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2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards

Celebrities Wonder 93982504_spirit-awards_Cate Blanchett 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 66871098_spirit-awards_Cate Blanchett 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 54757409_spirit-awards_Brie Larson.jpg Celebrities Wonder 63913096_spirit-awards_Dree Hemingway.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 13408113_spirit-awards_Emilia Clarke.jpg Celebrities Wonder 21570837_spirit-awards_Freida Pinto.jpg Celebrities Wonder 11007832_spirit-awards_Jessica Biel.JPG Celebrities Wonder 42005584_spirit-awards_Jessica Chastain 1.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 35004705_spirit-awards_Juno Temple.jpg Celebrities Wonder 60886195_spirit-awards_Lauren Cohan.jpg Celebrities Wonder 50577809_spirit-awards_Marisa Tomei.jpg Celebrities Wonder 35379067_spirit-awards_Nikki Reed.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 51587101_spirit-awards_Rachel McAdams.JPG Celebrities Wonder 67557542_spirit-awards_Rooney Mara.jpg Celebrities Wonder 48052322_spirit-awards_Stana Katic.jpg Celebrities Wonder 50625705_spirit-awards_Zoe Kazan.jpg

Cate Blanchett, Brie Larson, Dree Hemingway, Emilia Clarke, Freida Pinto, Jessica Biel, Jessica Chastain, Juno Temple, Lauren Cohan, Marisa Tomei, Nikki Reed, Rachel McAdams, Rooney Mara, Stana Katic and Zoe Kazan attended the 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday afternoon (February 27) in Santa Monica.

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 28 February 2016 at 00:50

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2016 Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala

Celebrities Wonder 1448044_palm springs awards_Alicia Vikander 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 33901461_palm springs awards_Alicia Vikander 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 62966865_palm springs awards_Amber Heard 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65081676_palm springs awards_Amber Heard 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 43078262_palm springs awards_Brie Larson 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 68523778_palm springs awards_Brie Larson 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13378510_palm springs awards_Cate Blanchett 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 24247980_palm springs awards_Cate Blanchett 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 57731149_palm springs awards_Helen Mirren.jpg Celebrities Wonder 60723249_palm springs awards_Kate Winslet 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 11623720_palm springs awards_Kate Winslet 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 91411723_palm springs awards_Rooney Mara.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 88681418_palm springs awards_Saoirse Ronan 1.JPG Celebrities Wonder 22637632_palm springs awards_Saoirse Ronan 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 88140796_palm springs awards_Zoe Kazan.jpg

Alicia Vikander, Amber Heard, Brie Larson, Cate Blanchett, Helen Mirren, Kate Winslett, Rooney Mara, Saoirse Ronan and Zoe Kazan at the 2016 Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 10 January 2016 at 20:42

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2015 Emmy Awards

Celebrities Wonder 13924492_emmy-2015_Amanda Peet.jpg Celebrities Wonder 16779375_emmy-2015_Amy Poehler.jpg Celebrities Wonder 98756326_emmy-2015_Aubrey Plaza.jpg Celebrities Wonder 25513982_emmy-2015_Carice van Houten.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 25592041_emmy-2015_Cat Deeley.jpg Celebrities Wonder 13427241_emmy-2015_Christina Hendricks.jpg Celebrities Wonder 35382405_emmy-2015_Claire Danes 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 87164881_emmy-2015_Elisabeth Moss.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 14025417_emmy-2015_Ellie Kemper.jpg Celebrities Wonder 71974602_emmy-2015_Emma Roberts.jpg Celebrities Wonder 41030193_emmy-2015_Felicity Huffman.jpg Celebrities Wonder 58081658_emmy-2015_Gina Rodriguez.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 79163102_emmy-2015_Giuliana Rancic.jpg Celebrities Wonder 91500106_emmy-2015_Heidi Klum 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 63625061_emmy-2015_Jaime Alexander.jpg Celebrities Wonder 57840093_emmy-2015_Jamie Lee Curtis.jpg
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Posted by celebritieswonder - 21 September 2015 at 13:03

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Into the Woods Premiere in NY

Celebrities Wonder 42891199_Into-the-Woods-premiere-NY_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 92667022_Into-the-Woods-premiere-NY_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 55571262_Into-the-Woods-premiere-NY_Anna Kendrick 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 24792008_Into-the-Woods-premiere-NY_Anna Kendrick 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 78783551_Into-the-Woods-premiere-NY_Alyssa Milano 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 9717530_Into-the-Woods-premiere-NY_Alyssa Milano 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 55920000_Into-the-Woods-premiere-NY_Zoe Kazan 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 50067461_Into-the-Woods-premiere-NY_Zoe Kazan 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 40519845_Into-the-Woods-premiere-NY_Erin Richards 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 77459990_Into-the-Woods-premiere-NY_Erin Richards 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 35415462_Into-the-Woods-premiere-NY_Italia Ricci 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 65743204_Into-the-Woods-premiere-NY_Italia Ricci 2.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 67918986_Into-the-Woods-premiere-NY_Lena Hall 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 57324931_Into-the-Woods-premiere-NY_Lena Hall 2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 2974754_Into-the-Woods-premiere-NY_Mackenzie Mauzy 1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 52333338_Into-the-Woods-premiere-NY_Taylor Louderman 1.jpg

Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick, Alyssa Milano, Zoe Kazan, Erin Richards, Italia Ricci, Lena Hall, Mackenzie Mauzy and Taylor Louderman at Into the Woods premiere in NY

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 15 December 2014 at 14:59

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In Your Eyes Premiere at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival

Celebrities Wonder 94271720_in-your-eyes-premiere-tribeca-2014_1.jpg Celebrities Wonder 14904375_in-your-eyes-premiere-tribeca-2014_2.jpg Celebrities Wonder 64878344_in-your-eyes-premiere-tribeca-2014_3.jpg Celebrities Wonder 25927741_in-your-eyes-premiere-tribeca-2014_4.jpg Celebrities Wonder 8998183_in-your-eyes-premiere-tribeca-2014_5.jpg
Celebrities Wonder 14079641_in-your-eyes-premiere-tribeca-2014_6.jpg Celebrities Wonder 11940686_in-your-eyes-premiere-tribeca-2014_7.jpg Celebrities Wonder 58204554_in-your-eyes-premiere-tribeca-2014_8.jpg

Nikki Reed and Zoe Kazan at In Your Eyes premiere during the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival in NY

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Posted by celebritieswonder - 21 April 2014 at 11:34

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