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Metropolitan Opera Season Opening

Celebrities Wonder 30954127_Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94024867_Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 74653926_Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82129401_Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 90186253_Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_Gina Gershon.jpg

Maggie Grace, Bridget Monaghan and Gina Gershon at Metropolitan Opera Season Opening in NYC

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 15 October 2014 at 17:05

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2013 Metropolitan Opera Season Opening Arrivals

Celebrities Wonder 46013361_2013-Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_Diane Kruger 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 43298876_2013-Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_Diane Kruger 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 37662779_2013-Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_Diane Kruger 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 58162631_2013-Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_Diane Kruger 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 42452091_2013-Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 86487713_2013-Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 29649128_2013-Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52339184_2013-Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_5.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 16049160_2013-Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_Brooke Shields 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 32589720_2013-Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_Brooke Shields 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 38711321_2013-Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_Brooke Shields 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 58500861_2013-Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_Brooke Shields 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 15087090_2013-Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_Coco Rocha 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 27236039_2013-Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_Coco Rocha 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94239192_2013-Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_Dana Delany 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 19289031_2013-Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_Dana Delany 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 49815123_2013-Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_Mischa Barton 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 66168603_2013-Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_Mischa Barton 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 85426366_2013-Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_Mischa Barton 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 37676352_2013-Metropolitan-Opera-Season-Opening_Mischa Barton 4.jpg

Diane Kruger, Heather Graham, Brooke Shileds, Coco Rocha, Dana Delany and Mischa Barton at the 2013 Metropolitan Opera Season Opening Production of Eugene Onegin at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 24 September 2013 at 12:47

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Leelee Sobieski at the 2011 Metropolitan Opera Season Opening – wearing Mary Katrantzou

rs442371205344915.jpg rs834936205344915.jpg rs110125205344915.jpg rs430328205344915.jpg rs110827205344915.jpg rs556720205344915.jpg rs534587205344915.jpg rs413999205344915.jpg
Leelee Sobieski at the 2011 Metropolitan Opera Season opening night performance of Anna Bolena at The Metropolitan Opera House in New York City

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 28 September 2011 at 13:37

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