oreal Paris Sixth Annual Women of Worth Awards at Hearst Tower in NYC

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 10 December 2011 at 17:05

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L’Oreal Paris Legends Gala

rs568151399018908.jpg rs629478399018908.jpg rs129008399018908.jpg rs136430399018908.jpg rs564494399018908.jpg rs831090399018908.jpg rs312594399018908.jpg

Julianna Margulies (in J. Mendel), Andie McDowell (in David Meister), Sarah Margaret Qualley (in Alberta Ferretti), Kelly Rutherford (in Donna Karan) and Michael Michele (in Alberta Ferretti)  at L'Oreal Paris Legends Gala in New York City

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 04 November 2011 at 14:14

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1st Annual Designs For The Cure

rs435203641613730.jpg rs889127641613730.jpg rs372836641613730.jpg rs413107641613730.jpg

rs886215641613730.jpg rs691440641613730.jpg rs333290641613730.jpg rs309053641613730.jpg

Emmanuelle Chriqui (in David Meister), Sara Ramirez and Sara Rue at Susan G. Komen Los Angeles 1st Annual Designs For The Cure at Bel-Air Bay Club in Pacific Palisades

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 30 October 2011 at 17:43

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Emmanuelle Chriqui at the 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards – wearing David Meister

rs149723815960274.jpg rs221597815960274.jpg rs110592815960274.jpg rs313845815960274.jpg rs394851815960274.jpg rs834976815960274.jpg rs471552815960274.jpg rs233522815960274.jpg
Emmanuelle Chriqui at the 2011 CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Fashion Awards held at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall in New York City

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 07 June 2011 at 14:34

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2011 FiFi Awards

rs972668742533443.jpg rs963229742533443.jpg rs617337742533443.jpg rs669651742533443.jpg rs804106742533443.jpg

rs104564742533443.jpg rs309408742533443.jpg rs397341742533443.jpg rs627830742533443.jpg rs699036742533443.jpg

rs725509742533443.jpg rs731618742533443.jpg rs777713742533443.jpg rs502098742533443.jpg rs872106742533443.jpg

rs553045742533443.jpg rs148373742533443.jpg rs605485742533443.jpg rs195083742533443.jpg rs854259742533443.jpg

rs364377742533443.jpg rs905732742533443.jpg rs557028742533443.jpg rs711477742533443.jpg rs178930742533443.jpg

rs831747742533443.jpg rs614655742533443.jpg rs548580742533443.jpg rs293742742533443.jpg rs624515742533443.jpg

rs666891742533443.jpg rs837752742533443.jpg rs433631742533443.jpg rs997126742533443.jpg

Halle Berry (in Halston), Fergie (in BCBG Max Azria), Kate Walsh (in David Meister), Kelly Bensimon, Paz de la Huerta, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Padma Lakshmi at the 2011 FiFi Awards in NYC

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 26 May 2011 at 14:15

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Kate Walsh at Covergirl Cosmetic’s 50th Anniversary Party – wearing David Meister

rs972146962294435.jpg rs774498962294435.jpg rs781788962294435.jpg
Kate Walsh at Covergirl Cosmetic’s 50th Anniversary Party at BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 07 January 2011 at 18:26

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Kate Walsh at the 2011 People’s Choice Awards – wearing David Meister

rs834844753511450.jpg rs567076753511450.jpg rs576646753511450.jpg rs854441753511450.jpg rs998948753511450.jpg rs582469753511450.jpg
Kate Walsh at the 2011 People’s Choice Awards at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 06 January 2011 at 14:27

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Kim Kardashian at the 5th Annual Charmin Restrooms Opening – wearing David Meister

rs472419720875027.jpg rs591974720875027.jpg rs807427720875027.jpg rs719708720875027.jpg rs579010720875027.jpg rs480585720875027.jpg rs193846720875027.jpg

Kim Kardashian at the 5th Annual Charmin Restrooms Opening in Times Square in New York

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 25 November 2010 at 14:34

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Dita Von Teese at Black Swan Premiere – wearing David Meister

rs609130777077766.jpg rs885680777077766.jpg rs238047777077766.jpg rs471238777077766.jpg rs389372777077766.jpg rs845811777077766.jpg rs213937777077766.jpg

Dita Von Teese at Black Swan Premiere at AFI Fest 2010 Closing Night Gala

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 13 November 2010 at 12:53

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