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2015 MTV Video Music Awards

Celebrities Wonder 94375323_2015-mtv-vma_Bella Thorne - Maria Lucia Hohan.jpg Celebrities Wonder 5644045_2015-mtv-vma_Britney Spears - Labourjoisie.jpg Celebrities Wonder 34949797_2015-mtv-vma_Cara Delevingne - Saint Laurent.jpg Celebrities Wonder 54214499_2015-mtv-vma_Chrissy-Teigen- Marchesa.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 31928810_2015-mtv-vma_Ciara - Alexandre Vauthier Couture.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33793624_2015-mtv-vma_Demi Lovato - Nicolas Jebran.jpg Celebrities Wonder 8529694_2015-mtv-vma_Emily Ratajkowski - Altuzarra.jpg Celebrities Wonder 17895999_2015-mtv-vma_FKA Twigs - Atelier Versace.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 75707142_2015-mtv-vma_Gigi Hadid - Emilia Wickstead.jpg Celebrities Wonder 83315956_2015-mtv-vma_Hailee Steinfeld - Stella McCartney.jpg Celebrities Wonder 61911148_2015-mtv-vma_Holland Roden - Vivienne Tam.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69758235_2015-mtv-vma_Karlie Kloss - Louis Vuitton.jpg

Celebrities Wonder 60219886_2015-mtv-vma_Kat Graham - Versace.jpg Celebrities Wonder 81940729_2015-mtv-vma_Kelly Osbourne.jpg Celebrities Wonder 41430909_2015-mtv-vma_Kim Kardashian.jpg Celebrities Wonder 88516643_2015-mtv-vma_Kylie Jenner.jpg
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Posted by celebritieswonder - 19 September 2015 at 16:27

Categories: Bella Thorne, Britney Spears, Cara Delevingne, Chrissy Teigen, Ciara, Demi Lovato, Hailee Steinfeld, Holland Roden, Karlie Kloss, Kat Graham, Kelly Osbourne, Kim Kardashian, Lily Aldridge, Maria Menounos, Miley Cyrus, MTV Video Music Awards, Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgens   Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

2015 amfAR Inspiration Gala

Celebrities Wonder 88429815_2015-amfAR-Inspiration-Gala_Miley Cyrus 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 92837889_2015-amfAR-Inspiration-Gala_Miley Cyrus 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 32277255_2015-amfAR-Inspiration-Gala_Heidi Klum.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69073799_2015-amfAR-Inspiration-Gala_Victoria Justice.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 22758120_2015-amfAR-Inspiration-Gala_Anja Rubik.jpg Celebrities Wonder 53071314_2015-amfAR-Inspiration-Gala_Constance Jablonski.JPG Celebrities Wonder 92802251_2015-amfAR-Inspiration-Gala_Joan Smalls.jpg Celebrities Wonder 55035376_2015-amfAR-Inspiration-Gala_Kelli Garner.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 45134832_2015-amfAR-Inspiration-Gala_Lake Bell.jpg Celebrities Wonder 3608425_2015-amfAR-Inspiration-Gala_Lily Donaldson.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36709193_2015-amfAR-Inspiration-Gala_Michelle Trachtenberg.jpg Celebrities Wonder 3269238_2015-amfAR-Inspiration-Gala_Taylor Hill.jpg

Miley Cyrus, Heidi Klum, Victoria Justice, Anja Rubik, Constance Jablonski, Joan Smalls, Kelli Garner, Lake Bell, Lily Donaldson, Michelle Trachtenberg and Taylor Hill at the 2015 amfAR Inspiration Gala in NYC

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 09 July 2015 at 13:12

Categories: Heidi Klum, Lake Bell, Lily Donaldson, Michelle Trachtenberg, Miley Cyrus, Victoria Justice   Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

2015 Elton John Oscar Party

Celebrities Wonder 47590137_elton-john-oscar-party_Alessandra Ambrosio.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94305096_elton-john-oscar-party_Ashley Tisdale.jpg Celebrities Wonder 7671563_elton-john-oscar-party_Bellamy Young.jpg Celebrities Wonder 6177981_elton-john-oscar-party_Brittany Snow.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 8655023_elton-john-oscar-party_Camilla Belle.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36543649_elton-john-oscar-party_Dita Von Teese.jpg Celebrities Wonder 83238300_elton-john-oscar-party_Emmanuelle Chriqui.jpg Celebrities Wonder 75260056_elton-john-oscar-party_Gigi Hadid.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 20157954_elton-john-oscar-party_Heidi Klum.jpg Celebrities Wonder 8535544_elton-john-oscar-party_Jessica Lowndes.jpg Celebrities Wonder 59448232_elton-john-oscar-party_Julianne Hough.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36067135_elton-john-oscar-party_Kat Graham.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 68504878_elton-john-oscar-party_Kelly Brook.jpg Celebrities Wonder 59471498_elton-john-oscar-party_Kylie Minogue.jpg Celebrities Wonder 14423294_elton-john-oscar-party_Michelle Trachtenberg.jpg Celebrities Wonder 97747432_elton-john-oscar-party_Miley Cyrus.jpg
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Posted by celebritieswonder - 23 February 2015 at 17:24

Categories: Alessandra Ambrosio, Ashley Tisdale, Brittany Snow, Camilla Belle, Dita Von Teese, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Heidi Klum, Jessica Lowndes, Julianne Hough, Kat Graham, Kelly Brook, Kylie Minogue, Michelle Trachtenberg, Miley Cyrus, Nicole Scherzinger, Nina Dobrev, Odette Annable, Sarah Hyland, Willa Holland   Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Tom Ford Fall 2015 Front Row

Celebrities Wonder 72097866_tom-ford-fall-2015-front-row_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 45441662_tom-ford-fall-2015-front-row_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 45891297_tom-ford-fall-2015-front-row_Amy Adams 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 39291658_tom-ford-fall-2015-front-row_Amy Adams 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 63942211_tom-ford-fall-2015-front-row_Elizabeth Olsen 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 28751341_tom-ford-fall-2015-front-row_Elizabeth Olsen 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26756014_tom-ford-fall-2015-front-row_Jennifer Lopez 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 87403335_tom-ford-fall-2015-front-row_Jennifer Lopez 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 57697388_tom-ford-fall-2015-front-row_Miley Cyrus 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 92935170_tom-ford-fall-2015-front-row_Miley Cyrus 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33975623_tom-ford-fall-2015-front-row_Olivia Munn 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 23932268_tom-ford-fall-2015-front-row_Olivia Munn 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 77453209_tom-ford-fall-2015-front-row_Reese Witherspoon 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 2905221_tom-ford-fall-2015-front-row_Reese Witherspoon 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 9577266_tom-ford-fall-2015-front-row_Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 99738644_tom-ford-fall-2015-front-row_Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 2.jpg
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Posted by celebritieswonder - 21 February 2015 at 16:15

Categories: Amy Adams, Elizabeth Olsen, Jennifer Lopez, Julianna Moore, Miley Cyrus, Olivia Munn, Reese Witherspoon, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara   Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

2015 Grammy Awards

Celebrities Wonder 95460467_grammys-2015-red-carpet_Taylor Swift 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 7095635_grammys-2015-red-carpet_Taylor Swift 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 57854701_grammys-2015-red-carpet_Rihanna 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 70220826_grammys-2015-red-carpet_Rihanna 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 82184284_grammys-2015-red-carpet_Beyoncé 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 45743144_grammys-2015-red-carpet_Beyoncé 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 9933850_grammys-2015-red-carpet_Katy Perry 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 83591223_grammys-2015-red-carpet_Katy Perry 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 42895815_grammys-2015-red-carpet_Kim Kardashian 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 12980996_grammys-2015-red-carpet_Kim Kardashian 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 44707585_grammys-2015-red-carpet_Chrissy Teigen 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 60601324_grammys-2015-red-carpet_Chrissy Teigen 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 11617513_grammys-2015-red-carpet_Miley Cyrus 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 80448663_grammys-2015-red-carpet_Miley Cyrus 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 64021727_grammys-2015-red-carpet_Nicole Kidman 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 71327426_grammys-2015-red-carpet_Nicole Kidman 2.JPG
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Posted by celebritieswonder - 09 February 2015 at 15:07

Categories: Anna Kendrick, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Chrissy Teigen, Gwen Stefani, Kat Graham, Katharine McPhee, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Miranda Lambert, Nicki Minaj, Nicole Kidman, Paris Hilton, Rihanna, Rita Ora, Taylor Swift, Zendaya Coleman   Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala

Celebrities Wonder 11778588_Clive-Davis-Pre-Grammy-Gala_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36462300_Clive-Davis-Pre-Grammy-Gala_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 85870255_Clive-Davis-Pre-Grammy-Gala_Taylor Swift 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 96010232_Clive-Davis-Pre-Grammy-Gala_Taylor Swift 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 17593433_Clive-Davis-Pre-Grammy-Gala_Ciara 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 31741942_Clive-Davis-Pre-Grammy-Gala_Ciara 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 8968408_Clive-Davis-Pre-Grammy-Gala_Iggy Azalea 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 6717984_Clive-Davis-Pre-Grammy-Gala_Iggy Azalea 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 54536975_Clive-Davis-Pre-Grammy-Gala_Jordin Sparks 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 75178052_Clive-Davis-Pre-Grammy-Gala_Jordin Sparks 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 22460866_Clive-Davis-Pre-Grammy-Gala_Natasha Bedingfield 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 24097423_Clive-Davis-Pre-Grammy-Gala_Natasha Bedingfield 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 19568930_Clive-Davis-Pre-Grammy-Gala_Paula Abdul 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 90672330_Clive-Davis-Pre-Grammy-Gala_Paula Abdul 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 4066382_Clive-Davis-Pre-Grammy-Gala_Rita Ora 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65621333_Clive-Davis-Pre-Grammy-Gala_Rita Ora 2.jpg

Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Ciara, Iggy Azalea, Jordin Sparks, Natasha Bedingfield, Paula Abdul and Rita Ora at Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala and Salute To Industry Icons

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 08 February 2015 at 17:03

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W Magazine’s Shooting Stars Exhibit

Celebrities Wonder 68800073_W-Magazines-Shooting-Stars-Exhibit_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 34000927_W-Magazines-Shooting-Stars-Exhibit_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 76675899_W-Magazines-Shooting-Stars-Exhibit_Hailee Steinfeld 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 91461101_W-Magazines-Shooting-Stars-Exhibit_Hailee Steinfeld 2.JPG
Celebrities Wonder 63061146_W-Magazines-Shooting-Stars-Exhibit_Jordana Brewster 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 97355224_W-Magazines-Shooting-Stars-Exhibit_Jordana Brewster 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 79533936_W-Magazines-Shooting-Stars-Exhibit_Rose McGowan 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 93841718_W-Magazines-Shooting-Stars-Exhibit_Rose McGowan 2.JPG
Celebrities Wonder 74150804_W-Magazines-Shooting-Stars-Exhibit_Bai Ling 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 18485640_W-Magazines-Shooting-Stars-Exhibit_Bai Ling 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 47501697_W-Magazines-Shooting-Stars-Exhibit_Jillian Rose Reed 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 37387683_W-Magazines-Shooting-Stars-Exhibit_Jillian Rose Reed 2.JPG
Celebrities Wonder 30985984_W-Magazines-Shooting-Stars-Exhibit_Taylor Spreitler 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 10226062_W-Magazines-Shooting-Stars-Exhibit_Taylor Spreitler 2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 16682455_W-Magazines-Shooting-Stars-Exhibit_Tia Mowry 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 25913496_W-Magazines-Shooting-Stars-Exhibit_Tia Mowry 2.JPG

Miley Cyrus, Hailee Steinfeld, Jordana Brewster, Rose McGowan, Bai Ling, Jillian Rose Reed, Taylor Spreitler and Tia Mowry at W Magazine’s Shooting Stars Exhibit in LA

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 11 January 2015 at 21:54

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Miley Cyrus at Jeremy Scott and Moschino’s Party in Miami

Celebrities Wonder 15847072_miley-cyrus-Jeremy-Scott-and-Moschino-party_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 79745061_miley-cyrus-Jeremy-Scott-and-Moschino-party_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 85614768_miley-cyrus-Jeremy-Scott-and-Moschino-party_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30780929_miley-cyrus-Jeremy-Scott-and-Moschino-party_4.jpg

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 09 December 2014 at 18:30

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amfAR LA Inspiration Gala

Celebrities Wonder 96147344_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 10692442_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94959575_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Rihanna 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 86796713_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Rihanna 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 15552791_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Miley Cyrus 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 26414807_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Miley Cyrus 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13836630_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Gwyneth Paltrow 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 18091050_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Gwyneth Paltrow 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 32749537_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Camilla Belle 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 96007573_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Camilla Belle 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 341932_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Dita Von Teese 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 46586260_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Dita Von Teese 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 38040089_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Ashley Madekwe 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33664320_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Ashley Madekwe 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 48299468_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Milla Jovovich 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 16694199_amfAR-LA-Inspiration-Gala_Milla Jovovich 2.jpg
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Posted by celebritieswonder - 29 November 2014 at 12:21

Categories: Alessandra Ambrosio, Ashley Madekwe, Beth Behrs, Camilla Belle, Dita Von Teese, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kat Dennings, Kristin Davis, Lea Michele, Michelle Rodriguez, Miley Cyrus, Milla Jovovich, Rihanna, Sharon Stone, Tricia Helfer   Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Miley Cyrus at Jeremy Scott fashion show

Celebrities Wonder 42297216_miley-cyrus-jeremy-scott-fashion-show_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 20155295_miley-cyrus-jeremy-scott-fashion-show_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 16098434_miley-cyrus-jeremy-scott-fashion-show_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 97111001_miley-cyrus-jeremy-scott-fashion-show_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 38154815_miley-cyrus-jeremy-scott-fashion-show_5.jpg

Miley Cyrus at Jeremy Scott fashion show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015 in NYC

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 26 September 2014 at 14:51

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Miley Cyrus at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards

Celebrities Wonder 43406381_miley-cyrus-mtv-video-music-2014_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 57731009_miley-cyrus-mtv-video-music-2014_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 5594985_miley-cyrus-mtv-video-music-2014_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33114463_miley-cyrus-mtv-video-music-2014_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 87096038_miley-cyrus-mtv-video-music-2014_5.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 98375621_miley-cyrus-mtv-video-music-2014_6.jpg Celebrities Wonder 53659459_miley-cyrus-mtv-video-music-2014_7.jpg Celebrities Wonder 49678334_miley-cyrus-mtv-video-music-2014_8.jpg

Miley Cyrus arrives at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards held at The Forum on Sunday (August 24) in Inglewood.

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 25 August 2014 at 08:06

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Miley Cyrus in NYC

Celebrities Wonder 25170189_miley-cyrus-nyc_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 54092300_miley-cyrus-nyc_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 2737694_miley-cyrus-nyc_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 41534810_miley-cyrus-nyc_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68175878_miley-cyrus-nyc_5.jpg

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 05 August 2014 at 11:03

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Miley Cyrus leaving her hotel in NYC

Celebrities Wonder 5239715_miley-cyrus-hotel_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 96686082_miley-cyrus-hotel_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 93850131_miley-cyrus-hotel_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78612215_miley-cyrus-hotel_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 6213363_miley-cyrus-hotel_5.jpg

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 04 August 2014 at 12:58

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Miley Cyrus in overalls at a gas station in West Hollywood

Celebrities Wonder 58358763_miley-cyrus-overalls_1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 66707369_miley-cyrus-overalls_2.JPG Celebrities Wonder 86920745_miley-cyrus-overalls_3.JPG Celebrities Wonder 67814279_miley-cyrus-overalls_4.JPG Celebrities Wonder 29129578_miley-cyrus-overalls_6.JPG

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 17 July 2014 at 08:55

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Miley Cyrus wearing leather overalls

Celebrities Wonder 59461113_miley-cyrus-jumpsuit_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 67083053_miley-cyrus-jumpsuit_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 17428453_miley-cyrus-jumpsuit_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 47484709_miley-cyrus-jumpsuit_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 80757862_miley-cyrus-jumpsuit_6.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 92542677_miley-cyrus-overalls_5.jpg Celebrities Wonder 50711202_miley-cyrus-overalls_7.jpg

Miley Cyrus wearing leather overalls leaving Indigo vintage furniture store in Studio City

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 27 June 2014 at 07:52

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2014 World Music Awards

Celebrities Wonder 8517237_nina-dobrev-2014-World-Music-Awards_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 43625310_nina-dobrev-2014-World-Music-Awards_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 34884142_nina-dobrev-2014-World-Music-Awards_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 75349543_nina-dobrev-2014-World-Music-Awards_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 46733884_2014-World-Music-Awards_Miley  Cyrus 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 56559618_2014-World-Music-Awards_Miley  Cyrus 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 56355009_2014-World-Music-Awards_Miley  Cyrus 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 37393630_2014-World-Music-Awards_Miley  Cyrus 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 23832991_2014-World-Music-Awards_Chanel Iman 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 39004602_2014-World-Music-Awards_Chanel Iman 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 64328485_2014-World-Music-Awards_Mariah Carey 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 36443499_2014-World-Music-Awards_Mariah Carey 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 52148919_2014-World-Music-Awards_Pamela Anderson 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65489626_2014-World-Music-Awards_Pamela Anderson 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 85657206_2014-World-Music-Awards_Victoria Silvstedt 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65250145_2014-World-Music-Awards_Victoria Silvstedt 2.jpg

Nina Dobrev, Miley Cyrus, Chanel Iman, Mariah Carey, Pamela Anderson and Victoria Silvstedt attended the 2014 World Music Awards at Sporting Monte-Carlo in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 28 May 2014 at 10:41

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Miley Cyrus at 100 Club in London

Celebrities Wonder 23605221_miley-cyrus-100-club_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 50823322_miley-cyrus-100-club_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 60170379_miley-cyrus-100-club_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 36073077_miley-cyrus-100-club_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 62550791_miley-cyrus-100-club_5.jpg

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 08 May 2014 at 12:02

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2014 Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala

Celebrities Wonder 99250748_2014-clive-davis-pre-gammy-party_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 74206240_2014-clive-davis-pre-gammy-party_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 91172075_2014-clive-davis-pre-gammy-party_Rihanna 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 72567531_2014-clive-davis-pre-gammy-party_Rihanna 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 2561472_2014-clive-davis-pre-gammy-party_Miley Cyrus 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 54387499_2014-clive-davis-pre-gammy-party_Miley Cyrus 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 29817002_2014-clive-davis-pre-gammy-party_Hilary Duff 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 11512534_2014-clive-davis-pre-gammy-party_Hilary Duff 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 4029430_2014-clive-davis-pre-gammy-party_Chrissy Teigen 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 73656696_2014-clive-davis-pre-gammy-party_Chrissy Teigen 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82043321_2014-clive-davis-pre-gammy-party_Jennifer Hudson 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78610449_2014-clive-davis-pre-gammy-party_Jennifer Hudson 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 14584299_2014-clive-davis-pre-gammy-party_Jessie J 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 18771730_2014-clive-davis-pre-gammy-party_Jessie J 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68076879_2014-clive-davis-pre-gammy-party_Kelly Osbourne 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 61307095_2014-clive-davis-pre-gammy-party_Kelly Osbourne 2.jpg
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Posted by celebritieswonder - 26 January 2014 at 17:42

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Miley Cyrus walking her dog in Los Angeles

Celebrities Wonder 52821043_miley-cyrus-walking-dog_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 99631648_miley-cyrus-walking-dog_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 39680849_miley-cyrus-walking-dog_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 84630688_miley-cyrus-walking-dog_4.jpg

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 09 January 2014 at 00:26

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Britney: Piece of Me Grand Opening

Celebrities Wonder 23912540_britney-piece-of-me-grand-opening_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 43683048_britney-piece-of-me-grand-opening_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 3147148_britney-piece-of-me-grand-opening_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 16921405_britney-piece-of-me-grand-opening_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 86508731_britney-piece-of-me-grand-opening_Miley Cyrus 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 73007599_britney-piece-of-me-grand-opening_Miley Cyrus 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 98447091_britney-piece-of-me-grand-opening_Miley Cyrus 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 37472135_britney-piece-of-me-grand-opening_Miley Cyrus 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 49694055_britney-piece-of-me-grand-opening_Selena Gomez 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 71123390_britney-piece-of-me-grand-opening_Selena Gomez 2.jpg

Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez at Britney: Piece of Me grand opening in Las Vegas

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 28 December 2013 at 16:04

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Y100 Jingle Ball 2013

Celebrities Wonder 76906763_Y100-Jingle-Ball-2013_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 83399703_Y100-Jingle-Ball-2013_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82140210_Y100-Jingle-Ball-2013_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 83376593_Y100-Jingle-Ball-2013_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 15933843_Y100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Miley Cyrus 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 45352869_Y100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Miley Cyrus 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 94464673_Y100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Miley Cyrus 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 69477981_Y100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Miley Cyrus 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 34672821_Y100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Avril Lavigne 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 25769356_Y100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Avril Lavigne 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 64612878_Y100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Avril Lavigne 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 46267276_Y100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Avril Lavigne 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 58800086_Y100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Demi Lovato 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 57626629_Y100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Demi Lovato 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68695532_Y100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Demi Lovato 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 48642680_Y100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Demi Lovato 4.jpg

Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne and Demi Lovato at Y100’s Jingle Ball 2013 held at BB&T Center in Miami

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 21 December 2013 at 09:18

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Z100 Jingle Ball 2013 in New York

Celebrities Wonder 92955874_lindsay-lohan-Z100-Jingle-Ball_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 2852360_lindsay-lohan-Z100-Jingle-Ball_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 82688222_lindsay-lohan-Z100-Jingle-Ball_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68112492_lindsay-lohan-Z100-Jingle-Ball_4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 94550722_Z100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Katie Holmes 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 78178992_Z100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Katie Holmes 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 92159378_Z100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Katie Holmes 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 64824359_Z100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Katie Holmes 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 63990888_Z100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Miley Cyrus  1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 87838691_Z100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Miley Cyrus  2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 88282772_Z100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Miley Cyrus  3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 80408989_Z100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Miley Cyrus 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 23022410_Z100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Selena Gomez 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 11076066_Z100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Selena Gomez 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 48474533_Z100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Selena Gomez 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 99224819_Z100-Jingle-Ball-2013_Selena Gomez 4.jpg
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Posted by celebritieswonder - 14 December 2013 at 13:25

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KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball 2013

Celebrities Wonder 96012124_KIIS-FM-Jingle-Ball_0.jpg Celebrities Wonder 74650587_KIIS-FM-Jingle-Ball_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 57301095_KIIS-FM-Jingle-Ball_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 30450105_KIIS-FM-Jingle-Ball_3.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 66350861_KIIS-FM-Jingle-Ball_Miley Cyrus 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68805020_KIIS-FM-Jingle-Ball_Miley Cyrus 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 29369569_KIIS-FM-Jingle-Ball_Miley Cyrus 3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 88142907_KIIS-FM-Jingle-Ball_Miley Cyrus 4.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 39393458_KIIS-FM-Jingle-Ball_Alexa Vega 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 90488590_KIIS-FM-Jingle-Ball_Alexa Vega 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 71360161_KIIS-FM-Jingle-Ball_Maria Menounos 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 84601933_KIIS-FM-Jingle-Ball_Maria Menounos 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 82788267_KIIS-FM-Jingle-Ball_Ariana Grande 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 92225075_KIIS-FM-Jingle-Ball_Ariana Grande 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 19589105_KIIS-FM-Jingle-Ball_Cheryl Burke 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 53104095_KIIS-FM-Jingle-Ball_Cheryl Burke 2.jpg
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